Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Recap

So as Sexuary 2021 comes to a close we have some cleaning up to do in the bedroom, some reviewing to do of all the things we experienced, and maybe start working on a mini Sexuary later in the year, or even start on ideas for next years Sexuary.  

We always have people tell us how much more experienced we are then they are.  Most of what we've done, we've done because we were willing to try something and most of the time I would go do the research on it and bring it back to Jackie.  When we started with our list of 1001 kinks never did we think 10 years later we'd still be writing about our exploits, and yet here we are.  Most everything we do we do out of curiosity.  It has a great side effect of bringing Jackie and I closer together with every new thing we try.  

Nightstand after Sexuary 2021
Let's face it, the first time you mention to your partner you're going to put them on fire, if they don't trust you there is a huge problem before you even start.  Or how about a 16 gauge needle? Or a flogger? Or a speculum? Or a sound in your urethra? Or have to really get to know your partner and your partner has to really know you.  

Sexuary Daily Draws
We take what we learn from our sexuarys and incorporate them into our regular sex life.  Some things become more regular.  Some things fall away.  Some things we'll look at again in a year ....maybe by then we're ready for it...but then again, maybe we won't be. But the biggest thing is we put ourselves out there to try new things!!! We purposefully work our on relationship, and our sexual relationship every Sexuary.  It's a very conscious thing that we do every year to make sure we are not like our previous marriages.  Both of us came from failed marriages, and never wanted to have that happen again.  Sexuary has been a great exercise in making sure we don't go back there.  

So Sexuary maybe over, but it's never to late to start YOUR own Sexuary! We do it in that month of love on purpose, but anytime is the right time to go outside of your box and try something new for you and your partner in the bedroom!! We hope you'll take our blog as inspiration to try something new with your partner....hell read the blog together, get ideas and get started on your plans!!! 

Dane and Jackie
Sexuary 2021

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