Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - A 15 Minute Break

So with Covid and all Jackie and I both work from home.  Now I go to the office naked as a jaybird every day.  Only if I HAVE to go out will I put on any cloths, otherwise it's naked all day long.  Jackie generally gets dress when she goes into her office.  Puts her in a more 'work mode' mentally.  Once she goes into her office she comes out for bathroom breaks and occasionally a coffee break.  So I put into the jar a slip saying, "Make her take a 15 min break, bend her over the desk and fuck her (15 minutes total limit)".  

Now her day was not the best. I can often hear her on the phone, and this day she was agitated and aggravated with an employee. She had meetings and I was getting a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to break into her day without causing problems.  Then about 45 mins before the end of her day I heard things get quiet and figured it was my chance to sweep in there. As I was walking in she was at the door about to take a break.  I spun her around and took her back to her desk, pulled some lube out (I even thought about that) and bent her over the desk as I put my phone with a 15 minute timer on her desk.  "Break time" began with her bent over and me sliding in her.  

I did my best to take her mind off of work and onto what was sliding in and out of her.  

Ok, but the big deal was it was something different.  We kiss during the day, but we never just stop work and have a quickie.  It was different when Jackie didn't work from or didn't work, but now we both have jobs at home. So to make time during the middle of the day is a different sex day for us.  

 If you're stuck at home together, surprise one another with a 15 minute quickie, I can't imagine it wouldn't make your partners day.  


PS - I guess I just warmed up Jackie's engine.  When she was done, she wanted more. I let her know if it was just feeling bad I didn't finish then not to worry, but nope, she wanted more...damn near demanded what's a guy to do but help Jackie out. 😈

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