Thursday, November 14, 2013

Anal Fisting

So in February after several days Jackie was able to get our toy fist into me.  It took time and patience, and LOTS of lube, but damn it was incredible and I loved it. Shortly after that she was able to get the large butt plug in me.  Since then we've tried several times to get her fist in me.  We'd work up step by step, and it would get close, but it just seemed like it wasn't going to happen.  A real hand doesn't squish quite the same way the dildo hand squished.  I'd get all the way up to the widest part of Jackies fist but it just wouldn't go.  But today it just slide right in.  OMFG it was incredible.  It was the biggest thing ever in my ass and I loved it. 

We started in February and 9 months later we finally were able to cross that last bit.  I wanted to share though what we've been through and and what all we've done to get here, because to be honest I was really beginning to think it would never happen.

First of all a good lube is necessary.  We got off all the liquid lubes and went to a cream style. We personally use "Elbow Grease Cream" and it seems to do better.  It doesn't dry out as fast as water based lubes and that's very important.  Jackie repeatedly adds lube throughout the session.  We lube up the toys and we lube up her hand along with my ass.  I can't stress enough that there is never to much lube.

Second, while we've not played every week, we have play at least once a month in a 'stretching' session.  It really did seem like once we got to a point, if we kept it up at least once a month we could get back to that point.  So once the hand dildo got in, we were able to repeat that every time since.  So keeping it up and 'training' my ass to relax that much was important I think.  Remember a fist is not just going to slide into your ass.  That's a huge stretch that it's not made for.  So be patient, but keep pushing.  Every time you get a bit closer.

Third, I'm sure there are other ways, but we have a slew of toys that 'work me up' to the real thing.  We start small and keep getting larger and larger till we get it in.  I lay the toys out pictured above, and Jackie starts with the small purple one and works her way up one dildo at a time.  By the time we get to the big ones I've been worked up pretty good.  The hand goes in and then she'll go with the big butt plug.  By then it feels like the smaller plug going in.  But if we were to try starting big it would just rip me.

So there you have it, lube, keep trying regularly, and work into it being patient.  Oh the benefits?

Well first of all I never precum like when Jackie is playing like that.  I'll leave a spot on the sheets for certain.  But then there are the 'dry' orgasms.  I've read about them, but the only time I've ever experienced them is when Jackie is playing with my ass. Something about having that prostate rubbed from the inside that just sets me off. I'll cum, and if you'd ask me at the time I'd tell you I was shooting a load and a half of cum, but in reality there is no cum, but the orgasms are just as real.  They are incredible and long lasting and I can cum like that 4 or 5 times in a session.  Oh, and when we stop that and I finish in Jackie that load it 2x it's normal size.  Just freaking incredible.

The one thing that's always surprised me is that I know I should be walking with a limp or something after an ass reaming like that.  I don't.  Within a few minutes I'm ....well I know something has been there, but it's not painful or discomforting.  And within an hour or so it's almost non existent.  

I did think to have Jackie take a picture of her hand inside of me...I'll spare you, but it's been a great enjoyment to be able to glance at it and grin.  Oh my the memories it floods back.  Not sure if we'll try anything bigger...though Jackie mentioned something about a huge dildo ...hey, I'm game for trying.  Don't know how far I'll get but I'll try it...several times if it feels good. But I can assure you that will not be the last time Jackies hand will be deep in my ass.

On a totally different note, it's already mid November.  I'm not sure what we'll be doing for Sexuary this year, but it's about time for Jackie and I to start our monthly planning. As I've shared here before the planning is 1/2 the fun!  Figure out something you and yours want to try...plan it..make it happen.  You've got 2 1/2 months and Sexuary will be here.  The anticipation and planning sessions could be some of the best sex of your lives, so go for it!