Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Sexuary - Sometime it's not as planned

So Monday is Jackies day to pull and she pulled my favorite, ass play.  If you've been reading our blog for any time what so ever, you know I love a good fisting on occasion.  Well we get going, and things are a bit tight, and things just didn't happen.  It doesn't all the time, especially when you're talking ass play, or peoples moods, or just sex in general.  Over the years I've had a million plans in my head that just don't make it there for a million and one reasons.  Today was one of them.  

So here's where the problem can happen.  I got a bit frustrated, Jackie felt bad (which she shouldn't have, as it wasn't her fault) and the mood just went south for a bit, even though Jackie really did try to get me out of my funk.  

I did come around and apologize later for my funk, but by then it was way to late to do anything. The good thing is the next day came and things were back on track. We didn't let 1 bad experience ruin our sex life.  As they say we got back on the horse and rode the next day. I listen to so many people that years go by and they don't have that relationship with their significant other. Maybe it was one bad day that turned to two, that just never could turn around, and now it's years later, and we don't even really know why, just that we are here, but it's been that way so long we can't get out of the rut.  Sexuary has been Jackies and my guarantee to stay out of the ruts sexually, which we all know leads to other issues in our lives so many times.  

It's still plenty of time to make a change in your sex life.  Sexuary still has plenty of time to do something different.  Be the bold one...take the first step...get out of that comfort zone and make something happen this Sexuary. 


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