Wednesday, October 21, 2015

International Fisting Day 2015

Well who would know that we'd be celebrating International Fisting Day (October 21, 2015 was the 5th annual) with a round of anal fisting. That and 3 hours of glorious sex that went with it was one of those mini-sexuary days that every couple needs.  What a glorious day.  Want to know more about it you can go to  It's been no secret in this blog that I enjoy anal fisting (see our most popular post here).  There is a huge release that can't be had any other way than to have a hand in there rubbing your prostate.  Just doesn't happen any other way.  So we use plenty of lube and go at it.  

Now maybe you're thinking more vaginal fisting.  A friend of ours recommends "A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting".  Jackie and I do this sometimes too, though truth be told I get fisted much more than she does.  

But the couple of rules to always follow no matter where you're fisting is 1) Lube, lube and more lube!!! Don't even think about not over doing it with the lube. Oh, did I mention LUBE is extremely important?  2) Especially until you know your partner and their capabilities make sure you take it slowly.  Just going in there and shoving a fist in will rip something.  Work it in slowly and give yourself plenty of time to slowly work in a bit more at a time till you get that wondrous point where your hand is sucked in to the cavern beyond.  We've found once you're in, well then you can get a bit rougher if you'd like and ...well let's just say if done right I'm told many women can have orgasms before you even get all the way there, and I can speak from experience, there are times I'll be dripping once the anal play starts.    3) and probably most important is that if the fistee says stop, then stop immediately!!! There is a point where the pleasure can turn to the wrong kind of pain, and if it gets there you must stop.  Both as fistee you need to be able to say stop and as the fister you need to stop when told to or see that something beyond ok is reached.  

Well maybe you missed this years International Fisting Day, but maybe you can start practicing for 2016 International Fisting Day!