Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Toy Chest

We've alluded to the fact we have some toys in our arsenal.  It's an ever growing toy chest.  Of course some break over time, but the good ones are quickly replaced, the ones not used just get chucked.  Of course Sexuary, was a good excuse to purchase a few more items for the toy chest, but we regularly look at new toys to have fun with.  .

Now I know that there are some guys that are intimidated by toys.  I guess they think if she got use to a dildo or a vibrator that she'll have no use for a fleshy cock any longer.  And yet every woman I've ever spoken to about this will tell you that a vibrator will only get you so far.  After a while they need a flesh and blood cock to really satisfy them.

So why do we bother with toys then?  Well when used right it will aid in making the experience even better.   They can help you 'pretend' you are doing things you might not want to experience with another person, like double penetration.  They can 'warm her up' when that might take a bit more effort than desired.  They can keep the mood while you slow down a bit.  I can think of two reasons to that woman have told me they like their clits vibrated while other things are being done.  Sometimes anal is easier if Jane is distracted and while being fisted the distraction makes it all easier.

We have remote control eggs.  That's right eggs.  You insert them (you pick the place) and the partner has the remote and turns it on at their will.  It can be fun to be at Outback and as you go to bite into that baby back rib that vibrator goes off.  It can make an interesting dinner.  After warming up like that who wouldn't have a sizzling time when they got home (hell, sometimes we can't even make it home).

We have paddles, whips, ropes, nipple clamps, and straps for the days we'd like to go down that road.  And while we're still experimenting with some of the limits and likes and dislikes we have the tools we need when we're in the mood.

We have various vibrators from $4 bullets to a $120 Bodywand.  We've had Rabbits and Beyond 2000's that have the multiple vibrations at the same time, one for inside and one for the clit. The harder it vibrates the happier Jackie is.

Dildos? Oh yeah, we have a variety of those too.  Glass, rubber, plastic are all in the toy chest to be played with. Little ones, and huge (fist size and bigger) ones all are in our drawer. No matter what mood we might be in we have the right size and material.  Oh you didn't know material could make a difference?  Take a glass one that can be cooled or heated to change the effect.  The rubber one that will bend and hit spots.  Yeah, material can really change up what's going on. 

We have butt plugs, anal beads, enema bags, and other anal oriented toys for both Jackie and myself.  I even surprised Jackie with "Ponytail" the other day when we were playing.  Jackie has acquired 2 strap-ons.  One just a nice dildo, and one a double sided vibrator so she gets pleasured as she is using it on me.  If the mood is there and you want to play a bit with an ass then we have the proper tools to do that.

Small vibrators that go on your fingers or tongue are also in our treasure chest.  Guys you want to give an extra kick as you're licking on her, have a small vibrator strapped to your tongue.  Both her nipples and clit will enjoy the extra stimulation.  Jackie might use the one wrapped around her fingers as she runs over my ass or as she runs her hand over my cock.

A TENS unit, Speculums, blind folds, gags, feathery boas, soft swatches of cloth, candles made for using on dripping, and of course bricks of batteries to keep everything going all fill the 2 drawer chest.

We have male masturbators.   Places to lube up and slide in and out of.  Sometimes it gives her a break.  Sometimes it's just to get me started.  Sometimes when she's gone it gives me something to do.  Over the years we've purchased vibrating ones, small ones, disposable ones.  There's always one or two in the drawer, even though they aren't used to often. 

Oh and lubes, we have lubes by the gallon.  Hot and spicy, flavored, synthetic, water based, oils, and more.  You need them for most of the toys, though you have to be careful as some of the rubber toys can be ruined by some of the lubes.

For those who have only one or heaven forbid no toys, we recommend you save a couple of bucks and start working on your collection.  We budget our toys like most budget their Starbucks. It's an important part for us so we save up so we can get what we want when we want them.  Maybe you're not into some of the things we like to play around with, that's ok, but surely you could use some extra stimulation on occasion.  What guy wouldn't want to walk into his gal with a vibrator thrashing on her clit and as he walks in she screams for him to get over there and finish her off.  Or to feel a second 'cock' as you slid in?

So I guess what I'm saying is while not everyone needs enough toys that need to be carried by a caravan of elephants like Jackie has, we both think that they have made a great improvement in our sex lives and how we play.  Want some suggestions then ask Jackie or I and we'll give you some ideas.  Have a question on a particular item then ask and we'll see if we know.

Most toy stores that we go to have 2 things that we like.  First of all the 'new style' store isn't a dark dingy place but a well lite place where other women work and are willing to recommend toys after finding out what you like.  They'll let you put in batteries and see how the toy works before you take it home and play.  Some vibrators just aren't worth a plug nickle, so best to know before you pay for them.  Second is that often times there is a 'ladies' or 'couples' day where you can get your toys at a discount.  If you're going to purchase a toy and can save 10% or 20% why wouldn't you?  And of course you can always shop online, but I highly recommend you find one with reviews before you purchase.

Got a particular toy you like best?  Let everyone know here in the comments.  I'll tell you Jackies favorite is her Bodywand.  She loves the punch that thing has and as long as I don't forget to recharge it (then her favorite toy is the paddle) after her second usage it keeps her going.  The new models will  let you plug in if the batteries dies though.  Me?  I'm kinda partial to the fist.  Not something we use every day, but oh my what a job it does.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TENS Unit Play

So over the last couple of days we've broken out the TENS unit.  We tried it back in Sexruary (see our post) and really had a good time with it.  I felt like I needed something that would wrap and stay around my penis better if it was going to make me cum.  The pads we had didn't stay affixed well enough to provide all the juice I thought it should.  But Jackie was able to orgasm using the TENS unit and over all the experience for both of us was pretty fun and we wanted to come back to it.

So last week we broke out the TENS unit, made Jackies toes curl and had a great night of sex.  Woo hoo...we love anything that will make our time together better.

Sunday we were at Megaplex, in Austin, and while going through the toys we came across the Zeus Penis Band for TENS units.  We checked it out and decided it would work with our TENS unit and so we got it.  YEAH!!! So of course that night we broke it out to play with it.

OMG TURN IT OFF!!! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!  Now mind you there are NO instructions what so ever in the box.  No instructions on how to put it on (though it appears pretty self explanatory, I'd like to know where the best positions for the contacts are).  So we put them on and I started turning the device on and it freakin hurt.  This felt like it would spike and spark at random and actually hurt. I mean turn the damn thing off quickly hurt. Remind you I was able to turn it all the way up with the pads, so I'm ok with the 'tingle' you get from the TENS unit, but not this. At 20 I was cringing and turning it off.

So the next day I do some look up and find some reviews on Amazon.  First the couple that somehow succeeded said that you "MUST" use conducting gel, and to quote them, "LOTS of it".  One even warned that it would dry and start to sting/shock before you were finished most of the time.  Every review but one, I can only imagine someone from Zeus put it up, was a 2 out of 5 star with exactly the same issues I had.  So I'm torn between buying a couple of tubes of conducting gel and taking a chance again, or writing it off as a bad toy purchase.  Note these weren't cheap at over $50 for them.  I loved the idea of them, but the real life application was not pleasurable and not what I was expecting.

I'm ok now, I don't think any permanent damage, though that night was over quick and the next day I still had a tingle for 1/2 a day.  I'm really disappointed because I really wanted the anal probe too, but no way in hell I'd get one of those after my experience I had Sunday night.

So if any of you guys have tried a TENS unit successfully I'd love to know what you did to make it work.  I still love the TENS unit, I just want a better success for my efforts.