Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Choking



This is something we've started since Sexuary 2020.  During last years Sexuary I broached the subject with Jackie.  We are always looking for something new, and when we push our limits it's always something we discuss.  So during Sexuary 2020 I gave Jackie the choice, and at the time she asked that we not do it that night, but to think about.  During the year we've slowly introduced it to our bag of sexual adventures.  So Sexuary 2021 comes around and of course it gets put on the list. 

So as we start I gently apply pressure to her arteries on each side of her throat, limiting blood flow to her brain, which adds to her high.  This is our primary source of 'choking' that we do.  I will wrap my hand around her throat and tighten ...just as I do tonight, constricting her breath flow.  On both of these you have to be careful. 

If you hold the arteries to long you can literally cause brain damage.  If you press to hard on the throat constricting air flow you can snap the esophagus, or cause death from suffocation.   Mind you there are 700 deaths a year attributed to this type of play, so before you do it make sure you're very educated and EVERYONE is ok with it.   

Both types of choking will cause a high.  Jackie struggled at first with 'how can something so dangerous/wrong put me in such a good place?  It will send Jackie into a subspace when we play like this.  

Looking for something over the edge? Choking might be for you and your partner.  But like so many of the kinks we try, make sure you are well educated before you try it.  


PS, have you spun the wheel and treated your partner to some surprise play?  What are you waiting for?

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