Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Misfit Toys

So if you're a 'toy collector' like Jackie and I am, you're always looking for new toys to play with.  We've literally spent thousands on toys over the 15 years, and that's not counting the rope or equipment (like the spanking bench or St Andrews Cross) that we've spent.  But as you do that you gravitate to toys that you like the best, or toys you KNOW will get you off almost every time. So what happens is you wind up with a stack of toys, that might be just fine, but you never use anymore.  

So periodically we go into the drawers and pick out one or more of the toys to play with. Tonight is was out night to visit the land of the misfit toys and grab a couple of them out.  The pictures I have in here are about 30% of the toys we have, and for the most part are in the, never or rarely used piles. Some of them have gotten a bit loud, some just don't vibrate enough, some are just not for every day use, but all of them just sit more than they get used. 


I changed the batteries in several of the older vibrators and even brought out a masturbater toy just in case. While one or two of them did OK on Jackie, we wound up getting out her good of faithful Bodywand to finish her off.  There's a reason it's old reliable, it works for her! 

We do periodically toss out old, broken toys, or toys we know will just never make it off the bench, but not that often.  So, yeah, we literally have a dresser and a filing cabinet full of toys.  But if we want to show somebody something, we probably have one to show them, and it's pretty rare that there is just a totally new toy. 

Some of the things we look for is 1) vibration, if it's doesn't steam roll for a vibration, we know it's not going to work for us, 2) what is it's power source.  We've found plugged in toys last longer and they never die in the middle of having fun.  Now a days the usb charged ones aren't bad.  They last longer then they use to, but you do have to keep them charged, even if you don't use them all the time. 3) Purpose.  We know Jackie likes clit stimulation more than internal.  That's a personal preference.  So we gear more to those that are for clit or anal stimulation (more for me than her). But those things have taken us a long time to figure out.  

How about breaking out your old vibrators and giving them a try? Maybe you'll remember why you got them in the first place. 😆


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