Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Tied up…face fucked…then fucked hard


I don't know many guys who don't picture his woman on her knees with his cock in her mouth at some time or another.  When I put this one into the pile, that's what I was thinking about. Jackie, all tied up, blindfolded, and sucking me off.

I wanted to try something new, but doubling up the ropes with 2 colors.  I put a basic harness on and then split the ropes at the end to tie up her arms.  I then lowered her to the floor and then slowly started part her lips and slide in and out.
I LOVE a great blowjob, and seeing Jackie all tied up and on her knees just added that much more to the excitement of it all.  I'm not one for grabbing a partners head while receiving like that, so this is about as 'in control' as I get in these situations.  Don't worry, I'm not one for gagging or choking Jackie, but I love having that control for a change. 

Once I was in a good place I picked Jackie up and bent her over the bed, still tied up and gave her what she liked this time.  After a while we climbed up on the bed, and we tried a new position, the Mongolian Smurf.  Don't ask me where it got it's name from, but it actually worked out pretty good for me. It didn't work to bad for us.  Definitely good for penetration if you're looking for a new position this might be one for you. 

As the jar I get the daily fun from dwindles, and Sexuary is waning, we are still having fun, and still learning new things.  With so many new and interesting sexual things to learn, why would anyone want to keep doing the same old thing, getting bored with your sex life, and not trying to bring something new to your partner and your life? This is the whole reason we enjoy Sexuary so much, it's always a time to try new things and without judgement from each other figure out if we like the new things or not. You don't have to start so grandiose, but hopefully our blog will give you the courage and information you need so that you can make a difference in your sex life. 


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