Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Sex in the Office

Sex in places other than the bedroom have always been more exciting.  It's the 'you shouldn't be doing that' part of it. We've played in fields where we could hear passing cars.  We've played in the car on the side of the road. We've played at other peoples houses when they didn't know. In public pools. In public parks. In a lake in front of hundreds. So why not work?  It solved a problem I had for timing.  In my case it's not that difficult, I have my own office and very few visitors.

Of course the day I have this planned my boss decides to come visit my office. Thankfully he gave me enough of a heads up to avoid being caught in the act. Now that will get your heart beating. Finally the door gets shut, the lube magically appears from in my computer bag, and panties pulled to the side ready for a good fucking.

So not everyone can fuck in their office, but there are places that are 'naughty' or exciting.  A quickie with that kind of excitement on occasion is a great.

Have a place you'd like to secretly have sex at? A secret desire of almost getting caught? DO IT!!! It's exhilarating!


I started the day texting Dane that today we would fuck in his office.  I had teased him all day in texts.  When I got to the office we were just talking since we knew that his boss who was supposed to call to tell us to meet us outside walks in the door. ....I swear that he was just talking and talking and talking.  I couldn't exactly tell him to leave, but dang it he needs to leave damn it!

Well after what felt like hours, (it was really about 15 minutes) We had a quickie in the office.  My skirt was pulled up over my waist, my panties pushed to the side, some lube was used and we fucked.  

This is not the first time we fucked in his office and I am certain it won't be the last time.  Sometimes that quickie is just what the doctor ordered.


Sexuary 2020 - Spanking Bench

So about 6 months ago I purchased a nice spanking bench.  I love the idea of having Jackie on the bench and taking advantage of her in sooooo many ways. But the one I've always wanted that we've never gotten was to paddle her.  Her relatives were school teachers and I've got 2 original school paddles that are at least 40 years old each.  Oh the excitement of getting to use them has had me excited for years.

The problem is that every time we've breached the subject of paddling, Jackie gets into meltdown mode pretty quickly.  We've talked about it many times. During sex I can spank her ass like nobodies business, but just bending her over the bench to spank is a rough one. I want to be clear, we've talked about this and I know Jackies limits.  She also knows I'd stop in a heartbeat if she's heading to a bad place.  I would never do anything to Jackie that was a hard no!

But I knew that I couldn't just bend Jackie over the spanking bench and start paddling her.  This sexuary the wartenberg wheel has been one of those things that will get her to relax.  So I started with the wheels on her back and then added some hand spankings.  Some as I'm running the wheel, some just by themselves (like 5 on each cheek).

After I got her ass a bit warmed up I took a ping pong paddle and kept up with the wheel.  Her ass is a nice pink by now and well warmed up.

So I pulled out the first paddle and popped her ass in between rolls of the wheel.  About 10 pops (and mind you these are not full swings ...but it is a real paddle popping her ass) she starts to cry. Not a cry of pain from the paddle though, I can tell that.  So I lean in to talk to her, she tells me she's ok and to please keep going. She promises me she's not in a bad place, and it's not anything about the paddling.

I trust Jackie. We've been in similar places before and I believe her. Whatever it is we'll deal with, but for now we'll keep going. Ten more swats with the second paddle and then I finish up. I give her extra aftercare.  I have her lay on me and I rub her for about 30 minutes as she comes back down from her space.

Later that night when I felt it was a good time we talked again. In the past I've asked her dozens of times why she goes south when we talk about paddling and she's never had an answer. She swears she didn't know. Well, while I was paddling her she had an image of her begging her mom to stop paddling her. She had done something and was getting spanked. She doesn't remember the incident, it's just these images she got while we were scene'ing.  We don't know how this will play out in the long run.  It could be that she's got answers now and spanking/paddling won't be an issue anymore. It could be that it will only get worst. It will be something I'll have to watch in the future.

But we always try to tell the good with the bad, and we're not sure where this comes yet, but at the moment it wasn't the best of things. How it was handled from the time the emotions appeared to the time we totally ended the scene is very important. If you didn't know your bottom you could have a serious issue. This is why communication before, during and after is so important. If I hadn't know Jackie like I did I would of immediately ended the scene and gone straight to aftercare when the first tear hit.

After all was said and done, it was a good scene.  One we'll try again, keeping in mind what happened this time and watching closely for emotions rising.  We'll talk and deal with whatever might come.


So Dane had me go to the spanking bench, once again blind folded. I laid across it, he starts his usual touch routine, now we have added the wheels(OMG my #1 thing from this month).  This time pop....touch..pop pop pop.  I knew he was warming me up, I had no idea what he was using tho. 
I knew it eventually got to the paddles.  The paddles that have been hidden for as long I can remember.  Paddles that have memories attached but not my memories. Hell one has masking tape around it from when it was used at school and broke against a 4th graders butt.

Pop pop pop pop...other things, pop pop pop...and the tears start to flow...Not just little tears but sobs..They won't stop, they just flow.  Dane asks if I was ok, I tell him yes yes I am.  I practiclly beg for him to not stop.  I know in a moments notice if my body language changes,or I shut down.  He will shut the scene off. I knew I needed to do this.  To see if I could get answers, to try to figure out why this is a NO and has been for a long while.
I can tell you from past experiences its not my thing.  I go into a negative rabbit-hole.  Lost for days or weeks before I can snap out of it.   We have tried to figure out my trigger, what does it look like, what does it feel like, what does it smell like. I have never been about to tell him, I have never been able to tell anyone what happened in the past.  I can tell you there are several years that I don't have a lot of memories of.  Years.  Years to only have one or two memories.  Some good some not so good.  But not once did I have anything that was about my mom.   Today, this spanking session sparked something. It still has yet to reveal the whole thing.  I was telling Dane my filing cabinet has been opened and a file folder has been dumped, I am having a hard time seeing whats in the folder, I see pictures or flashes but the memory is just not there.  I can hear myself saying things but don't know what lead up to that or what followed.  I can hear myself saying "I am sorry mommy, I promise to be a good girl" I can see where it happened.  I am not sure I want to know.  My mom is gone so I can't ask her, my dad is gone I can't ask him.  It was before a sibling was born.  I know as I look back in the past I can see stuff that makes total sense now that I didn't understand then.  Sometimes we have to go thru our trigger and see.  Sometimes you don't want to, sometimes you don't really want to open that can of worms.  However to move forward, you have to sometimes do the hard /bad to get to the soft/good.  
 I have done a lot of soul searching this month.  Trying to figure out what makes me tick the way it does.  
Dane did great after care after my breakdown.  He knew and still knows I have to piece together stuff.  He knows this is not going to fix itself, he knows exactly how much to push me.  He knows I will share with him when I am ready. He knows that right now I am not in a negative space.  He also knows he is my safe space.  You guy this couldn't have happened if I didn't trust Dane 110%.  Its taken years for that trust to build to get here.  Even tho we are here, I still have to let go of my control and let him take total control of me, its been a hell of a month!


Sexuary 2020 - Caning

For whatever reason (and we've talked about it many times with no real knowledge of where it came from) the mention of spanking Jackie sends her down a rabbit hole fast.  Spanking her while in the middle of sex is ok, flogging is ok, but spanking and instruments used to spank will quickly turn things south mentally.So part of the reason she doesn't know what is coming up each day is so that she doesn't get to go down those rabbit holes prior to trying new things. We've experienced it several times over the years, so we know the risk is real.

CaningSo caning definitely falls into that category. I've really wanted to try it on her but know if I told her that it would not go well. So I didn't.  Before we started playing I blindfolded her.  I put her up against the St Andrews Cross where she generally has a great time.  I started using the wartenberg wheels on her and then I stepped back and popped her under her ass cheeks several times.  I could sense the surprise in Jackie, BUT she didn't call out any safe words.  After a couple more minutes with the wartenberg wheel I popped her again.  After some rubbing and more wartenberg wheel I asked her what color she was at, "yellowish green". After a bit more playing and again a color check she was "green".  We were good, she'd jumped over the rabbit hole and would enjoy the moment.

I found the canes here at Amazon. They are a 2 pack and are slightly different.I got to use both on Jackie before pulling her down from the cross to finish her.

So why would I try something like this? First the endorphins for pain and pleasure are the same ones, it's the headspace and situation you're in that dictates whether it's orgasmic or hurtful.  The same canes could be just hurtful if misused.Second, there is something about an ass that has a bright red glow that is such a turn on for me. And last, how will Jackie ever conquer those fears and rabbit holes without her body and mind KNOWING that they are good things, not bad.  So repetitive good events will hopefully over come her mental anguish of spankings and the tools that go with them.

Try it at home. Use your hand, a belt, a ping pong paddle, and just try a bit of spanking play, you might find it more adventurous that you ever though.


Caining....hmmmm who knew...So over the years Dane and I have talked and tried it.  I did not have an good ending.  I am not sure what has caused it but just know the times we have tried a spanking day, Dane really enjoyed it.  I totally checked out and while I was there physically but not there mentally. 
This year our our "real" lives we have done lots of firsts, and talked for hours upon hours about our kinks, our limits, our hard no's, our ok lets try things.  That leads us up to today.  Caning.  I had no idea that this was planned. He is right I would have gone down a negative rabbit-hole.  

He blind folded me and took me to our dungeon and placed me at the cross.  He ran his hands up and down knowing it help get me into the space he needed me to be.  He got out the wheels...OMG the wheels...I just love them, then right in the middle of a great movement....whap...wait..what was that...whap....oh shit what is it....whap....did he get a new single flogger....whap ...oh hell never mind....let me be in this moment.  I remember him whispering asking me my color...I remember having to get my thoughts back in check to answer.  I remember saying yellowish-green.  I am not sure what I was thinking or not thinking but I do know I was not in a negative space at all.  I do remember tearing up but not sure why but knew it was a good cry not a bad one.  I told him I was good, and I really was.

So I do like the idea of 2 things going on at once.  Really does my mind good, things to stay focused on, things that help me not go down the rabbit-hole.  

Dane has done a great job pushing my limits, helping me figure out things...