Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Hedonism II Jamaica

Sexuary might be over with for 2021, but we are always looking for ways to improve our sex life. Several years ago we decided to go to Hedo II in Negril Jamaica, and family issues and then covid-19 delayed that by years, but we finally made it in September of this year.  

 While we learned several things, like make sure your flights get to MBJ by 1 pm, and not to fly out before 1 pm as there is a 2 hour drive from Montego Bay to Negril, and  to make sure we get the "Club Mobay" VIP service both ways, pack less, take more sun screen, if you like quiet at night, then staying on the 'optional' side works, if you're a 24 hour partier then stay on the nude side. 

But back to Hedo II.  They are an all inclusive resort, where 95% of the place is either clothing optional or no clothing allowed.(about 50% of the place is no clothing allowed).  So for nudist like Jackie and I it's a great start. We literally laid on the beaches and by the pools for 5 - 7 hours a day.  The water is crystal clear in the ocean there.  We took sailboats out and 40' deep water is so clear you see the bottom.  The pools are closed a couple of times a day to clean them out from all the activities. 

Activities in the pool?  Yes, you will see anything happening in the pools. While they have games and activities some times, you will also see blowjobs, guys eating out women, sex, sharing, more sex, and oh, there's sex in the pool. 

There are also cabanas, and 2 play rooms throughout the resort that you could see anything you might expect.  Jackie and I enjoyed both playrooms over the 9 days and several of the cabanas where we had sex as people came by and some would watch, some would just keep walking, but all could see. 

Bottom line is that if you're in the lifestyle, you want to learn about the lifestyle, you want to try swapping without it being by your hometown, or if you're just a nudist Hedo II is a great place to visit.  The staff was great, the food was good, the unlimited, heavy pour drinks kept flowing, the on premise dispensary (Hedo Weedo) will keep your 420 fans happy, the nightly entertainment was hot as hell, and in this very non-judgemental environment it doesn't matter your body style, sex or age.  The only caveat I will put is this is NOT a great place for single guys.  You will not be picking up women and couples are already busy with other couples, so I would never go as a single guy.  Single women, you rule and will have a blast. 

Want to push your boundries, Hedo II is a great way to do it. If you're a nudist, I'd be making plans!  We went for 7 days, and extended to 9.  When we go back in 2023 we are going for 14 days. Don't cut yourself short when going all that way, you won't regret the extra time there! We met lots of great people in our stay there, and hope to see some of them soon.  Go have fun!!!


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Recap

So as Sexuary 2021 comes to a close we have some cleaning up to do in the bedroom, some reviewing to do of all the things we experienced, and maybe start working on a mini Sexuary later in the year, or even start on ideas for next years Sexuary.  

We always have people tell us how much more experienced we are then they are.  Most of what we've done, we've done because we were willing to try something and most of the time I would go do the research on it and bring it back to Jackie.  When we started with our list of 1001 kinks never did we think 10 years later we'd still be writing about our exploits, and yet here we are.  Most everything we do we do out of curiosity.  It has a great side effect of bringing Jackie and I closer together with every new thing we try.  

Nightstand after Sexuary 2021
Let's face it, the first time you mention to your partner you're going to put them on fire, if they don't trust you there is a huge problem before you even start.  Or how about a 16 gauge needle? Or a flogger? Or a speculum? Or a sound in your urethra? Or have to really get to know your partner and your partner has to really know you.  

Sexuary Daily Draws
We take what we learn from our sexuarys and incorporate them into our regular sex life.  Some things become more regular.  Some things fall away.  Some things we'll look at again in a year ....maybe by then we're ready for it...but then again, maybe we won't be. But the biggest thing is we put ourselves out there to try new things!!! We purposefully work our on relationship, and our sexual relationship every Sexuary.  It's a very conscious thing that we do every year to make sure we are not like our previous marriages.  Both of us came from failed marriages, and never wanted to have that happen again.  Sexuary has been a great exercise in making sure we don't go back there.  

So Sexuary maybe over, but it's never to late to start YOUR own Sexuary! We do it in that month of love on purpose, but anytime is the right time to go outside of your box and try something new for you and your partner in the bedroom!! We hope you'll take our blog as inspiration to try something new with your partner....hell read the blog together, get ideas and get started on your plans!!! 

Dane and Jackie
Sexuary 2021

Friday, February 26, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - The Bath

Pavlov trained his dogs that when the dinner bell rang food was coming.  Jackie has trained me in the same way over our 15+ years together.  Every time she goes to take a bath, she'll come out clean, shaven, and ready to be eaten. EVERY TIME!  Her bath time has been a sacred thing since we've been together. Even when we had boys in the house, if Jackie was in the bathtub she was NOT to be disturb under penalty of near death by a dad who was anxiously awaiting her to come out and what he knew was to come shortly.  It's one of our rituals together.  

Tonight I drew something else that would of required a bit more of Jackie and she asked that it be put back in the bucket for another day.  So when I drew again I pulled out "A bath - A good eating out - a good fucking".  I was not disappointed!

You have to understand, when Jackie takes a bath, that means she's taking her kindle, and spending 2 hours in there reading the smuttiest romance novel she can find on there.  We love good smutty, great sex scene, romance novels and both read them, but this is Jackie's time to read sometimes a couple of books.  She will then shave and come out ready to be attacked by her husband, a chore I take very seriously. 

I make it no secret, I prefer nicely shaven pussy.  I also LOVE oral, so the combinations of a freshly shaven pussy that needs to be eaten is my heaven.  I will dive in gladly and generally bring Jackie to her first couple of orgasms before moving on or worrying about getting myself off.  There is something about a pussy that has been shaved in the last couple of hours that is so much better than even the next day, not that I'm going to turn that down, but it's just better freshly shaven. 

The good hard fuck?  Well that will just depend on Jackie and what she's in the mood for, but she generally will drench me a couple of times after I get started before I get to the finish line.  It's nothing new for  us, but it's always a good thing for us.  So in this month of Sexuary, where sex is anything but mundane, something regular and good is just as welcome as all the other kinky sex we have fun with.  

Maybe you had a routine that kind of fell by the wayside that was always a good thing.  Maybe it's been to long since you've drooled over your spouse because they did x, y or z.... Why not put a plan in action to make it happen this last weekend of Sexuary 2021? 


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Misfit Toys

So if you're a 'toy collector' like Jackie and I am, you're always looking for new toys to play with.  We've literally spent thousands on toys over the 15 years, and that's not counting the rope or equipment (like the spanking bench or St Andrews Cross) that we've spent.  But as you do that you gravitate to toys that you like the best, or toys you KNOW will get you off almost every time. So what happens is you wind up with a stack of toys, that might be just fine, but you never use anymore.  

So periodically we go into the drawers and pick out one or more of the toys to play with. Tonight is was out night to visit the land of the misfit toys and grab a couple of them out.  The pictures I have in here are about 30% of the toys we have, and for the most part are in the, never or rarely used piles. Some of them have gotten a bit loud, some just don't vibrate enough, some are just not for every day use, but all of them just sit more than they get used. 


I changed the batteries in several of the older vibrators and even brought out a masturbater toy just in case. While one or two of them did OK on Jackie, we wound up getting out her good of faithful Bodywand to finish her off.  There's a reason it's old reliable, it works for her! 

We do periodically toss out old, broken toys, or toys we know will just never make it off the bench, but not that often.  So, yeah, we literally have a dresser and a filing cabinet full of toys.  But if we want to show somebody something, we probably have one to show them, and it's pretty rare that there is just a totally new toy. 

Some of the things we look for is 1) vibration, if it's doesn't steam roll for a vibration, we know it's not going to work for us, 2) what is it's power source.  We've found plugged in toys last longer and they never die in the middle of having fun.  Now a days the usb charged ones aren't bad.  They last longer then they use to, but you do have to keep them charged, even if you don't use them all the time. 3) Purpose.  We know Jackie likes clit stimulation more than internal.  That's a personal preference.  So we gear more to those that are for clit or anal stimulation (more for me than her). But those things have taken us a long time to figure out.  

How about breaking out your old vibrators and giving them a try? Maybe you'll remember why you got them in the first place. 😆


Sexuary 2021 - Tied up…face fucked…then fucked hard


I don't know many guys who don't picture his woman on her knees with his cock in her mouth at some time or another.  When I put this one into the pile, that's what I was thinking about. Jackie, all tied up, blindfolded, and sucking me off.

I wanted to try something new, but doubling up the ropes with 2 colors.  I put a basic harness on and then split the ropes at the end to tie up her arms.  I then lowered her to the floor and then slowly started part her lips and slide in and out.
I LOVE a great blowjob, and seeing Jackie all tied up and on her knees just added that much more to the excitement of it all.  I'm not one for grabbing a partners head while receiving like that, so this is about as 'in control' as I get in these situations.  Don't worry, I'm not one for gagging or choking Jackie, but I love having that control for a change. 

Once I was in a good place I picked Jackie up and bent her over the bed, still tied up and gave her what she liked this time.  After a while we climbed up on the bed, and we tried a new position, the Mongolian Smurf.  Don't ask me where it got it's name from, but it actually worked out pretty good for me. It didn't work to bad for us.  Definitely good for penetration if you're looking for a new position this might be one for you. 

As the jar I get the daily fun from dwindles, and Sexuary is waning, we are still having fun, and still learning new things.  With so many new and interesting sexual things to learn, why would anyone want to keep doing the same old thing, getting bored with your sex life, and not trying to bring something new to your partner and your life? This is the whole reason we enjoy Sexuary so much, it's always a time to try new things and without judgement from each other figure out if we like the new things or not. You don't have to start so grandiose, but hopefully our blog will give you the courage and information you need so that you can make a difference in your sex life. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Sounds


So Monday came around and I had kind of thrown out my back helping Jackie with some gardening on Sunday.  She almost put back the draw for the day and draw again, but she decided that playing with sounds would be easy on the back. 

Now I have gotten an added interest in my penis lately.  I've been purchased several metal rings to try and wear, and played with some catheters and such.  For those that don't know, sounds are generally metal rods that you insert into the urethra. They can be inserted in both male or female urethras, but you generally see men using them.

Now my thought had been I would masturbate while Jackie used them on me, sliding the different sized sounds in through the top of my penis.  Jackie wasn't comfortable with that so we switched roles.  I have a set that goes from 'no big deal' to 'no fucking way' in size.  Truth be told, I can get the first 8 sizes in me (each sound has 2 ends, and each end is a different size).   So before we played I cleaned all the sounds with alcohol.  Last thing you need is to get in infection from a dirty toy in your urethra.

Then both Jackie and I lubed up and we started.  She started slowly masturbating me as I started inserting the smallest sound in me.  Masturbation feels so much different with a sound in.  I would leave it in for a bit...slide it up and down...then I'd go up a size and start all over again.  

With a little more effort after we done with the sounds I finished nicely.  It was a great way to finish and not hurt my back anymore. Win/win!


Sexuary 2021 - Biting, sucking and a Good Hard Fuck



Way back in the first year we blogged about our Sexuary, we picked autovampirism as one of our kinks to try.  It's one of those things we don't wait a year to try, as Jackie really likes it.  Maybe that's why she reads so many vampire/werewolf romantic stories, she wants to be the one bitten and taken. 

So tonight I drew "biting, sucking and a good hard fuck".  So as soon as we got into the bedroom I spun Jackie around and pinned her up against the wall and started biting on her neck and back.  Feeling her shutter with each bite and kiss.  

We often talk about sex in places other than your bed.  And maybe you wind up in your bed, but why not start someplace else? In my case up against the wall, it definitely riles Jackie up and gets her in a good place quickly. 

When I was done with the biting and sucking on her back, I spun her around and started all over again on her neck and breast. Finally I spun her over to the bed where I bent her over and took care of the rest of the days task.  

A couple of bite marks or hickeys are not always a bad thing, especially if you're all working from home, and/or they are in inconspicuous places. They can be fun and a great reminder of a good nights fun. 


Saturday, February 20, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Rope Play

So rope is something that Jackie and I got into during Texas Kink Fest 2018.  We've since found groups like Austin Rope Slingers and websites like Crash Restraint that have kept us going since then.  For Christmas this year I even got a mannequin so I can rope without Jackie (though it's definitely not the same as roping a real person).  

Today I drew that we were to play with rope.  Nothing specific, just rope.  So I decided to put a small harness on Jackie and then tying her legs up and her hands to her legs.  So I put a new harness on Jackie, one we hadn't done before, but I had seen.  It didn't tie her arms up at all, but did secure her breast. I do this often, I look at Shibari pictures, and ones I think I'm capable of doing, or capable of figuring out how to do it, then I save them into a folder for later scrutiny.  I enjoy figuring out how the ropes lay and what knots go where.  I've actually figured out some pretty complicated knots over time.  

I recently wrote the following for a magazine to describe roping, I hope you'll appreciate roping a bit more: 

When I rope with Jackie, my world narrows to this little space we’re in. Her breath, her heartbeat, her littlest twitch, or nod of her head are all caught by my senses. Getting her to ‘her place’ is my goal every time. That place subs go when they let the ropes hold them tight, secure, and they know they are in the safest place on earth, and all they must do is be in the moment. The joy is knowing I’ve met those needs, kept her safe and brought her back.  The world around us doesn’t exist for that short time. People can come and go, but I only hear her breath, I only see her body as she melts into my ropes. It’s a huge lift to my soul to know I’ve taken her to the most peaceful place on earth…and that she trust me enough to do that.  -Dane/56/4 years roping

Then the after math is just as important for me.  When I self rope I love the feeling of rope on my body, but the rope marks it leaves when I'm done is sometimes even better.  That bite that reminds you for hours is some of the best parts. You rub your leg or sides and can just float back into that zone. It's an awesome feeling. 

We hope our blog has given you some ideas of what to bring into your bedroom and make a change to your sex life. We do this blog so people know it's ok to WANT to do other things in the bedroom then what you're doing, and lastly we want you to know how to do some of this safely, or how to go about learning about what you want to learn about. If you have an idea for us email us or send us a comment. 


Resources for Jute rope, it's what I use to tie Jackie, myself, and my mannequin with and I love these 2 vendors:

MyNawashi  -

Rope Bound Kitten -


Sexuary 2021 - Sensations

 If you've read through our blog you know this is a favorite for Jackie and I.  It's taking things in your house, and/or that you've collected and use them on your blindfolded partner.  The sensation of heat, cold, hard, soft, wet, dry, pain, and pleasure all in one session. In preparation  I put a couple of towels on the bed and pulled out all the supplies I'd use tonight.

So I started the night by really working Jackie up, kissing and rubbing all over her.  One of the best aphrodisiacs out there is touch...and lots of it. After I got Jackie all wound up I put a blindfold on her and put cuffs on her after I moved her to the middle of the bed. 

Her favorite cover was tossed over her and I gently pulled it down to her feet.  The softness of this blanket can send chills down your body.  It was the first of the sensations. 

Next came fire.  As I lit one of my fire sticks I then gently rolled it over Jackies body over and over again.  I whip it around some areas, running it back and forth. I walked to the other side of the bed when Jackie "ouched...something bit me on the ankle." I looked down and one of the towels had an alcohol burn running by her leg.  I quickly put out the fire on the towel.  Just goes to show you when play with fire, you must at all times be careful and prepared.  I continued with the fire till I was done and Jackie had a warmth all over her skin. 

A small flogger made Jackie jump as I gently slashed it against her legs, belly and bottom of her feet.  

I took Jackies nipple clamps and started to place them on her. In the past I've put them on and then tighten them down all the way. Today, fully opened Jackie was pulling on her ropes and acting like I ws pulling her nipples off. The only thing we can think of is now she's had her nipples pierced and that's caused a different sensation for her. 

I took clothespins and  put them on her labia and left them there.  I put a 3rd on the one nipple that I couldn't get the clamp to stay on. 

Next was the violet wand and wartenberg wheel.  The shock of the wand and then the needles of the wheel add to the sensations over her body. 

I slowly pulled the clothespins and nipple clamp off of Jackie and watched as she felt the blood rush back to those parts. You could hear her sucking air as each one was removed 

A little cornstarch for smoothness over her body came next. 

I brought her to mutliple orgasm using her bodywand vibrator then I climbed on her and brought her to more.  

We laid there, me gently rubbing on her after we were finished up. It was a great night and another great Sexuary night. 

Sensation, especially when heighten by blindfolding and tied up, can be very erotic and very sensual.  Might be something you'd like to try with your significant other. 


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - A 15 Minute Break

So with Covid and all Jackie and I both work from home.  Now I go to the office naked as a jaybird every day.  Only if I HAVE to go out will I put on any cloths, otherwise it's naked all day long.  Jackie generally gets dress when she goes into her office.  Puts her in a more 'work mode' mentally.  Once she goes into her office she comes out for bathroom breaks and occasionally a coffee break.  So I put into the jar a slip saying, "Make her take a 15 min break, bend her over the desk and fuck her (15 minutes total limit)".  

Now her day was not the best. I can often hear her on the phone, and this day she was agitated and aggravated with an employee. She had meetings and I was getting a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to break into her day without causing problems.  Then about 45 mins before the end of her day I heard things get quiet and figured it was my chance to sweep in there. As I was walking in she was at the door about to take a break.  I spun her around and took her back to her desk, pulled some lube out (I even thought about that) and bent her over the desk as I put my phone with a 15 minute timer on her desk.  "Break time" began with her bent over and me sliding in her.  

I did my best to take her mind off of work and onto what was sliding in and out of her.  

Ok, but the big deal was it was something different.  We kiss during the day, but we never just stop work and have a quickie.  It was different when Jackie didn't work from or didn't work, but now we both have jobs at home. So to make time during the middle of the day is a different sex day for us.  

 If you're stuck at home together, surprise one another with a 15 minute quickie, I can't imagine it wouldn't make your partners day.  


PS - I guess I just warmed up Jackie's engine.  When she was done, she wanted more. I let her know if it was just feeling bad I didn't finish then not to worry, but nope, she wanted more...damn near demanded what's a guy to do but help Jackie out. 😈

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Clean Sheet Sex

Just a Sexuary quickie

So am I the only person who loves clean sheet sex?  I think that's one of the reasons 'hotel sex' is something for me too, it's both 'hotel sex' and 'clean sheet sex' all in one. 😍You get that someone took the time to prepare a space for the two of you to mess up on purpose. There's a mental plus along with the physical with 'clean sheet sex' least for me. 

So for Valentines today, after Jackie got out of bed I took the old sheets off and put clean sheets on. Guess that means it will be 'clean sheet sex' for us on Valentines day!!  Hope you've done something special for your partner on the hump-day of Sexuary.  Halfway through, have you spun the wheel, done something special, reached outside of your sexual box that you keep the lid on so tightly, anything? How about just some clean sheet sex? It's worth a try isn't it? 


Sexuary 2021 - Fireplay


Since we've started with fire play, we've tried it many times.  We've varied it up and different designs do different things.  So this year I was able to make videos for you.  I started with a heart shape on Jackies back:

I created a different design with the intent of some immediate heat in multiple directions all at one time.  You'll notice how this one kept going for a couple of rounds before stopping.  Be prepared to stop it if you see it's going to long and could burn your model. 
For the 3rd video I just did a zig-zag design on Jackie

For the 4th I didn't 'burn' anything. I took the same flame torches I would use in fire cupping and just glide them all over Jackies body.  This will give her a warm sensation.  In her words, "it feels like a huge body hug" 

I did one more simple design, but again with the intent of multiple passes before it stops.  


I didn't realize at the time but I recorded more than I expected.  You'll note just like any type of kink play there is an aftercare.  We didn't just get up and go.  In this care I caressed Jackie for a minute and then covered her.  I let her float in her subspace for about 5 - 10 minutes before we got up and I cleaned up our playspace while she went to relax. 

"I wish people could just understand" was Jackies comment as she climbed down from the massage table.  Jackie seriously went to her special place while we played.  

Now this isn't a great lead to intercourse, but not all sex is there.  Sometimes it's just about the intimacy you and your partner achieve, and that doesn't always mean traditional sex.  Today, for us, this is one of those days.  

One of the things in BDsm is the trust the sub has to have for their Dom, and the care and preparation the Dom must have to keep the sub safe and maintain that trust. I don't think the average couple ever achieves that level of trust a BDsm couple does.  

We hope you enjoy the videos, please feel free to comment or contact us with questions or comments. 


Sexuary 2021 - Choking



This is something we've started since Sexuary 2020.  During last years Sexuary I broached the subject with Jackie.  We are always looking for something new, and when we push our limits it's always something we discuss.  So during Sexuary 2020 I gave Jackie the choice, and at the time she asked that we not do it that night, but to think about.  During the year we've slowly introduced it to our bag of sexual adventures.  So Sexuary 2021 comes around and of course it gets put on the list. 

So as we start I gently apply pressure to her arteries on each side of her throat, limiting blood flow to her brain, which adds to her high.  This is our primary source of 'choking' that we do.  I will wrap my hand around her throat and tighten ...just as I do tonight, constricting her breath flow.  On both of these you have to be careful. 

If you hold the arteries to long you can literally cause brain damage.  If you press to hard on the throat constricting air flow you can snap the esophagus, or cause death from suffocation.   Mind you there are 700 deaths a year attributed to this type of play, so before you do it make sure you're very educated and EVERYONE is ok with it.   

Both types of choking will cause a high.  Jackie struggled at first with 'how can something so dangerous/wrong put me in such a good place?  It will send Jackie into a subspace when we play like this.  

Looking for something over the edge? Choking might be for you and your partner.  But like so many of the kinks we try, make sure you are well educated before you try it.  


PS, have you spun the wheel and treated your partner to some surprise play?  What are you waiting for?

Friday, February 12, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Piercings

Ok, for those of you who have followed our blog you know that Jackie got her nipples pierced for Sexuary 2020.  It was the last day of Sexuary, and was something she'd wanted for a couple of years.  Was funny, because some time during Sexuary 2020 she even said, "geez, I'd really think I'm ready to get my nipples pierced" not knowing I had already made an appointment with someone to have them done.  

Well if you're into piercings, then you know it's kind of like tattoos, you start with one, but that's just the start, you are always wanting more.  Jackie is no exception.  She had pierced ears, but had let them close, so she wanted them back opened up.  She wanted another one on her upper ear, and one on her eyebrow.  

So being the guy I am I started my research and started gathering tools and equipment I needed to make that happen.  It's taken me months to be prepared for Sexuary 2021 and the possibility to do several piercings.  I wasn't disappointed when I pulled the tag to do piercings.  I let Jackie know and asked her exactly what it is that she wanted pierced.  Well she did want her nose along with her eye brow and ears, but we didn't have the proper piercings for the nose (they are ordered and will be here next week).  

But in the meantime I was able to get her 2nd hole in her ear reopened, and then put the 16 gauge needle through her upper ear.  The amount of blood was a bit over whelming, but otherwise the needle went right through and the earring went right through with it.  

Now up to the eyebrow.  So looking there are a couple of things to be more careful of, like it has to be deep enough or the ring can be rejected and pushed out, and you want it straight, and you want the entry and exit to be about the length of the piece you're going to use. So we marked her eyelid and I used some forceps style device to hold the skin tight and in place. I pushed the needle through and I was afraid the needle had gone through to far without the needle to follow.  Thankfully I was able to back it up and get the piece back in and run it through successfully.  Then the fun began, to put the little bitty ball on the end of that shaft.  I tried, then Jackie tried, then I tried, then Jackie tried, then I finally got it on.  WHEW!!! You have blood, a tiny little ball with a smaller little hole to get on that rod and spin.  I did finally get it tighten on there for Jackie. 

A little more clean up of the blood and alcohol wipes for sanitation, then we were done.  Did it hurt? Jackie says it smarted but it didn't last long.  The blood was a bit more than I expected, but we got through it. Next time I'll have the paper towels handy to start. 


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Sex On The Living Room Floor

Ok, I get it, you plop into bed, rollover, get a bit and go to sleep.  That was our life for the most part prior to Sexuary coming into our lives.  And if you think we went from that to where we are overnight then you haven't been reading the struggles we have along the way too. So now we have sex just where ever we are, whenever we are, with whatever we have handy and it brings us closer together.  One of the things we enjoy is sex in every room of the house (yes we are empty nesters have have that privileged).  But tonight's draw was to have sex in the living room, in front of the fireplace. 

When Jackie got off of work I had the fireplace going.  It's been about 33F all day here, so the fire was a nice touch.  When Jackie when outside for a bit I pulled several blankets and laid them out in front of the fireplace, tossed a couple of pillows down for us. 

It's so easy to get in a rut. The same pats, the same kisses, the same location, the same sex.  Don't get me wrong, I've rarely had bad sex, but it can be so much better than when we're in a rut.  

So tonight the kisses were on the floor, the rubbing of her thighs had the cold from the floor and the heat from the fireplace.  The flickering light of the fireplace lit up Jackie's' body as I caressed her.  When she rolled over the feeling of the floor under me instead of the bed just makes it different some how. 

It's the little things that makes the difference, we've all heard that. So for us, today, it was moving into the living room for our nightly Sexuary romp in the hay.