Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Biting, sucking and a Good Hard Fuck



Way back in the first year we blogged about our Sexuary, we picked autovampirism as one of our kinks to try.  It's one of those things we don't wait a year to try, as Jackie really likes it.  Maybe that's why she reads so many vampire/werewolf romantic stories, she wants to be the one bitten and taken. 

So tonight I drew "biting, sucking and a good hard fuck".  So as soon as we got into the bedroom I spun Jackie around and pinned her up against the wall and started biting on her neck and back.  Feeling her shutter with each bite and kiss.  

We often talk about sex in places other than your bed.  And maybe you wind up in your bed, but why not start someplace else? In my case up against the wall, it definitely riles Jackie up and gets her in a good place quickly. 

When I was done with the biting and sucking on her back, I spun her around and started all over again on her neck and breast. Finally I spun her over to the bed where I bent her over and took care of the rest of the days task.  

A couple of bite marks or hickeys are not always a bad thing, especially if you're all working from home, and/or they are in inconspicuous places. They can be fun and a great reminder of a good nights fun. 


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