Monday, February 1, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Electricity

Ok, truth be told we started a day early this year.  Jackie is having to miss a day to help her family out, so we decided to start Jan 31st.  I have to tell you I'm excited about some of these more than others. We all have our favorites right?  Well I drew Electricity play for day one, and was a bit disappointed.  Was hoping to start with a bang.  OH MY was I ever wrong in doubting.  
Violet Wand
Ok, it started out a bit rough. I couldn't find the violet wand, the TENS unit battery was dead, the gloves I have will shock me, but not anyone I touch, and just over all I was in a bit of a panic.  After a deep breath I remembered where the wand was (it's sad when you have so many toys you have them all over the place. 😂)  So finally I'm set, and just waiting for Jackie to get ready. When she gives me her all ready,  I walked Jackie in the room while blindfolded and laid her on the bed.  I tied her arms up to the headboard with some rope and a simple knot, then I started with the electric wand on her.  Whoops...even on the lowest setting, the attachment (the lower right attachment) was zapping just  bit to much.  I quickly replaced the attachment with the comb attachment.  That did the trick.   Now while stroking her with the wand and rubbing her gently to get her started. 

After a couple of minutes I spread Jackies' legs and started with her favorite vibrator. BINGO!! Yeap, I got the right combination going.  She almost immediately started arching her back and orgasm after orgasm hit her.  I ran the wand over her chest, her arms, her thighs, her belly, her sides, just everywhere I could reach, all the time keeping her vibrator well planted on her clit. 

After she called for mercy, and after she had plenty of orgasms, I asked her if she was done.  She let me know she was ready for me to finish things up.  I kindly obliged her. The excitement of having watched her orgasm so many times quickly brought us again to a quick finish.  Whew!!! 

So again, wasn't my first choice and yet was a fantastic night.  Something we don't do very often, and no real reason why.  This is why we had it on the list, because we get in our ruts and forget we like all the other things too.  

So do you have a plan for this Sexuary?  Sexuary 2021 is just started and you have plenty of time to get started.  Remember, try something outside of your box. Something you wouldn't normally do  Heck just spin the wheel above and go for it.  



Its day one...the thoughts of all that I had put in the jar...I also know he has put some in the jar...and to be honest after we talked neither remembered who put this one in.  

So Dane drew the electricity tab....Of course I don't know this.  I am just told that I need get extra high...So extra high it is...

I came up to let him know I was ready....for what I don't know.  He blind folded me and took me to the bedroom.Once there I was centered on bed and hands tied to headboard.

There are so many thoughts going thru my head, then zap..squeal....zap squeal...zap squeal and try to move away.  It takes a few more zap squeal and try to move away before he changes tips. 

This turned out to be a great time.  I really floated in and out of the clouds.  I constantly had to tell myself to refocus or reground.  I wish I could find the words to describe what I was going I would give the violet wand a 5 ***** review!


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