Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Nipple Piercings

So one of the things Jackie and I have talked about over the years is piercings.  I've thought about some cock piercings, she's thought about nipple and clit piercings.  Lately though Jackie had been really hinting she's really like to get her nipples pierced.  So in January I made an appointment at the Golden Goat in Round Rock for the last day of Sexuary, it would be the final painful act.I also did not tell Jackie I had done it.

We had met Guru Sean around at roping events and Texas Kink Fest, and Jackie felt comfortable with him, so I knew he'd be a good choice to go to for the piercings I made the appointment for after work. Originally I had plans to flog Jackie in a field and fuck her there, then take her to get her nipples pierced, but things didn't work our that day at all.  Honestly between Jackies back going out the last week of Sexuary and we had to make multiple trips that brought  us back home late that week, it really didn't allow us to finish Sexuary with the bang I had hoped, but I went ahead and still kept this appointment for the piercings.

It was interesting watching him measure and do all the things I wouldn't of thought of to make sure they look right when he was done.  Since I had done needle play in the areola, I knew how tough the skin was around the nipple. Watching her as he pierced each nipple, and the 2nd one was much tougher to punch through, took Jackies breath away.  My only regret is that I didn't think to put a vibrator on her clit while he was doing all that, I'm pretty sure she'd of massively cum.

To start they put bars on, and they are a bit long. I'm assuming its so they can clean them easier and so forth during the healing.  It is 3 months of care and almost a year before you can actually do much with the piercings themselves.  Jackie would like to put rings in when the bars come out.

So here we are a month later, and while she still has some discharge, it's nothing like it was.  Unlike the first couple of weeks I can now play with her breast again (though one huge orgasm did come from me grabbing her breast that 2nd weekend during sex, she said it was almost like she was ready to pass out when she came from the pain).  Neither of us thought of the constant hard nipples and the chaffing that could come with them.  So she's had to wear some bralets just to keep the nipples from rubbing directly on her shirts. But all in all it's been a great experience for her, and I look forward to the pain I will be able to induce later using those rings.


So I had been wanting my nipples pierced for a few years but never got up the nerve.  After playing with pain this year during Sexuary I knew that I would be ready for it.  

Dane totally surprised me with the appointment.  I have learned not ask questions on where we are going because he usually won't tell me anyhow.  We drove up to The Golden Goat and my thought was a new tattoo not piercing.  He then told me that we were there to see Sean so I knew that it was piercing time.
Sean took us to his piercing room, where he has be raise my shirt but lower my arms to measure and place his marks on there he would pierce.  He then got all the bars and equipment into the sterilization box and told us to go pay, fill out forms and look around while everything was getting ready.

Well he then lets us know that all is ready and for me to come back in.  I get up on his table and raise my shirt.  I am breathing deeply, and a little nervous .  He starts on the left side,he cleans me off, pinches and pulls and tells me to take a deep breath. He pokes needle thru...I flinched a little, not bad.  This is usually my sensitive side so I was really surprised by the fact that while it hurt it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected.  So on to the other side.  Same process, clean, pinch, pull and tells me to take a deep breath. This time as I take a deep breath he pokes, and holy shit did that hurt.  He is having a hard time getting the needle to poke all the way thru.  FUCK does it hurt.  I thought he was never going to get it thru the other side. 
 After it was all said it done, I decided that a bra would hurt.  Well Its just the opposite. being without one hurt more.  my nipples hurt because of the weight on them, then who knew that your nipples stay hard all the time now. Now my nipples are chaffed, discharging a creamy white cream and sore as fuck.  I try for several days to not sleep in a bralett or anything. but I just can't.  Skin to skin contact hurts, I have to have something in between them and Dane.

It took about 2 weeks  before the constant pain went away.  4 weeks before I could lay up against Dane without hurting.  We have slowly started playing with my boobs again.  The first time I thought I was going to pass out from the pain but it was a feel good pain.  We will have to continue playing  and trying things to see  how, what and what doesn't bring me to that pleasure/pain threshold.