Thursday, September 22, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Mushrooms

 Recently Jackie and I were in Jamaica where Mushrooms are legal.  At the dispensary where we were staying they had micro doses of Mushrooms, and we purchased some. 

Jackie tried it first, a small piece of chocolate.  When nothing happened she took the second half of the micro dose.  Honestly it didn't do much for her till she smoked some pot with it.  Then she felt a sharpness of things going around. Sex was exhilarating and  things just seemed to be very clear and sharp for her.  Her orgasms where intense and it wasn't a bad experience.  Nothing spectacular, but definitely a bit of benefit to it. 

A couple of days later we had a 3 piece bar.  The back of it said take one piece or "Dancin Time" for clarity, energy awareness and giddiness. Take 2 pieced or "Cruise Control" for a sense of connectedness, hilarity, fractals, and altered perception.  Take the full bar, all three pieces or "Patoo Full Flight" for ego dissolution and visuals *safe environment recommended*

So we're sitting and Jackie is smoking before we got the day going and went back into the room for something.  In that time I decided I was going to try the same one piece Jackie had tried twice now with minimal effects.  

Now mushrooms take about an hour to hit and works best if you're on an empty stomach.  I hadn't eaten since the night before so it was the perfect time. 

 We went down to the pool and I wasn't really feeling anything.  I was enjoying the company and we were making out when things started to hit.   I noticed that when my eyes were closed I could make out all kinds of sounds.  When I looked things were clear and crisp.  

The longer I waited the more I wanted to keep my eyes closed.  I felt at peace and clear.  Jackie would talk to me and I would nod.  Eventually she told me she thought we should go to the other pool, I agreed, but never moved.  She again suggested we go somewhere else and I again agreed, but again never moved. Finally she realized I was never going to move.  She said, 'let's go" and led me out of the pool.  

I remember watching the palm fronds were shimmering in the wind and I could watch each frond shake and light streaks following each frond as it shimmered.  Along the way I was just following Jackie as she held my hand.  All of a sudden I noticed she wasn't holding my hand, but I was following the sound of her squeaky shoes that sounded like the tree frogs we heard each night there.  "Follow the tree frogs" was my thought.  

I remember when we got to the room, I could focus on the music, but nothing else. I was traveling through colors and sounds.  Jackie said I made a primitive growl.  I remember not being able to talk and was trying to communicate with her, and to some extent it worked.  I couldn't feel my body except where Jackie was touching me.  My hand was just there when she'd touch me, not connected to any arms, just my hand checking in.  There were places she could touch that would make me shake like a dogs leg when you scratch there belly.  

I know I was out for about six hours.  There was some funny moments we still laugh about, like her having to help me go pee.  But all in all it was a fantastic experience for me, both sexually and mentally. 

While I only took one piece, my tolerance being as low as it is obviously was the same as three full pieces. So I was glad I was in a safe place, and I would never take mushrooms without Jackie being there to take care of me, but I can't wait till I can try them again. 

On another note, on her third attempt, Jackie ate 2 full pieces (twice what I had taken) but no real results except when she added pot with it.  She then got to a good level one, but never got to experience what I did.  


Monday, July 25, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - In the Aftermath Needing a Reset


Even when you conscientiously put sex into your life, there are lulls, rough spots, and routines that just seem to drift into play.  Jackie and I are no more immune from those than anyone else.  During those times we'll take a day or a weekend to reset things.  We'll have a mini Sexuary of sorts. 

 This was the case a week or so ago.  Seemed we were a bit out of sync, things were getting 'normalized' and we needed to shake things up. So after breakfast we hit the sack for a first round of sex.  Good and satisfying, but was even more satisfying was when I told her the entire day, 2 hours after we finished I expected her in the bedroom and ready for another round of something.  I let her know that round 2 would include anal play and if she needed to do something for that please do. 

 Two hours later we were back at it.  Scratching, and some of her favorite impact devices followed by my spending a good time in her ass and both of us having huge orgasms.  "You've got 2 hours from now to be ready" I reminded her.  

Two hours later I had the ropes ready and I tied her up and let her spend a bit of time in her subspace before attacking her mouth first and before going down and finishing up inside her. "Two more hours" I again reminded her.  

I gave her an option this time.  She decided she wanted some needle play.  Again, after her design was done I gave her an orgasm or two and then let her drift into subspace for a bit.  Afterwards we masturbated and both were finished for the day.  

By then, it was well after 8 and we were done for the day.  But in the mean time my blood pressure dropped several points as I became more and more content with life.  Our closeness again closed in and "WE" were in a good place.  

Yes it took some effort on both of our parts.  Yes we were both pretty worn out after 4 or 5 hours of sex throughout the day.  Yes it was worth every bit of it!!!

 Sometimes you really have to just mix it up to reset everything and that's exactly what we did.  You can do something similar.  Maybe it's 2x today ...maybe you do it like we did every 2 hours after we finished... come up with your own, but do something to get out of that rut.  It's only July and a long way till Sexuary comes back around, but every day can be sexuary when both of you are willing to work together to make it that way. 


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Final Day Of Sexuary - Day 28

Today is the last day of Sexuary, it really saddens me.  I love how close we come together during this month every year.  This year though, I wanted to remind you that you are the whole package.  You’re smart, you’re kind, you’re loving, you’re sexy, you’re a great mom and the best wife.  You’re the real deal, and for that I’m eternally grateful.  I love you, and hope you’ve enjoyed these daily messages. -143

I hate the 28th of February.  It's the last day of Sexuary and it really saddening.  But knowing that means I had big plans for the last night.I wanted to end it like we started it with the floggers and more, but up it a notch....ending with a bang of sorts. 

Jackie got all prepared and I led her to the bedroom blindfolded and put her on the St. Andrews Cross.  I ran my fingernails over her skin to bring the blood up to the surface, and ready for a good flogging.

I started to flog Jackie and was going well.  "Color?" ..."Geen to yellow" still good. I used the Dragons Tail, and then Thors Hammer and when I  asked the color again, things weren't right.  Jackie was crying but said things were ok....I gently swung the floggers a couple more times then I went and pulled her off the cross.  I didn't feel right about the situation, and my number 1 job is her safety, both physically and mentally.  

I don't know what has happened the last two times we've had impact play, but I know right now she's not in the frame of mind for it.  She's not sure why either when I talk to her.

So we snuggled in bed for a while and ended Sexuary with a poof instead of a bang.  It happens.  And if you are thinking of doing things outside of the norm, days like this are going to happen.  The best laid plans of mice and men as it were.  You have to be ok with those things happening.  I'm not saying happy about it, but ok.  It's no ones fault if someone hits a wall or is triggered, and you have to respect that.  You also have to allow for proper aftercare and reassurance that things are ok.  

So while Jackie and I have a couple of other things planned, this was our Sexuary 2022.  The good, the bad and the ugly of it.  It's the real us.  The experimenting, the trying new things.  The playing with things we like, but don't break out very often, most of the time because of the effort it takes to make them happen.  It refreshes our memory of what each other likes and doesn't like.  It teaches us the new taste we've acquired over the last year.  It makes us make each other a priority, in a world that wants to pull us in a thousand different directions.  That's what Sexuary is for us.  

We hope you've enjoyed our Sexuary 2022 blog.  I'm sure as we do exciting and new things throughout the year we'll post here and again, but for the most part Sexuary is when we do our most posting.  We'd love to hear your feedback, either in the comments or email us.  


Sexuary 2022 - Dice - Day 27

 I know I don’t tell you thank you enough for all the little things you do …I know we swap off dishes and wash and all… but I notice and appreciate when I know you’ve done it.  - 143

This day was going to be jammed packed and both of us running errands in different cities and getting back latter in the evening.  While Jackie thought she'd be home about 7, I figured it would be closer to 8 or maybe even 9. That and the fact we had played all day the day before, and had a fairly good week, I didn't want anything over the top.  

So I explained to Jackie I had 2 dice.  One had a few words on it, suck, kiss, touch, blow, lick and a ?.  The other was just a regular die with 1 - 6 dots on it.  My idea was to roll both of them and the other person would tell us where they wanted that done on them. 

We got into bed and started and there was a bit of confusion on who did what after the roll, so we decided the person that rolled GOT what they rolled and the other person had to do that for the number of minutes rolled on the other die.  We also decided we'd do 5 rounds this time and we'd alternate who would start each basically you got 2 turns in a row before the other person would roll.

This simple little game wound up being a great time by both of us. I don't think either thought it would be as fun as it was. We both really tried to make the other feel as good as we could, and we both succeeded in doing just that!! Both of us picked things unexpected, which made it even better. This simple little game was fun and definitely something we'll do again. 

So this was something you could figure out with just regular dice, or a deck of cards, or anything.  Just nice and simple game to play.  


Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - A Day of Sex!! - Day 26

Without you, I doubt I’d have any relationship with any of the kids….and definitely not the relationship we have with all of them.  I know it’s not always been easy…and I know I’ve had to hold you back a time or two …and I know you’ve had your heart broken more than once by their actions, but in true ‘mother’ form, you’ve believed, you’ve loved and you waited them out and because of that we’ve got the best relationship we’ve ever had with all of the kids.  I love that about you. -143

PS – Today is all day sex….. I’d love to finish up with a par 3 or better… but as the last weekend of Sexuary I really hope to make it go out with a bang. 

My spouse Jackie is an incredible woman! I debated whether or not to post this note I sent to her or not, it's kind of personal, but then I realized this part of her is part of what makes her such a great partner.  There are 2 very different personalities.  I see black and white, she sees shades of gray.  I'm roar like the lion, with the lightening strike of Thor, and she's kind, loving, and giving, in my view almost to a fault at times.  But the balance of the 2 has created a relationship that has lasted over 15 years and is honestly better today then it was 15 years ago. Part of that is that she is subservient, not my slave, but wants to serve and make me happy.  It's part of what makes her complete and happy.  My acknowledgement of that keeps her wanting to give more.  My acceptance of that is not only a gift to me, but a gift to her.  

I think so many subservient people get abused because of their personalities and that's a shame.  Instead of shining and growing, they are left to coward or be upset because once again they were taken advantage of.   Instead of becoming who they truly are, they are forever wondering how they wind up in relationships like they do, unappreciated, an never satisfied in life. Often times these same people are in abusive relationships because the abuser mistaken subservient for weak and easy.  It's truly sad. 

ONTO THE PS!!!! Today was all day sex!!! WOO HOO! I know you're thinking I'm joking right?  Well our day starts at breakfast, and then the day really began! Back in bed we went and honestly except for a late lunch around 2 and then ice cream about 7 when we ended, we were in bed the entire day.  We cranked the music on the bluetooth speaker and went at it.  

We would play then rest....sometimes 15 minutes...sometimes 45....but we were together all day in bed.  

Read that again, we were in bed together for almost 10 hours enjoying each others company in every kinky way.  Ok there were 2 showers in there too.  

Now for those who haven't read about a Par 3, there are 3 holes. so you have to hit every hole on the course to get a Par 3.   Remember anal play is a rarity for me, so to get a Par 3, Jackie has to give that up too. 

Ok what I've got to say is WOW!!!! That woman jumped in with all her efforts to make this a day to remember forever!  Not only did we start out with anal, but several times through out the day we went back there.  Her blow job was incredible, and our already good sex was like a new dimension of sex for the entire day.  

While choking is something we've played with, we took it up a notch when I brought my robe belt to bed and used it on her.  She then put it in her mouth and liked having it there as a bite, something else new for us.  

At the end of the day I did get my Par 3 with 2 extra holes for bonuses.  

Look we get it, if you've read this years blog you realized we've had to change plans more times than not.  LIFE SUCKS THE JOY OUT OF GETTING THERE!!! If you don't make it a serious priority in your relationship, sex can all but disappear.  We know so many couples that couldn't tell you the last time they had sex, or it's one of those only on a very rare occasion.  Life, grudges, lack of communication, one person not realizing that sex is something the other wants or doesn't understand that it is really THAT important to the other person in the relationship and won't make the effort to go there.  Relationships take effort.  Sex in a relationship takes even more effort.  And great sex, well let's just say not many are willing to put forth that much the sex they do have is routine and often times one sided where one of the 2 are 'satisfied' and the other just fakes it to be done and over with it.  

Nobody deserves any of that!!! Hence Sexuary.  You've still got a couple of days, MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!!! Be different today.  Try something you've always wanted to.  Talk to your significant other.  Be the aggression.  Be the subservient one.  Talk.  Make time and make it stick, no excuses.  Find that second wind and be there for your significant other.  Whatever it takes quit making excuses and do something!!! It's hard, we get it, trust me after 26 days we understand just how hard, and we raise 4 kids, so we really do understand. It's why Sexuary was so important to us 13-14 years ago when we started, and why we continue to this day supporting Sexuary.  


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Romantic Flames - Day 24

I hope I fan yours as much as you fan mine.  I am such a better man in so many ways because of you, you push me when I need, you let me glow bright when I’m glowing, and when I’m down to just embers you put another log and make it hot all over again.  – 143

 Tonight it just happened to be 30F all day today, and I happen to send this email to Jackie, not knowing exactly what I'd wind up doing but as the day went on I decided. I put wood in the fireplace knowing Jackie had to run some errands after work. While she was gone I lit the fire and had it ready for when she got back.  

While she went out to get high, I laid out a pallet of blankets in front of the fire place, grabbed the lube and put pillows on the floor and waited for her to come back in.  

When she came back in, we got naked and laid on the floor and we caressed each other for a bit before we made out. 

It was a gesture of romance.  Maybe not the grandest, but it was something different.  Sex on the living room floor.  Sex in front of a lit fire place.  Definitely NOT our 'normal' night in bed.  

It was simple, but it was something we both could enjoy.  Not over the top.  Something ANYONE could do.  But tonight we did it. 

Hope you've found something different to try this Sexuary!


Sexuary 2022 - Jackie Tops 3rd Time - Day 23

Lol…I do mean that in sooooo many ways.  Seriously I’m sad that tonight is the last night till who knows when.  I’d really like this to be a monthly or at least every 6 weeks.  Spanking, anal play, cbt, whatever it is, it’s sexy as hell when you take control on occasion.  -143

Jackie hit a homer last Wednesday with her night, and she knocked it out of the ball park tonight.

She started by having me wear a butt plug from lunch till time to clean out.  I like having a butt plug in, an have done so for up to 8 hours now that I've found one that fits well and stays in.  

I then cleaned out while Jackie was out, and had finished right before she got home, so I was on the bed, my ass up in the air ready for her to do with me what she wanted. 

She stared with some fingers stretching me out, then a couple of toys.  When she went to fist me it just wasn't going to go.  

One of the things we've found out about the ass, is it just needs times to stretch, and when it hasn't been stretched in a while it takes even longer.  It's been forever since Jackies fist made it's way in my ass, and today it took extra time to stretch me out.  I have a large pyramid shape dildo she wound up using on me to continue to stretch me, in and out.  

Finally I moved just a bit and Jackie was able to slide the dildo hand into my ass.  It took just a bit, but then it just slid right in.  Then she pulled it out and I said one more time and without knowing she slide her fist right in.  My ass has been loosened enough and we took the time that her fist just slid right in.  

As she was in there, she kept her fist on my prostate and before long I had a full body orgasm.  Not just a bit of cum that shot out of my cock, but my body tense and released in a total and complete orgasm.  When Jackie pulled out I just laid there in complete content.  Eventually I moved up in the bed and Jackie put the covers over me and I just laid there in the moment. 

There is no orgasm like when Jackie can fist me.  I don't know why but there's not.  

Keys to anal fisting? LUBE!!! There is never enough lube, so don't skimp here. Take your time.  The rectum WILL stretch, but it doesn't like to be just ripped open.  It wasn't to be played with, slowly and continuously played with till it's finally ready to allow whatever in you want.  Though I have found I do have some limits...not much but some.  While there is going to be a point you'll have to get past...for me it's that last 1/4", but if you can take a deep breath and make it past there, there is glory on the other side.  It will push you to your limits, but wow... just wow.