Monday, February 1, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Dane's First Monday

 Tonight is Monday, and for us that means that its Jackie's turn to pull from the glass to do something for Dane.  This week was "extended day long play" it suggested a butt plug, and different things thru out the day.  So I set out to decide what I was going to do.

 The day started while he was in shower.  I went and pulled out a butt plug and set it next to wallet and belt, knowing they would be found.  He hollered to me about it, I told him I had set out some accessories for him to day (I did know that he was heading out to work so I did let him know he could remove it if he wanted to at any time). So off he went to work with a butt plug in.  

My intentions were to come "attack" him thru out the day, giving him a taste of things to come but work for both of us got it the way.  However I did not let that disappoint me or stop me.

The night started as leaned over him kissing him while he sat.  I then worked my way down to my knees and telling him well this was planned for I took him in my mouth.   

I then moved him to the bedroom, on his back.  I was going to have my snack next and took him in my mouth again...After sucking him, I climbed on top for my supper and rode him.  I then had to move but he moved right into me...Took a little bit of time but we were both satisfied and welcomed Danes first Monday..


It's no secret I love anal play. I've always wanted an extended play day, especially where my ass is involved, so I tossed it on the list. Little did I know my one appointment would lead to a full day of running in and out.  It's highly unusual for me. Normally I can go all week and never have to go anywhere. But I put the plug in as instructed and went about my day.  I'd never worn that plug more than about 4 hours, so this was going to be a challenge, and to boot I didn't know what else Jackie had planned. Finally after 10 hours we pulled the plug out, but in the mean time all day long I knew it was there. Every time I stood up or sat down I was reminded that Jackie had something planned for later.

We finally slowed down when Jackie came and started kissing on me...then then then.   I love that Jackie set up my accessory this morning and look forward to the other Mondays in Sexuary and the treats she has in store for me. 

I will say I have tried many butt plugs over the years.  Some were to short or to small and would fall out.  I've had large ones but the end didn't work for me. While I wish the shaft on the one I have was  bit longer, it works great.  It never falls out. The base is big enough, and it's well made. The 'jeweled' end doesn't hurt, but let's face it, it's not what I got it for. Click on the picture if you want to go to wish and order your own. If you don't already know, yes, I have the large one.


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