Saturday, February 20, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Rope Play

So rope is something that Jackie and I got into during Texas Kink Fest 2018.  We've since found groups like Austin Rope Slingers and websites like Crash Restraint that have kept us going since then.  For Christmas this year I even got a mannequin so I can rope without Jackie (though it's definitely not the same as roping a real person).  

Today I drew that we were to play with rope.  Nothing specific, just rope.  So I decided to put a small harness on Jackie and then tying her legs up and her hands to her legs.  So I put a new harness on Jackie, one we hadn't done before, but I had seen.  It didn't tie her arms up at all, but did secure her breast. I do this often, I look at Shibari pictures, and ones I think I'm capable of doing, or capable of figuring out how to do it, then I save them into a folder for later scrutiny.  I enjoy figuring out how the ropes lay and what knots go where.  I've actually figured out some pretty complicated knots over time.  

I recently wrote the following for a magazine to describe roping, I hope you'll appreciate roping a bit more: 

When I rope with Jackie, my world narrows to this little space we’re in. Her breath, her heartbeat, her littlest twitch, or nod of her head are all caught by my senses. Getting her to ‘her place’ is my goal every time. That place subs go when they let the ropes hold them tight, secure, and they know they are in the safest place on earth, and all they must do is be in the moment. The joy is knowing I’ve met those needs, kept her safe and brought her back.  The world around us doesn’t exist for that short time. People can come and go, but I only hear her breath, I only see her body as she melts into my ropes. It’s a huge lift to my soul to know I’ve taken her to the most peaceful place on earth…and that she trust me enough to do that.  -Dane/56/4 years roping

Then the after math is just as important for me.  When I self rope I love the feeling of rope on my body, but the rope marks it leaves when I'm done is sometimes even better.  That bite that reminds you for hours is some of the best parts. You rub your leg or sides and can just float back into that zone. It's an awesome feeling. 

We hope our blog has given you some ideas of what to bring into your bedroom and make a change to your sex life. We do this blog so people know it's ok to WANT to do other things in the bedroom then what you're doing, and lastly we want you to know how to do some of this safely, or how to go about learning about what you want to learn about. If you have an idea for us email us or send us a comment. 


Resources for Jute rope, it's what I use to tie Jackie, myself, and my mannequin with and I love these 2 vendors:

MyNawashi  -

Rope Bound Kitten -


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