Monday, February 4, 2013

Being Flexible

So today was suppose to be "Vincilagnia (tied up),  Blindfold,  Nipple clamps, & feathery things on Jackie", but after the events of last night and the fact we could have better no kids time (read Jackie could stream louder if she wanted to) on Monday instead of today, and massages would be tonight.  We just thought it would be better overall for both of us.

We like massages.  Jackie went to massage therapy school and I've given several massages using the massage table we have over the years.  Massages are one of the best (could be) non-sexual ways to be intimate with your partner.  Even before we'd break out some lotion and just rub each other. When I'm giving a massage the physical contact is exciting to me, even when I'm not expecting any sex.  Ok, honestly sex is not normally what you're looking for after a relaxing massage, and if I'm wanting extra sex, that is not the way to get it.  I normally offer a massage to Jackie if I just want my hands on her body - I want that physical touch. And who doesn't want to relax to a great massage with their partners hands all over them.  And of course done right you could go from relaxed to stimulated in a short period of time.

I had a rough morning with what I figured was a case of blue balls, a severely tender right testicle all morning, an figured by Monday it would be better.  I also figured that I would be next to impossible for Jackie to get me off today because of it.

We did go by an adult store on our travels home, and had a great time visiting with the sales lady.  We needed to get another butt plug, and were looking for some other jewels for Jackies drawer of magic toys.  We also found some non-piercing nipple ring  The staff were great and we had a good time. Now I know that you can order all toys online now, but there is something about holding one and feeling it before you buy it.  You want to know you're going to like it, especially for the price of many of the good toys.  The places we visit are not the dark seedy places, but well lit, very clean, cater to women, and most of the employees are women who know how to talk to you about what you're looking for without making you feel like a pervert. 

Now I'm going to add here that while driving down the road Jackie decides to pull out her nipple and put on one of the nipple rings.  Oh my! Then she tells me she'd like to play our own game for Superbowl tonight.  First score she'll suck on me for how ever many minutes that the teams scored in points.  A touch down and extra point is 7 minutes, a field goal 3 minutes.  Then next score was hers.  Next would be mine.  Then hers.  Didn't matter which team scored, just a score. 

I love oral sex!  I love to receive and give oral.  I'm sure there are times that Jackie is like "alright already, just stick it in me already", but I really and truly love oral that much.  I love receiving it, but I can count on my hands the number of times a woman has been able to make me cum via oral (thankfully Jackie is a majority of those times).  But I don't ever count on cumming that way, even though I love the feeling of it. So back to the story.

YEAH!!! 7 points scored first!  Damn I'm a lucky guy.  Then 3 points, though I extended it another 3 minutes because I was enjoying it that much.  Lucky me the Ravens scored another touchdown.  While going Jackie turned enough for me to finger her while she was going down on me, and drenched me as she came several times hard. The buzzard went off and damn I was close and Jackie knew it and she continued on instead of stopping, Oh my! There went a load and a half that had been brewing for 2 days.

We had fun.  We both got some much needed relief.  And while it was not what was on the calendar we were flexible enough to know when the schedule wasn't going to work and honestly we had more 'out of the box' fun watching the football game between turns that, playing with the nipple rings, and oral that we got the relief, not just orgasms but relief we needed after last night.  Honestly we were so into our own game that we missed the first field goal, and wouldn't have continued on if we have finished up right before the kick-off.

We have 4 days down, 24 days to go.  We showed that while we have a plan, our personal needs override our plans, and flexibility is important in a relationship.  It was a wonderful game we played and a great way to be intimate.

What game can you play with your partner that would be different and exciting.  Ok, just thinking if you're a NASCAR fan maybe the number on the car in the lead at the 1/2 way mark is an indication of what you're going to do. You know right down a position or thing for each of the 43 drivers and then let fate take a hand in your fun. Or who evers driver is in the lead at the 10th lap gets something special for the next 10 laps.  Just make it up, no real rules, it's about time together and doing something that will keep the flames going.  Make up your own game.  I don't know many guys that would pass up an opportunity like this given the chance.  Jackie did a great job today of making that happen.


Today was supposed to be be a day of being tied up,nipple clamps, ropes, feathers etc.  However the kids were to be back today and it was just not something I felt we needed to or could do.  I also had had a horrible day the day before and I really needed caressing and not to be over stimulated like I knew that this day planned would be.  So I asked if we could switch our massage day with Vincilagnia day.  And part of this month is open communication.  I did not tell him the whole thing, I just told him I would like to change the days.

I did go to massage therapy school about 10 years ago, I never got certified but will still from time to time give massages.  They are very relaxing for me to give them.  I know how much Dane loves them.  I really had intended to give him one.  I am not sure why I changed the game again.

So anyway, we had a few other things to pick up at the adult toy story.  One of our favorites is Megaplexx.  Its not your average toy store.  Its got a great toy selection, great movie selection and some private movie viewing.  This is great store.  The staff is really helpful, our girl probably spent about 15 mins with us trying to find a new strapon or one that has a pocket so I can enjoy some stimulation while giving Dane a great ass fuck. We also looked at paddles, cat-o-nine tails, handcuffs and also some non piercing nipple and clit rings. I have debated for year about getting my nipples pierced.  Wondering if that would help me with the fact that sometimes I have NO stimulation in my breast, some days I do but I thought maybe the nipple piercing would help. Our girl showed us several so we got them.  I really wanted to see them on.  I wanted to see how easy they would be.  The thought really got me wet. So once we checked out with our stuff, we went out to the car.  We had not driven a block with I went way out of my comfort zone, I just pulled down my shirt and whipped out my boob(I thought Dane might crash LOL) I quickly put it on to see if I liked it or if it would stay.  I tried to put my boob back in bra, but it came off quickly so I just put it away and giggled at the rise in Dane's pants. He said he could tell it would be a day of teasing again. 

I then asked about the game. Maybe we could give and receive oral according to the score.  We really weren't for any team so I just thought a score was a SCORE.  We would set a timer for however long depended on field goal, touchdown, or whatever. Of course he went for it. So first time was 7 minutes and I went down on him.  I swear that 7 mins was forever, and we were really into it that we dint even hear the next team score.  I knew that he was already suffering from blue balls from the night before so was a bit worried that getting him all worked up would not help that at all.  So second score 3 points gave me 3 minutes of him down on me, he then gave me a 3 minute advantage...I took it ;-) Next touch down, he got 7 more minutes.  I sucked on him and could tell he was getting so close.  I was up on my hands and knees and let him play with me.  I dont usually since I usually don't have him cum in my mouth.  I love to give him blowjobs then finish him off with him nice and tightly in my pussy.  Today though I was OK with him playing with me.  I get so freaking excited while giving him blowjobs.  I know I creamed all over him several times while I was sucking on him.  I could just tell it wouldn't be longer when bam the timer went off, I just couldn't let him hang, so I kept going.  I even asked him to help me and then for him to tell me when he was about to cum and I would let him cum in my mouth. And that is just what happened.  I swear he has cups full of cum ready to cum out this time! There are times when he blows that I barely get a taste. Not today...damn it was a lot..I think it was a great day.  FYI: We spent most of the day looking at adult toy websites looking for non piercing nipple and clit clips and I bought a few...There is a lot of power of looking at toys and finding just the right one...I am not sure why but it was super excited about the whole day.  

Oh my thoughts have worked through the other night to and I am much better with it to.  If you had asked me to swing on sat again I would have said NO WAY, but I am not totally against it now.(just thought you might like to know)

So day 4 done, and day 5 is about to start.  We are going to be able to make it I am sure, we might have more times to be flexible and times we will stay on track.  We will talk and communicate more than we ever had.  We will grow closer...How will you get closer to your spouse? What can;you do to spice up your life? Be flexible,be resourceful, give your time but just do something!!!!


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