Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Cupping

As part of the planning for this Sexuary, I ordered both glass cups for cupping and a plastic set with hand pump. Today was the day to break them out. Now before today I've watched several videos, but the best one I found was here.

I didn't let Jackie know what we were doing, I just had her lay on the massage table, face down. I had prepared the cups, and had a candle lit with my firewand soaking in 91% isopropyl alcohol. Every place I went  91% is recommended over the standard 70%.  I was able to find it at Walmart. So everything was ready.

The first couple I attempted stuck ok, but weren't the best. I wasn't quick enough from the flame to the skin, but they all did stick and they all did draw in skin. 

I then used a couple of the hand pump cups on her legs. I had a few issues till I realized the center piece had to be pulled up sometimes prior to using the pump.  I also had to play with the amount of pumps to use.  I started with 4, WAY to many. 2 seemed to be the magic number. Tight enough to do the work, soft enough to be able to get them off.

This is just 1 more thing on our bucket list that we've had that we can now cross off. One of the great parts about this is we now everything we need to do this time and time again. The glass cups in particular are good for a long time if taken care of.

We're well along into Sexuary now. What do you have planned that is different then you usually do? What can you and your partner do that will enhance your sex life, or maybe it's just your relationship you need to enhance, but something like a massage, or cupping, or a huge hug can make a difference.


Sexuary 2020 - Fireplay

So one of the things I had planned for this month was a bit of fireplay.  We've seen it done many times, but had not ever tried it. So what better time to try it then during Sexuary.  No it's not an orgasmic thing, but it does feel great.

So I had ordered a pack of firewands (though you could use a cotton ball and a hemostat) and found some mousse that had alcohol in it (I know so little about mouse, but I figured out some don't have it). Really that's all you need.

Well just like the needles, I wanted to practice myself prior to trying on Jackie.  So while Jackie has taken off I pulled everything out and tried it out. Other than the singed hairs on my leg (yeah, I really though that one through). It was a nice warm sensation as the whoosh ran across my leg.  I hit the mousse again with the firewand and off it went again and again.  I wiped the mousse off and did it again and again. It was pretty cool.

So it wasn't what was on the agenda for the night, Jackies adventures had brought her in late the night before when we were supposed to, so I decided to try it that night instead, as I knew she'd enjoy it. I cleared the linen off the massage table and put her on there then got the stuff out.

I drew my design on her back and whoosh the fire lit up.

I did several patterns and tried different ways of lighting the designs to see if I could get them to go longer.  We did down her legs and then her belly too before we were all done. Other than the fact I really needed a tripod to get all the videos I wanted it was pretty cool. Over all we spent about 45 minutes lighting fires and watching them go.  Another thing off our bucket list to learn.


Sexuary 2020 - Roll Playing

One of the things Jackie and I aren't the best at is talking during sex. Occasionally there are some sounds, but we're really not much of talkers during sex. We have a friend how has bragged about her roll playing sexcapades, so I decided to throw that into this sexuary.

I got the room ready, had brought in everything needed to play doctor and told Jackie what to wear (a skirt and shirt with no panties or bra.

The annual exam included breast exam, reflex exam (using the wartenberg wheel of course), then of course the speculum went in and then I had to test her orgasmic reflexes using her vibrator. For the record she passed with flying colors. I then used a soft sound and got it about 3" in and then decided to use a steel sound.  Yeah that didn't work so well for Jackie. But hey we learned. I then did a little fisting on her using gloves (no better than without gloves). We ended up by the doctor taking advantage of his already orgasmic patient, bending her over the exam table, lifting her skirt and taking advantage of her. 

We had to communicate during the 'exam' portion, still not great during the sex part, but hey it was definitely something different for us.

We tried 2 new thing with the roll playing and the sounds on her. I know the sound wasn't a big thing for her, and maybe another time we'll try it.  The roll play was a bit awkward, but I think if we did it a couple more times it could get better. I told her I have it scheduled 1 more time this month with a different scenario, so we'll see.


Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Needle Play

One of the things Jackie had expressed an interest in was needle play.  We've seen it several times at events we've gone to and it intrigued us. We've actually been to classes on this taught at Kink Fest by Guru Sean. We've also seen his extreme works where he goes all the way up to hooks.

So class taken, and supplies ordered.  I've pulled out a couple of each needle size and tried them on my leg just to practice a bit and to know a bit what it feels like and practice a bit of technique. I really believe anyone who would do something like needle play should know what they are inflicting on anyone they are applying it to.

Even though Jackie wants this she's a bit nervous the day of.  I try to keep her calm and we get her on the massage table.  We're going to work on her upper back today. I've let her pick the spot, though I tell her we'll want to try other spots. I wipe the spot down and make sure it's clean and sterile, gloves on, the box with needles ready and here we go.

I've got an idea, I want to make a heart on her back, but not sure how it's going to work, but like all of Sexuary I'll be flexible if I run into problems. Of course I start with the smallest needles we have.  I put in a few of them. I have to admit Jackies reaction isn't exactly what I expected.  She's having to breath through each stick.  My inexperience has a couple of the needles going further under the skin then others. This is not what I'm wanting for a 1st time try. 

The heart, well let's just say the attempt at a heart, quickly disappears. I can't create the curves needed to make the heart. I'm sure it's doable but it's not happening today, by me. Plan B, be creative and make it look ok. So I create a symmetrical pattern (my logical mind at work). I use every size needle we have.  She definitely feels the larger ones, but honestly not as much as I was afraid she would. 

Twenty-one needles later we were finished. I felt that was a great place to stop. I'd of loved to try a couple of other spots, but sometimes knowing when to stop is the most important part of any kind of play.

Now I think Jackie thought I was going to let her off easy, but this is Sexuary 2020, the pancentric month of sex.  I hadn't seen any orgasms happen yet. So I grabbed the magic wand and while Jackie was still on the table I applied it to ...well you get the idea.  It didn't take long before a mind blowing orgasm hit.  The pain of the needles turning to pure pleasure as her body blew it's orgasmic gasket.

While removal of the needles can have some pain, they honestly don't hurt much pulling them out (I know from experience even).  Needles all put into the collection box, the alcohol rubs definitely burn a bit as I clean up a little of the mess. I put meat packing over the area (the absorbent pads that are on the bottom of the meat packaging work great for this, thank you Guru Sean),  and we go to relax. For the rest of the night Jackie definitely knows she's been needled, but it's not unbearable, and at times, it's just a gentle reminder of the great afternoon we've had together.

If you're interested in needle play I suggest you find someone who is in it, ask LOTS of questions, try it on a thigh or something on yourself to see what you're getting into. Read what you can. I think I've spent about $30 in total for 250 needles of varying size, and all the gloves, etc.  I took an old coffee can and made it into my needle collection (sealed the top, cut a slit in for hte needles and marked it as hazardous).  So it's an inexpensive 'kink' to try out.

Sexuary is in full fling you have any plans? Are you going to do something different for Sexuary 2020 this year? You still have time, go for it!


Needle play, well I asked for it.  I have actually been asking for it for a while but we just never have done it.  So that was certainly one that would be on the calendar this year.

I had told Dane that I was nervous. I wasn't sure what I was to feel or how to feel but I can tell you that it wasn't anything I have felt before.  

I have gotten tattoos before and this can't even compare.  From the very littlest needle to the biggest one I had to breath through each and everyone.  It was painful but not painful enough to stop.  Once all the needles were in, it actually didn't hurt as bad.  I didn't get up and walk around but I did move my arm around to see what it felt like.  I could feel them but it was not terrible.  It did not make me cum while he was placing needles, it still  was exciting.  It really didn't take long when Dane got out the the wand to make me come.

The after effects felt like I had a slight sunburn and maybe a little heat like you get when you have a shot or tattoo.  

We will defiantly be looking at this again.  Once is truly not a real experience.   

Sexuary 2020 - Flogging

This is not a new subject for us. Flogging is something Jackie and I have enjoyed it for a couple of years.  Last year we blogged here about flogging.  Since then we've added several more floggers to our arsenal and have continued to enjoy them. 

Normally pain is not the point of our flogging, but when paincentric is the plan for the month, well you flog a bit harder.  Now we did some sensation work prior to flogging, and when I started I warmed Jackie up with 100 or so lashes as a low level.  Afterwards I started adding a bit more swing to it, until we were at a good swing and the lashes were leaving red marks down Jackies back and ass.  She was moaning and groaning with each stroke, and when she got to a point let me know she was at 'yellow'.  I didn't stop, but I was much more particular about my strokes.

When we were done I had to lay Jackie down on the massage table.  Her eyes were rolled and she was shaking.  After some water and chocolate and about 30 minutes she was back to reality.  I put lotion on her back and while she felt the effects of for the rest of the night, in the morning she was fine and no marks were left.

Now in the meantime there was literally a puddle of cum under Jackie where she had orgasmed.She's came over and over again while we were flogging.  The pain turned to pure pleasure. The fine line between pleasure and pain and pain as pleasure is remarkable.  The endorphins created on either one are the same endorphins and Jackies' experienced it yesterday while I flogged her. 

On a side note, we have a friend we introduced to flogging.  When she first started she was scared and was very hesitant.  Once she experienced it, by someone who knew her and cared, and wasn't just an asshole trying to beat her, she realized how extremely exciting it can be. She LOVES flogging now.  You MUST trust the flogger (DOM) to know you and know your limits. You must not play with a wanna-be DOM who just wants to beat someone.  It's imperative that you protect yourself with knowledge so you don't get hurt. But don't be afraid of flogging, it's a great tool in reaching new heights.

Again, we don't get any money from them, but has always treated us fantastic and has a great product for a great price.


Flogging....what can I say I love flogging. There is no way to describe the feeling that happens as your body crosses over the pain/pleasure threshold. I could feel my eyes roll back in my head, my breathing changing as I slipped into sub space.  Due to going back and forth into subspace, I can only tell you that I really enjoyed this flogging session, yes it was much harder than we have ever done but the feeling of release I had and have had thru all of this is more than I can describe. 

 I remember a big puddle under me when Dane had to lead me back to the table to rest.  I know I drank so water, some chocolate to help with my lightheaded head rush. Then I remember going to sleep for about an hour. 

I was able to get into subspace because I totally trust Dane.  He is my dom and knows exactly how much to push me and what to do for aftercare.