Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Clean Sheet Sex

Just a Sexuary quickie

So am I the only person who loves clean sheet sex?  I think that's one of the reasons 'hotel sex' is something for me too, it's both 'hotel sex' and 'clean sheet sex' all in one. 😍You get that someone took the time to prepare a space for the two of you to mess up on purpose. There's a mental plus along with the physical with 'clean sheet sex' least for me. 

So for Valentines today, after Jackie got out of bed I took the old sheets off and put clean sheets on. Guess that means it will be 'clean sheet sex' for us on Valentines day!!  Hope you've done something special for your partner on the hump-day of Sexuary.  Halfway through, have you spun the wheel, done something special, reached outside of your sexual box that you keep the lid on so tightly, anything? How about just some clean sheet sex? It's worth a try isn't it? 


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