Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blindfild, ropes, stretching, clothes pins and …. (on Dane)

Strap Dane down and blind fold him.  You have total control from there, and I’m not sure how I'll handle stretching my ball sack, but let's try it…use cloths pins on me, or other devices. Hot oils might be appropriate here too.

This was to be the next best thing to a Dom/sub day.  I'm not sure why this is ok, but the other isn't but Jackie is better when we don't call it Dom/sub.

So she took me upstairs, and blindfolded me.  Then took me into our room where she Velcro'd me to our bed (we have a sheet and cuffs we caught on clearance at Megaplexx).  No I can pull on these and not come undone, and yet if I needed to I could pull the corner of the Velcro up and get out.  After that she started with sensations.

A soft piece of material we got.  I thought it smart of her to always hold my cock with it while she rubbed me with it over the rest of my body.

A whip came next.  She's getting better with that new whip, and she used it off and on through the session.  I definitely pulled on the straps a couple of times as she did our first CBT ever.  Not something I'm generally into, but she did a good job of not 'crushing my sack' and that's the one thing I am more sensitive too.  It stung, but in a good way.

A boa did ok, but wasn't as soft as the material.

Some ice.  I was expecting her to put some in her mouth and suck me some but the drizzles an her running on my cock was a nice sensation, though I could of use more I think to make it almost uncomfortable.  Not sure if that makes sense or not.

She used some clothes pins to pull my sack.  It was an interesting sensation.  I couldn't tell exactly how many or exactly where they were. And with exception of one pulling and twisting when she went to rub up on me, it felt pretty good.  The one though caught her and actually went to real pain for a second.

A candle dripping on my chest.  Later I asked why she didn't do my nipples or pelvic area and she was afraid of burning me.

Some sucking, some rubbing her body of me and having my knee in her crotch (what little I could move) as she humped my leg some. 

More whipping. 

Finally she removed the clothes pins which let the blood flow back and was a sensation in itself and took my breath away for a second.  The she unstrapped me and we finished up with me attempting to fist her again (OMG that really is pretty hot) and then both of us finishing up.


That was a lot of sensations in a short amount of time.  It was pretty hot to give up control like that.  It was also pretty hot to have her tie me up and use the whips and pins on me.  I like it when on occasion she becomes the aggressor and takes charge.  It's different and very hot to me.  I think it's just so out of our norm that it really is a fetish.


Today was my day to tie down Dane, I really wanted him to experience what I had on my day.  I was nervous about it.  It is as close to sub/dom without it being sub/dom.  I don't like barking orders and I don't like taking orders.  I knew that today was my day to take control and I could do whatever I wanted to Dane.  I also know that he has a much bigger box on pain, and excitement.  That I am sure I would not get to the point of him saying his safe word.  It take a lot more that I can do to push him. 

So I asked him to meet me at the top of the stairs where I took his glasses gave him his blind fold, undressed him and then put the Velcro cuffs around his wrist and ankles.  I then led him into the bedroom and centered  him on the bed. I had preplanned all I wanted to do, textures, that were contrasting, soft to hard, cold to hot...you get the idea...

I started with my favorite piece of material, its super soft, I rubbed it on his chest, his legs, his cock, etc.  I stroked him with it...its an amazing feeling! I then went to a whip, then a feather boa, then ice, then wax, the clothes pens, then more rubbing.  

I think it was a very enjoyable day for both of us.  We were able to end with both having great orgasms and a very enjoyable afternoon.

Its hard to believe we have ONE day left! wow what a month!

See you tomorrow


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