Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sexuary 2018 - Ropes

I know we haven't posted much this year, but it's not because we haven't been expanding our kink, it just not been making the time to post.  So I'll try over the next couple of weeks to catch you up.

Since Kink Fest 2018 Jackie has really learned to love ropes.  Yeap, the woman that wouldn't let me tie her up 15 years ago in fear now almost begs to have ropes cover her and embrace her.  Our rope bag has gone from 100' nylon rope from Home Depot to dozens of hemp and jute rope in multiple colors in 15' and 30' varieties.  I have a collection of carabiners to suspend my lovely model on occasion.

But let me step back a bit and fill you in on how we got here. It started with the first class at Kink Fest.  A couple of simple knots that were comfortable and easy enough for me to remember.  From there pandoras box was opened.  Jackie found us a group that met every Monday and taught different knots and techniques every week.  The original instructor from Kink Fest happen to be one of the leaders in this group too.  So we started attending and learning more.  We then found a little more advanced group and Wednesday nights became our 'date night'. Below is the first knot we learned.

So why the ropes?  Well first of all there is a concentration on both of our parts that brings us closer.  I become keenly aware of Jackies every breath once the ropes start to go on.  Her life  can literally be in my hands and I'm the one making sure she comes out better for it. It's an aphrodisiac having someone so much in your control. 

She on the other hand has given up everything for that time.  When she fully lets go, the sub-space she obtains is a powerful powerful place that is beyond calming.  She allows me to pleasure her and in doing so allows a peace to surround her that can't be had many other ways. Her orgasms are stronger and come wave after wave.  Her after glow is incredible and there are times it takes her hours to come down from her 'high'.

I think everyone who gets 'into' ropes eventually finds themselves looking at suspension, and we're no exception.  While we did some right away, we realized that it was more evolved than we were, but lately we've been dabbling again with suspension.  This last week Jackie laid in her ropes, suspended for about 15 minutes, her eyes rolled back and just enjoying the gentle rocking that came with it.

We've found that these groups are on Facebook and  Almost every area has at least 1 roping group it seems.  Some meet weekly, some monthly, but in all of them we've found a comradery of nonjudgmental people who understand we like things not as vanilla as some others.  The people have been accepting of us and been more than happy to teach us what they know.  Jackie and I hope that even if you just have questions, seek out one of these groups and see if it's for you.

If you're a self starter, and just want to go see there are a ton of great youtube videos.  We also have use Crash Restraint as a fantastic source for videos and learning.  They do a fantastic job of teaching the knots and putting them together.

From the first picture to the 2nd is 5 months of learning.   While I do have some experience with rope before, learning a more practical application and how to put them together has been my great joy over this time.  The intensity of our sessions increased when we break out the ropes.

I'll fill you in with our other adventures at a Dark Party and more soon!