Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Back On - Picture Day and Porn

 So Jackie is feeling better, and we've played once or twice, though we have had a full week with a munch for Texas Kink Fest on Thursday night and a house full of prospective.  Thankfully though the vertigo is gone and we can actually continue on with Sexuary.  

I was offered the opportunity to have my 'Saturday' from my weekend of Domming, but passed on it, we were both mentally out of the Dom/sub mental state, and I just didn't think it would be the same. 

So Friday night we used the kegel balls and flogging.  Things we've already discussed this year, and nothing really new. 

Saturday afternoon we did our annual picture day.  This time we took it to Jackie's work place since she now has a huge garage that was empty, and we thought the area would be deserted on a Saturday morning. Ha were we fooled. 

We did take over 100 pictures in the garage with her motorcycle (yes, HER motorcycle) and a variety of outfits (and lack there of).  I also got some pictures of her riding her bike with shorts and just her club vest.  We were even able to get one picture of her opening up her vest long enough for me to get a picture without her exposing herself to all the people that were there on a Saturday, a picture I've been wanting for a long time now. Just no good place to go riding that you can do it nude or semi nude without having some uptight mom calling the police on you.

When we got home it was 75F and a beautiful day. I mowed the lawn (it's insane that I've had to mow my lawn 2x this month (Sexuary) in winter. After the lawn was mowed,we took a few other pictures in the backyard on the lounge chair. 

 I always love Jackie on picture day.  She is so freaking sexy and it's a year to year journal of Jackie and her sexual growth.  I look back and her shyness is gone and her sexuality shines. 

In Jackie's preparation to be a Dom this week,  a friend had pointed her to PornHub and The dungeon of Lady Dimitrescu. Jackie had shared that with me one night, so I pulled up her dungeon, and picked out a movie to watch and waited for Jackie to come back inside.  When she did we laid spooning and I started the videos.  Let's just say that I was extremely excited and wasn't going to wait to slowly start stroking inside of Jackie.  After the 3rd 10-15 minute video we turned things off and finished up.  

It was exciting to both of us, because we both knew that some of this was going to be happening over the next week.  We even ordered a new anal hook based upon one of her videos (already in today).  

Now porn isn't something we watch often, but I can definitely see where watching it together was freaking hot.  I told Jackie I'd like to find a bi-sexual 3some with 2 guys to watch for another time.  I think we might add this every once in a while to our cycle of things we do. 


Saturday, February 17, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - DOM/Sub - Part 3

Day 5 came along and Jackie had to leave the house for work, a rarity. So for the morning I told her she could be naked instead of dressing up.  We were supposed to host a Munch at our house that night, Jackie had a doctor's appointment after work, so honestly I didn't have much planned.  

We played some, and then I had Jackie turn around and masturbate for me.  I wanted to watch her masturbate while stroked my cock. After a while, I aided her with my fingers, and brought her off several times, and I ended up cumming all over her.  Nothing overly dominant, nothing strenuous, but still it was a good day. 

Friday came along and I had plans.  I had invited someone else to join us for the fun, but she had to work late.  Jackie had been looking great all day, and I had loved watching her walk around the house some.  I definitely loved watching her ass, she looked so great!

When we went out to dinner, I asked her to wear shoes she could take off and rub those stocking feet over my crotch.  Unfortunately the booth was to far apart for her to do that. I was very disappointed!

When we got home I gave Jackie about 20 minutes while I went into the bedroom to get things ready. I put some old towels across the bottom of the bed, and grabbed the UV paints that I had let Jackie borrow the week before, paint brushes (Jackie keeps a glass full of them...I would never own a paint brush on my own), I had purchased a cup with three areas, that have a single pour spout...I thought some colors, and one with some glitter might look great for a big finish. 

I had Jackie undress, and put her into the bed and started painting.  Her belly was the start, and I started with some colors. I quickly realized I didn't have enough containers to pour the paint into, I didn't have any paper towels, and I didn't remember a cup of water  So I quickly dashed into the kitchen to get everything I needed.

I'm about 3 colors into the painting when Jackie needed to go to the bathroom. I carefully got Jackie off the bed and led her to the bathroom.  I turned off the lights so she couldn't see the paint job.  I got her back in the bed, and from her just below her belly button to mid-thighs were mostly smeared.  Jackie told me to go get the makeup removers.  She was crying because she knew I was frustrated.  I was more frustrated that I hadn't gotten any pictures before I took her to the bathroom, and not thinking about the paint smearing. I had to calm her down, and told her I would work through it. It took a dozen sheet of remover and several paper towels, but I was able to then repaint the areas that had smeared. 

As I was going along, I would add to what was there along the way.  The breast were painted, her belly was about 70% painted, her legs about 50% of what I wanted, when Jackie said she really had to go potty again.  Damn that 2nd Margarita at dinner!!! I made her wait while I stood up on the bed and took a lot of pictures in both the black light and then turned on the light and took some more pictures. 

Jackie was pretty devastated, but there was nothing we could do.  I did my best to calm her down.  When she was done, we took a shower and got all the paint off of both of us.  

We moved into the hot  tub when something hit Jackie.  She was dizzy getting to the hot tub, and no better getting out.  We went back to the bedroom to get a bit of satisfaction when I notice Jackie wasn't right.  She wanted to lay on her side, but I called it a night.  I covered Jackie up and put her to bed for the night and hour or so early. 

The last day of this exercise saw Jackie still with vertigo and not feeling well. We've made a doctors appointment for this afternoon.  Definitely NOT the day I had planned (and I had a full day planned), but as we've said time and time again, "Life gets in the way!" In this case though we still had a good experience, and one I hope to revisit another time. (Note: Jackie does have Vertigo and has exercises to get the stones in her ear moving again, hoping for a quick recovery.)


Sexuary 2024 - DOM/sub Part 2


Please read Long Term DOM/sub Play - Prep and Day 1 first

Monday morning Jackie came out and started the day with my 5 minutes, kneeling in front of me. I have to admit, I could live my life starting every day with a 5 minute blowjob.  

Of course work got into the way, but during the day I would go into her office and rub her ass.  Now I have to say, Jackie doesn't wear hose very often, and I don't really ever suggest anything for her to wear, other then when I purchase stuff for her.  And over the years, I've purchased dozens of pairs of fishnet stockings and other hose, that for the most part sit in her dresser.  But her ass looks fantastic in those hose and stockings!!! And I truly enjoyed just rubbing her ass in them. 

After work, and her free time, I blindfolded Jackie and put her up on the St Andrew's Cross, with her back to the cross.  I ran the wartenberg wheel, over her chest, and then I went and started with the UV Candles from PanHaven.  I started dropping the hot wax over her chest, belly and legs.

Normally I use wax on Jackie on the bed, and wasn't thinking about it actually being different this way.  The wax will drip more, it's definitely less predictable as to where it's going, but she actually enjoyed it more. 

After the pain, I bent her over the bed and once we were finished, we jumped into the shower together. 

We ended the night up in the hot tub. 

Now one of the things we've done this week, is we've showered together every night.  Between the playing together, lubricants, and just over all hygiene, and while hygiene is always utmost important, if you ever do something like this, I recommend you add this to your routine.  One showers can be fun together, two, they keep you fresh.  We've taken up to 3 showers together in a day this week. 

Day 3 started out with Jackie sneaking out of bed before me, and waking me up with my cock in her mouth.  What a way to start the day!!! 

I have to admit, the outfit I picked for Jackie wasn't my favorite for the week.  It was to large, and while I liked the patterns on her skin, it wasn't at all form fitting, and just not as flattering on her as the others I'd picked. She still looked hot, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't pick that outfit again. 

Again, throughout the day either I would go into her office and rub on her ass, or if she came out of the office I would take advantage and rub on her. I had her come in after lunch and put in a set of Ben Wa balls into her.  I'd see these that were on a TV show that were rubber and chained together, and easier to get out than our normal Ben Wa balls. I got them from Wish (Kegal Ball Kit from Wish)

I again put Jackie on the cross and flogged her severely.  One of the things I liked was the blue light in the room, showed where the flogger would strike on her skin. After 20 or so minutes I bent her over the bed and put a small butt plug into her ass and then fucked her with the Ben Wa balls still in her.  I eventually pulled them out and finished after several "Thank you, Sir" came from her mouth and she was well satisfied.  I rolled her onto the bed and finished up, both of us very satisfied.

Since I mentioned it, I had added the "Thank you sir" into the rules for the week.  OK, Jackie's vagina is very active.  It will squeeze you out, it will squirt all over you, and you can tell how Jackie is doing during sex by her reactions.  With all that said, I wanted to hear the words, "Thank you, Sir" after every orgasm this week.  Now Jackie at times, has dripped those words, making it sexy as hell, but just overall, I have appreciated hearing these words.  I've always been conscious about making sure Jackie always has hers first and more often than me, hearing those words have been very endearing to me. 

Afterwards, we laid in bed for a bit, then I had Jackie go start the shower for us. 

The next day was Valentine's Day. I had picked out a set of red lingerie.  When I originally set it out, I had put another set of cloths by accident with it (honestly I didn't realize I had done it,) and the night before when Jackie was looking at them I told her to wear the lingerie, and not the other set, and she did put it on at first, but later she came out in the other set.  She really liked it, and I didn't say anything at the time, but that was definitely grounds for a punishment later. 

On her desk was a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries, and on Monday I had picked up 2 dozen roses for her, that were in a vase behind her desk. I had run out for work, and wasn't around for my morning blowjob. Jackie rectified that after I got home and she got a break. 

At lunchtime I took Jackie out for a steak lunch.  There was no underwear on, and her dress was semi revealing without being over revealing.  

Right after Jackie's free time I pulled her into the bedroom and got her all excited.  I then went for her ass.  This is something that Jackie has gotten more and more accepting on, and since some of her medical issues have been taken care of, she doesn't have as much after issues with.  I love it, and don't push for it very often, but tonight I asserted my dominance with sliding into her ass.  Jackie went crazy (in a good way) and I got to hear, "Thank you sir," over and over again as she reached orgasm after orgasm. What a great Valentine's gift, blowjob, pussy, and ass all in the same day.

We rested a bit, and I sent Jackie to start the shower.  

Afterwards, I had her put her dress back on, and off we went to Hump Day Comedy at Rozco's Comedy Club.  They took stories from the audience and read them about bad dates.  Jackie put in a card saying, "When you've been married as long as we have, you have to do things to keep your relationship fresh, so we blog about our sex life on (and yes, it's a real website).  They read out card, and asked who the card belonged to, from the front row we raised our hand.  The comic was blown away it was us.  "How old are you?" he asked, and when we told them our ages (almost 60 and 50), "You robbed the craddle I see," we all laughed as I nodded yes.  "So do you have a sex swing?" Of course we do.  He asked about a couple of other things and then I really shocked him when I mentioned I was co-owner of Texas Kink Fest.  Later, another comedian looked over after us after making the comment, "She was in handcuffs, Dane, you know about those don't you?" 

At the end of the show, the first comedian came back out and asked if we also were swingers, when we said yes, he asked if we'd ever had a bad experience.  We let him know we definitely had, and explained to him why (See Swingers Club / Couple Swap).

We got home late and went straight to bed. 

So a couple of takes, first I really love Jackie when she takes the time to get sexy for me. Second, I love hearing "Thank you, Sir" after orgasms.  Even with dominance, humor is important. 


Sexuary 2024 - Long Term DOM/sub Play - Prep and Day 1

 I've really had to think about how I write about this one, and apologize for the delays in getting this updated.  

Jackie is a natural sub, there is something about putting a title on it that scares Jackie.  In the past, even if we have a single day DOM/sub play, she would get into her head and by the time we would get there, she'd be in a melt down mode, and that was never the intent. But through the years she has spoken to others, we've discussed it and this year I felt things might be better.  So in November I asked her to consider two things, 1) that she becomes my sub for 1 week, and in return I would become her sub for 1 week. It took Jackie a couple of weeks to think about it, but she did agree to the first part, but asked that the second part be only 5 days.  

With that in mind I set out to come up with a set of rules to live by for the week. I took my time and compiled the following 2 page set of rules for the week: 

 Sexuary Rules for sub-Jackie Feb 11 – 17, 2024

1) Red is your code word for the week.  You are to use it ANYTIME you NEED to stop.  I do expect you to push your limits.  I know this is new, and will push your buttons at times, but you know your safety is the most important thing. A red doesn’t mean we’re finished for the night, we might recoup and then start again, but that will be my decision.

2) Every day you'll have an hour and fifteen minutes to prepare after work.  That will give you time to get ready and eat.  The exception is Tuesday where you will be given a task and told when to be ready (Road Captain Meeting), or if I say we’re going out to eat dinner. If we go to dinner, when we get back, I will give you marching orders. 

3 - What you will wear/Dressing up

A) I will pick out what you wear every day. You will have everything laid out before Sexuary starts, not only lacy underwear, teddies, sexy shirts, and even the sexy dresses I've gotten you, stockings, etc. The night before I will select it for you. I expect you to be dressed before you leave the bedroom.  If you need to be on camera or go into the office that day, you will put something over your top, or come ask me permission to put something else on. Even if you're on camera, I expect you to only have your top covered and keep your bottom half with what I select for you.

B) If/when we go out I will select what you wear.  I expect you to be sexy for me. If you are uncomfortable with what I've selected, ask permission to suggest a change.

C) I will be having you change your nipple rings, and potentially your other piercings often.  Please set them out so I can get to them easily.  Preferably by your sexy wear. 

D) I want you to put on make-up every day this week.  Makeup isn't my thing normally, but I want you to feel as sexy as possible.  Also, you will do something with your hair every day.  I might suggest the night before pigtails, or a ponytail, if not it will be up to you.

E) I want you to wear a collar all day every day.  You are to pick one of yours for your Dom (I know from here on out, when you wear it, you want to Dom that day).  You can wear any one of the others you like, and you can take them off for sleep, but not before, and you’ll put one of them on before you leave the bedroom in the morning.

F) You will not undress unless I tell you to, except when it’s time for bedtime (sleep), then you have permission to undress automatically.

G) If you go outside you may wear a robe but must remove it and put it on the chair by the back door when you come in (each and every time you come in).   In your office you may use a blanket to keep warm, but no extra clothes except as noted above.

4) Daily Routine

A) You will wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal on weekdays and come start my day every day with a 5-minute blowjob. We will set a timer, so don’t be late for work! On the weekend, I expect you'll come in when you wake up and start my day off with a 10-minute blowjob.  If you prefer I can move to the sofa most days, or if I’m not busy, you can ask me to stand up or ask me to move where you want me.  If not you’ll have to do it in my chair while I’m working.

B) On the weekend, after my blowjob I will give you marching orders. It might be for the day; it might just be for a couple of hours.  You might have instructions every few hours. It doesn't matter if anyone is here or not. On Weekdays you’ll head to work.

C) The night before I will send you a selfie picture someone else took.  You may use the tripod, or just take a selfie, but I expect something similar (your twist on it) by 1 PM every day.

D) On weekdays when you are done with your 1:15 after work, you will come to me to get your marching orders

7) If I come into your office during work hours, and it is at all possible (the only real excuse is you're on camera), I expect you to stand up and bend over, letting me see your sweet ass.  You can sit back down when I leave or tell you to sit.

8) When I’m masturbating you, fucking you, or in any way you have an orgasm, small or large, you are to thank me for it.  “Thank you, sir,” “Thank you for my orgasm,” or something similar.  I will not ask you to delay your orgasms but to thank me for everyone you have.

8) This is new to both of us, so every day when you send me your selfie, I want a note with the following about the day before:

a) anything you particularly liked,
b) anything you particularly didn't like,
c) if your boundaries were pushed, just how close were you to saying 'red',
d) anything that you think would make this better, if not for this time, then for in the future. 

I expect you to be honest and real.  We might adjust on the fly if something needs to be addressed. You will not be punished for anything you send me.

The above rules are to be followed to a T.  If you fail in any of the rules, you will be punished.  Punishments will grow with each violation.  Right now, I’m leaning towards swats with the cane, but I could change that depending on the day and how bad you’d been that day.

If we are not playing, but you have an itch, you may come to ask me to please scratch your itch, and this will be the only time you can even suggest something like, “Sir, I really could use some pain play, a good flogging and then fucked hard,” or something like, “Sir, I really could use some needle play to put me in a better mental place.”  This would make me happy and earn you an extra good girl!

If during the week, you wake up and I’m sound asleep, waking me up stroking my cock, or sucking my cock, will also be pleasing to me and is highly recommended. This would make me happy and earn you an extra good girl!  If it doesn’t happen at least once during the week, I might be a bit disappointed and might swat you on the last day for it. For that matter, any time during the day, you can ask to just stroke me, or suck me, or anything you think might be extra pleasing for me.

All rules apply even if people are over.  I wouldn’t expect anyone to be over to the house except those who have seen you naked, so being dressed like I dress you should be ok.  It doesn’t matter if Angela spends the night, but you will still have to follow my instructions, and that includes giving me a blowjob in the morning.  If that happens I will probably fuck you some before you can go out, and may even call you in for a fuck, but you’ll have time with her, or whomever is visiting. 

So, I really intend on pushing some of your limits, some mentally, some physically.  I’m trying to be restrictive without being overly restrictive and making sure you have some ‘you’ time.  Even on the weekend, I will make sure there is plenty of time for relaxation, smoking, and entertainment.  It won’t be 100% sex, just 99%. 😊 I need you to try to be in the moment with me, not overthink anything, and know I will ALWAYS take care of you, and be happy in knowing you are making me very happy by pleasing me. 

Honestly, I’m looking forward to this week, and I hope you will, for the week, take the mindset of, ‘How can I please him?” and take pride in doing the spectacular job I know you will.


With the rules set, I sent them to her.  It definitely took her a few days to digest, and I could tell after the first read she wasn't thrilled, but she didn't say no.  After a couple of days to digest everything, the only real issue was the caning, which I explained to her that 1) I wasn't 'trying' to cane her every day, but there had to be some punishment, 2) I reminded her of the options, and that I actually picked the one option she had done the best with in the past. After thinking about it a bit more, she was ok with it.  I'll be honest I wasn't 100% sure she wouldn't pull the plug before we got there, but to my delight she didn't

Sunday the 11th was Super Bowl Sunday and it started out a bit rough (Jackie getting into her head).  I got a text, "I'm having problems getting my hose on and I can't get my nipple rings in," I called her in and could see the frustration in her face. 

"Take a deep breath, I'm more than happy to help you get ready, and this is not anything to get upset about." After calming her down, and getting her nipple rings in, she came out and gave me my first 10 minute blowjob while kneeling in front of me in my chair.  She was beautiful and I even got a couple of pictures for my private collection.

I had gotten her a maids outfit, and some fishnet stockings for the first day to wear. My god she was fucking hot to look at.  The outfit was a 'typical' french maids outfit, her ass a bit exposed, and the fishnets just complimented both her ass and the outfit perfectly.  

Throughout the morning I would tell Jackie to bend over the couch or bed, and I would fuck her for 10 minutes at a time (I didn't want to wear her out the first morning), but I loved sinking into her.  

We did start to watch the Super Bowl, and I came up with a couple of 'bets' if you will, at the start of halftime, she would give me a blowjob 2x longer than the difference between the 2 scores, if it was a tie, I'd take 5 minutes as a consolation.  

After the Usher show, we went back into the bedroom and Jackie started after her work.  I on the other hand started playing with her and when the buzzer went off, and I let Jackie know.  She was soaked, and she moaned when I pulled my fingers out.  "Would you like me to continue fingering you?" I asked, and she came back with the perfect answer, "Would Master like his fingers back inside of me?" I immediately went back to work and she again swallowed my cock.  

Now I know blowjobs are not Jackie's favorite thing in the world, but over the last year, she's really pushed herself on the occasions she gives one to be better, sucking me into her throat more, using her tongue more, and just being more into it.  Today Jackie was 100% into her work.  She was enjoying me playing with her and I couldn't tell if she was enjoying more her perfect blowjob, my playing with her pussy, or just the overall situation, but she was there, present and before I knew it I gave her my unusual orgasm from a blowjob.  She had succeeded in being a perfect sub for the moment.  

We did play a couple more times that night after the game was over, but about 9 PM I told her she was done for the day and could relax.  

So while the day started out very shaky, Jackie got her bearings, and it wound up a great day.  


Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Primal Playhouse

I don't ask this often, but if you're going to read this particular article, please read it to the end.  Things change, things that appear negative at the time turn positive, so please read everything and learn the lessons we learned, though not the lessons we went for. 

I am now part owner in Texas Kink Fest.  This is a long weekend of kink centrist classes, demonstrations, and performances.  It's a great place to learn more about the things you already like and enjoy, to find new things you might like, and to watch some incredible performers. It's also great to be in a group of like minded individuals that are nonjudgmental. As part of our desire to expand horizons, we wanted to find some Tantra instructors, something we lacked in years past, but felt like it would be well accepted.  In doing so I found Monique Darling, and her Every Day Tantra. After looking at a couple of events she had listed in our area (she travels all around the world, so catch her when you can), and got our tickets.

We were excited as we got there, not knowing what we were getting into. Not know how long it would take us to get to the location, and we arrived about 30 minutes early.  We went in and were able to assist the in setting up some.  We didn't know anyone there, so was a bit odd at first, as we would be at any event of this nature the first time. Everyone was extremely friendly and definitely did their best to welcome us.
Now is where I have to tell you about my follies.  First I had been talking to Monique about Tantra, and was thinking that this house party was Tantra centrist.   As you might have notices by the title, this was a Primal party.  Now we had heard of Primal.  One of our ropers we use to learn from was into Primal, and he had explained a few things about it, but while we were expecting "ohhhhh" and "ahhhhh" we were not expecting growling and howling.  It took us both a bit by surprise when we realized my mistake pretty quickly.  As we got into an opening circle it became quickly apparent this was not what we were expecting. (Side note: Primal is a whole section of kink, that definitely we will look more into)

I attempted to buy into it some, trying to get into the place of where they were at, as odd as it seemed to me, having never been exposed to anything Primal before, but was starting to get into it a bit, but it set Jackie off.   Jackie went into a dark place pretty quickly.  The more I tried to get into it, the more I was pulled out of it with my concern for Jackie.  About 15 minutes into it I took Jackie outside for a bit to calm her down.  I was ready to leave if she was, and all would be good.  She assured me she wanted to stay, so we went back in and joined the group again to finish up the opening circle.  

That didn't last long and before long we were back outside and I was trying to calm Jackie back down.  Finally I made the decision she wouldn't and decided we were leaving.  While sitting there trying to calm Jackie down, I realized more of my follies.  First Jackie was in a very bad place with her job.  She felt her work had screwed her, and wanted out.  She hadn't found a replacement yet, so was living with a major pay cut and a demotion she didn't want because the previous project she was on had closed and there were no openings at her current pay/position within the company.  It was a daily struggle for her to even make to the office in the house to work for her, to say she was hating work was an understatement. Second was because of medical issues, they were changing her depression medications.  She was in week one of the change, and if anyone has ever gone through that, you know the first 2 - 3 weeks are difficult until things level out.  Your mental state can swing fast and furious, and tonight Jackie's was.

Had I used my big head, I would of foreseen that all these issues, along with it being totally new (Primal or Tantra) would overload Jackie and not made it a great experience.  I didn't, and truly regret I exposed Jackie to a bad experience because of my not considering where we were in life at that moment.  

Now comes the good part.  Jackie actually came home and worked through a lot of her issues with the Primal event, and through all that she has come up with a way to bring a part of that home for the 2 of us to share.  She's asked me to not share details with you at this point, but let's just say that yesterday's manifestation of her idea, was fantastic and we had a great time with it.  

Second, we WILL attend another event with Monique and her Every Day Tantra, and actually if we didn't have the 1st weekend in March already taken up, we'd be there for her weekend, The Lovers Essential Toolbox.  I'm hoping she brings it back later this year. 

Third, while at the moment, it seemed like a bad thing, out of that came a very beautiful thing.  Sometime in relationships we have to go through bad spots to come out shining.  Don't ever be afraid to go through those spots, as uncomfortable as they are at the time, they are 10 fold better in the end.   Letting them fester instead just eats at your relationship. 

So my overall take? Be mindful when you are trying new things as to where everyone is mentally.  Don't think just because it seems bad at the time, it really is.  Work through what went wrong when you can, and try it again if you want.  

Part of OurSexuary has been to show the good, the bad, and the ugly of things.  In our search for something better we hit all of them in one night. but notice we are ready to try again, and in the end it was beautiful.


Sexuary 2024 - CosPenis and Glo Paint


So originally this was supposed to be yesterday, but like I said I felt like roping, so I swapped things around a bit.  But CosPenis was a Reddit thing a friend of mine found last year for me when I was looking for creative activities that were sexual in nature (Unfortunately the user has removed that Reddit site but I did find this replacement Reddit site).  For those of you who don't know, Jackie is a very creative person, and likes making things, and decorating things, so last year, once a week I did a creative art type project with her.  

So I sent Jackie a note that morning so her brain could start working on ideas for the night. I told her to go get her nails done after work, since I would be gone, and then after I got home, we'd do CosPenis.   Now mind you, after last year we purchased a ton of doll outfits, accessories, and things like googly eyes to play with, so I new we had a ton of material here to work with.  

When Jackie got home that night and asked me what we were doing that night I was a bit perplexed.  I reminded her of the text I sent.  Now mind you Jackie is in her 2nd week of a new job that is a new career field, and is a drastic change from what she's done for the last several years.  It's been a learning curve and Jackie has had to be in an office for the first time in over 3 years.  So it's been a bit stressful.  My thought was this was a non-stressful event for her, but I just misjudged a bit.When you are planning things for you and your partner, you have to take into account mental state of mind, (this will be even more evident in our next post). 

But to her credit, Jackie said to give her a few minutes and went after it to get things together for the CosPenis.  She gathered up the couple of gallon ziplock bags and asked if she could paint me.  I let her know it was all up to her, and I was game for what ever she had in mind.  She then commented that she wish she had some glow paint (UV).  I thought for a minute, as I had that on my list of things to do another day, and went and grabbed my box with 8 colors of glow paint and handed it to her.  

She then had me laying on the sofa an started out.  The dresses wouldn't fit my cock, so she made 'arms' out of a pipe cleaner to hold dresses on my costumes on. She did several scenes, a couple with dresses, a gnome scene, an ET-ish model, and we laughed as we put them together.  We did learn with the gnome scene that we needed to paint the shaft last, so I could continue to stroke a bit as she finished painting other parts.   

She then wanted to move to the bedroom where she could use the glow paint. I took a quick rinse off to clean off the paint and got on the bed. I thought she was going to do a small scene like she had with the gnomes, but then she started to paint my legs. I just let Jackie go and do her thing.  I think she used 5 or 6 different colors on me.  At one point I laughed as I was looking at the mirror and was looking at my balls glowing.  We had purposely put that mirror at that height so we could look at things from the bed, and I love seeing things like Jackie's ass in it when we play.  So I let Jackie paint me up and get her pictures and then went and washed off, she made sure I got it all and then we hopped in bed and had more fun. 

But a couple of points here.  First sex, and sexuality doesn't start when you get into the bed for penetration.  Build up to it and then when you get to that point, both of you are ready, not just the guy. Second, sex should be fun.  We interject all kinds of things into our sex life to keep it interesting and fun.  Let's face it laughing at a shriveling cock that looks like ET is funny, and you should be laughing at it. It releases stress and makes the rest of the night enjoyable. Sex should always fall into that enjoyable category.   



PS Feel free to add a CosPenis pictures you've taken in the comments, we'd love to see your ideas.  You can do so anonymously. 

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - UV Rope

 So you might start to notice a black light theme this month. I purchased the black lights and put the in our ceiling fan, and Jackie and I have really taken to them.  I had purchased the UV reactive lights from Rope Bound Kitten for a trip to Hedo II in Jamaica.  I had something else planned, but really felt like some rope play today.  

I got the first rope on Jackie, and was about 1/2 way through the 2nd rope on Jackie, when she suddenly gets up and ask me to grab a trash can.  

So for the 2nd time in 2 days, something out of my control ended the night.  You can't be upset, or mad.  It's not like Jackie was trying to stop this week, just life and in this case something she ate got in the way.  So the cool design I had planned was partially wrapped around her as she laid in the bed trying to get her stomach to settle down. 

It happens during Seuxary, and it happens in our daily life.  The only suggesting I have is the old, get back on the horse as soon as possible.  If this were a normal day,don't wait your 'normal' time before a new try at it, if the next day everything is better, then try again.  Maybe it's 2 days later, or 3 before you're feeling better, but hopefully both partners will get right back to it.  It's easy to just let those efforts drop and get into a rut of oh well, maybe next time.  Don't let that happen to your relationship.  

Make the effort, there is still plenty of time in THIS Sexuary, to make a difference in your relationship. Take a step and do something different in your relationship, and bring that intimacy back. 


Sexuary 2024 - Electric Play

 Now electric play isn't new to us either, but over the years I've picked up several TENS units and some additional attachments that we'd never used.  So before Jackie came in I prepared the room pulling out the violet wand and several TENS units with attachments.  

I had a Wartenberg wheel, with a electric component to it (you attach an electric pad to the body for the circuit).  

I also had a set of nipple claps that create a circuit.  I tried them on myself, and at a 3 out of 20, they were pretty intense.  So wasn't going to be cranking those up. For reference, it's always best to try things on yourself before ever trying them on someone else.  You should know what they are going to feel, and know what to expect before they are in a sub space and something brings them out. 

I also set up the violet wand and had everything ready.  I brought Jackie into the room blind folded and put her on our chaise lounge, which is covered in a white fur we got for Sexuary 2024.  

I started with the Wartenberg wheel, and got the blood flowing several places, her thighs, her breast, her belly, and her sides all had the sting of the wheel and the buzz of electricity running through it. 

I then started with the violet wand with the U attachment.  this I ran around her breast, over her belly and so forth.  When I switched to the comb, I put on the nipple clamps and started with some low voltage.  I then started with the comb and varied the voltage on the nipples.  At 3 I noted she had gotten a bit intense so after a bit there I turned off the TENS unit. 

Now here is where a mental game comes in.  I continued with the violet wand and then turned the nipple clamps back on at a 1.  Jackie jumped and tears started streaming.  I asked her if she was "red" and she nodded yes.  I quickly removed everything.  In her mind she heard me click up to 3, and down the three, but up and downs don't sound different, so she thought she was at least at 6, and then when I turned it back on had gone up again.  Mentally we were at least at a 7 or better.  Let me tell you the mind is more powerful than anything we could do, even it it's not reality, if your brain is there, it's as good as happening. So that ended our session. 

On a side note, I admonished Jackie for not calling "red" herself.  The trust in these situations is the Top will protect the bottom, and in this case I did, but part of that is the trust the bottom will also let the Top know when they are in a bad place.  I get Jackie explained she was trying to work through it, but I could tell she wasn't going to, so I called it.  

If you're the Top and you don't protect your bottom, that's abuse.  Now mind you there are different tolerances for everyone, and what Jackie enjoys would be abuse to someone else, and others might have been just fine with the nipple shock.  That's why communication, and knowing your bottom is so important.  Remembering the number 1 job of any Top/Dom is the safety of the bottom/sub.  There is nothing more important!

So tonight, wasn't necessarily a win, but next time we break out Jackie will know that the clicking isn't always as relevant as she did this time. And she'll be receptive because I took care of her. 


Sexuary 2024 - Masturbation

I hate it that life gets in the way of our Sexuary celebration every year, but because of it we learn to adapt.  This year Jackie got a new job, so things that were planned for the first full week got delayed, on this day, the 6th day of Sexuary 2024, Jackie had a meeting right after work, and I had a meeting at 630 - 730.  

So when I left Jackie I told her when she got in from her meeting, she needed to shower, and then when I got home I wanted her masturbating, and well on her way to her orgasms.  

When I walked into the house I could hear Jackie moaning and her vibrator doing it's job.  Jackie had done as she was told and was well on her way to her orgasm.  I quickly stripped and spread her legs as I went down and aided the vibrator with my tongue.  

Now I've heard people say,"you're married, you shouldn't masturbate," or "I should be enough for her," or something stupid like that.  If it works, and you both enjoy it, DO IT! It excites me to see Jackie excited.  I know her favorite toys get her excited and with my aid, she'll get even more excited.  And movies are great, but movies with popcorn are better.  Don't be afraid of using toys to make things better. Doesn't mean she doesn't like your dick, and most women I have talked to will say that the vibrators will do in a pinch, but dick is what they want, but both are over the top good (note, I know that doesn't apply to all women, so no hate mail please).  

So if my options are no sex, or jump start sex and have a good time, I'm going for the jump start, and having Jackie start without me was a great way to do that. 

When it's not Sexuary, there is nothing like walking into the house and hearing Jackie masturbating, knowing she's expecting me to run in there and join her, SHE'S asking for sex, and you can bet I'm going to join her ASAP every time!!!


Sexuary 2024 - Serious Flogging on the Cross

 So I built a St. Andrews Cross several years ago, and it's been in our bedroom since.  I've made it so Jackie is comfortable in the X and can put her chin in there, and have worked on the cuffs so that they are more comfortable for her.  Another words, anyone could use it, but it's made for Jackie to be on it. 

Purple Thor's Hammer
We don't use it all the time, but when we do, you can be assured there is some pain therapy coming her way.  Today was no different.  After strapping her to the cross and putting a spreader between her legs, I grabbed Thor, and started pounding on Jackie.  Now you feel these, but it's nothing like a cane, or paddle.  There is also a difference if you use the wide side or the ends.  I like thudding up and down Jackie using the wide side to get the blood flowing first.  From her shoulders down to just above her knees.  I'll even take a good couple of swings on her ass, not just thuds to make sure she's very present. 

After that, I pulled out one of the heavier floggers we have.  I have a dozen or so, some are like the ones shown, some longer, some shorter, some heavier, each has it's own purpose.  It's been a bit, so I used the heavier one.  It thuds but it's a bit like a board coming down on you with each thud.  It's heavy.  It doesn't sting but it can definitely take your breath away.  

I then move to 2 that are lighter, quicker, a bit more stingy without being welpy, and cutting.  With both hands I create patterns on Jackie's back  and will occasionally throw in a bit more umphf into a swing.  

When I check Jackie, she's very wet from the experience.  As I pull her over to the bed from the cross the spreader bar comes apart.  So lesson learned, check your equipment before you start.  All it needed was to have the end screwed in, and the other end was almost out too, so it was past due to be tightened up.  

So I pulled the spreader bar off and we continued for till we finished, with Jackie over the bed.  

This was nothing new for us, but it was something we learned because of Sexuary, and something we keep in our route annually, because we both enjoy it.  Every time is different, and every time we use different instruments and have slightly different results.  

By the way, don't think it's always Jackie on the cross.  Occasionally she'll put me on the cross too.  Nothing wrong with switching it up every now and then.  


Monday, February 5, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Needle Play


One of the bitter things about Sexuary every year, is the 4th.  It's the anniversary of Jackie's mom passing.  It's never a great mental day, though it is much better than it use to be.  Most year I've done something painful for Jackie on this day to help relieve the pain some. 

So this year I decided to do a tribute of sorts to her mom, who passed away indirectly from breast cancer.  

So I let Jackie know I had planned on some needle play.  She went and prepared herself and then I brought her in.  I had setup the massage table, covered it with a blanket, put 30  - 25ga needles in a bowl (popped them out of the package but that's all), turned on the serene music and then brought her in.  After she was up on the table, I covered her with a 2nd blanket I had set aside. 

I cleaned her back with alcohol, and then started with my design. 

I pulled out about 20 more needles when I'd used up what I had, and continued on. Then a few more, and a few more till I was done. 

I did my usual, I took a few pictures, then I press on her back over the needles, and so forth.  I then showed her one of the pictures.  Jackie immediately started crying.  I let her.  She needed this release, and the pain alone with the acknowledgement of what day it was, was enough to let her truly release her hurt for the moment. 

This picture is after I had pressed on her back and messed up a few, but you get the drift, it's the ribbon for breast cancer. 

I then let her lay there on the bed, as I quietly waited on the bed for her to be ready for me to pull the needles out. She let me know when she was ready and I one by one, removed each of the needles from her back leaving the holes that reminded us of each needle that had been in her back. 

I cleaned her back with more alcohol, then covered her with a weighted blanket.  When she's was ready, I got her up and cleaned up the materials, put the bed away, and cleaned up.

So while it wasn't the multiple orgasms of the day before, it was part of our sex life.  It's the intimacy Jackie needed today.  Sex isn't always in penetration, and just like romance starts in the morning, not in bed, today, for us, sex was about meeting my partners needs. 


Sunday, February 4, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - All Day Sex

Periodically, even when it's not Sexuary, we'll have a day of sex.  I mean sex 4, 5, maybe even 6 times in the day.  Now this might seem like it's a wham bam type thing, but for us, that means every time we walk into the bedroom, it's going to be 100% different.  

We had just run some errands, so I wanted to start the day with a quickie.  I gave Jackie a couple of options, and a 10 minute blowjob was how we started the day!  What a great start to the day.  No, I didn't finish, but I knew there was a lot more to come, and I'll take 10 minutes of my cock in Jackie's mouth any day of the week!  

We were done about noon, so I told Jackie to be bent over the bed at two.  

At 2 sharp I walked into the bedroom and Jackie was waiting.  I set my alarm for 20 minutes, it was the first go around, and I didn't want to wear her out.  So I scrapped her back with my nails, I swatted her with one of my floggers (a serious thudder), and then I went to work on her.  Jackie went crazy after all the prep.  When my alarm went off, I pulled out and told her we'd pick back up at 4.  

During our break, I texted her asking if she wanted anything particular? "Some more sensation play and breath play" was her response.  So I went and prepared.  I pulled some balls I had gotten from Wish, and pulled a robe tie and some lube and put it under my pillow.  

When we started I started rubbing the first one over her belly and thighs.  I wound up with one under one of her breast and pressed, hard.  She reacted very favorably to it.  I started with my hand on her throat, something we do regularly, and when I released, I ran the balls hard in places.  

I placed a couple of balls between her thighs and then went to holding her nose and mouth a couple of times, again, she reacted well.  I put a couple of the big balls underneath Jackie's sides and had one under each breast, and then started to choke her with my robe.  She tapped out and I immediately let go.  I was ready to stop, but she wanted to continue with the balls.  

So I continued, and fingered her while playing with the balls.  Eventually I had enough and went for my pleasure.  When we were both done, the 20" circle of cum underneath Jackie was proof that session 3 was successful.  

"At 6:30, be leaning over the bed, with your ass cheeks spread," where the marching orders I gave as I left the room and let her rest some.  She deserved some rest after that session.  

Ok, she was a minute late, and her cheeks were spread, but she did make it to leaning over the bed and I placed her hands on her ass cheeks to spread them.  I then started to insert the anal vibrator I recently got for her and have used once before.  She started creaming almost instantly.  I was fisting her as I was changing the settings on the vibrator periodically.  "Go deeper" as she pushed back against my hand, sliding me as far as I could go inside her.  

After she came down from an extreme stream of orgasms, I flipped her onto the bed and then went in myself, leaving the vibrator in place.  The end of the bed, and the floor were soaked from her.  Her eyes were still in the back of her head and I could tell she was ready for a breather.  So I pulled the plug out, and just slowly slid over her.  

After a minute, I was able to slowly slide into her ass, and fuck her to another couple of orgasms.  After my 30 minute timer went off I stopped and we spooned for a bit.  We were waiting for a phone call sometime that night, so I told her right after that we'd finish for the night.  

I'll explain the rest when we get to bed."  Now I know in her researching now to be a Femme Dom, she'd been watching some porn, and had gone down some rabbit holes in fascination on a couple of topics.  Normally we're not big into porn, but it's not 'forbidden' in our house, just not something we've really gotten into.  So while she was outside enjoying herself, I sent a text, "I want you to find a 15 - 30 minute porn video and send me the link.  I want it to be something you've been watching (not necessarily that you've watched, but in one of the categories you've watched, and looks interesting to you."  She sent back this link.  The Femme Dom uses a vacuum bed to control her sub. After our call we went to bed.  I gave her 2 options, to assist me in masturbating, or we would just both masturbate while watching the movie together.  She wanted to finish the night with a bang too, so we both got what we needed and started the movie.  

We finished the night with multiple orgasms and quickly went off to sleep!  What a wonderful way to celebrate the 3rd day of Sexuary though. Sometime you just need a day of sex, I mean a day that sex is the center of everything, and you're constantly looking forward to 15 minutes from now because you know you're going to be back at it.  I can tell you that when we do this for non-Sexuary weekends, it's calming to me for days.  It gives me a sense of belonging, and knowing that our relationship is in a great place, and that we will go the extra for each other to make sure the other knows we are here for each other. About the only thing that would of made the day better was we didn't have anything else to do, and it was raining outside, so you never really wanted to get out of bed.  

It's only Day 3 of Sexuary, are we giving you any ideas of what you might bring into your sex life to get you out of a rut? I hope so, but even more so I hope you'll act on it and start something new with your parnter this Sexuary!


Saturday, February 3, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Wax Play

I'm not sure how in all these years we've never blog just on wax play, well we're going to correct that today. 

Prior to today (Sexuary 2nd), I had ordered from Panhaven, 8 UV candles made for wax play.  I also ordered 2 black led lights that went into our ceiling fan (we normally only use 1 light bulb anyway, so the 2 black lights went unnoticed until I turned them on).  

So some things about wax play before we get into it: 

1) Wax play candles are NOT your Walmart candles!!!! This is important.  The was on normal candles melt as a much higher temperature and can and will cause burns if you use them.  

2) As with all things, I recommend you try this on yourself before you ever try it on someone else. 

3) Don't pre-light the candle! You only need a drop at a time and if you pre-light it you will have an unpredictable puddle that will splash.  Especially if you're trying at first, make sure you don't splash a huge puddle 

4) Height is everything.  The longer the wax drops the more it cools on the way down.  Don't get me wrong, it will still be warm, and will actually hit harder, but will be cooler.  If you drop from to low, it will be a lot hotter, and while it might not burn the skin, it will burn, and if you're just starting out, it could bring a quick end to a night. 

5) While I got UV wax this time, we've played with non-UV wax in the past and enjoyed it just as much. 

6) Cleanup is part of it.  Wax doesn't just fall off, you'll have to scrap it off, pick it off, or scrub it off.  We use a 3d printed plastic knife for the primary scrap, and I'll pulled off the dots with my fingernails, then we have a loofah in the bathtub just for these times. 

So I came into the den and asked Jackie, "Are you ready for some pain play, but not what you expect?" 

She looked at me for a second, and then agreed to it. She knows I would never harm her, but I would push her limits.  

I blindfolded her and walked her into the bedroom, then told her to get up on the end of the bed and lay sideways on the bed on her back.  There was a towel there for her to lay on.  The black lights were on, and I had a single candle (regular) lit (so I could light the other candles as needed).  

Before I got started I noticed Jackie's toenails were aglow with the black lights. Cute little toes there. 

I then got to work dropping wax onto Jackie.  I really wanted to make a mandala, and I started out ok, but in the long run, it didn't work out.  I did make several cute patterns, and over all it looked pretty cool.  

So I started dripping wax on her belly.  A splash of yellow, a circle of orange, some greens, and so on and so on.  

A couple of times the there was a bit more wax than a drop it would splash and Jackie would definitely feel those drops.  Dropping a bit faster prevents them pooling.  

I on the other hand got a UV show that was amazing as I watched drop after drop of wax make it's way to Jackie's skin. 

Of course once I was done, the real fun began.  I took our plastic knife and started scrapping the droplets off her skin.  I even went and grabbed the dustbuster we have and sucked all the loose dots and wax dust off her.  Eventually we had enough done so that she could make a dash to the shower without causing a huge mess.  I put a drain net in so that no big chunks of wax would go down the drain.  

I also vacuumed up the bed and the carpet where a few dots had escaped, then hopped in the shower and finished scrubbing Jackie off. 

For those that don't understand, pain and pleasure a very close cousins.  Pain can be very exciting and pleasurable when you allow it.  And if my fingers happened to help Jackie feel more pleasure while I was dropping some wax, well, let's just say, it's Sexuary!

Have fun, it's Sexuary.  Still plenty of time to pull something off that you've never done before, something outside of your box! DO IT!


Sexuary 2024 - Kicking off with Romance

So Sexuary 1st came around and we've made 100 changes to the calendar.  Life once again has changed plans and some things that were meant for the beginning of Sexuary will be pushed back.  But that doesn't stop us, and there are plenty of new plans for Sexuary 2024.  

Day 1 is a romantic day on the calendar.

When Jackie walked in from work, the clothess had been washed, dried, folded and on our bed for her to put up her stuff.  A new bouquet of flowers were on the dinner table, the bed sheets had been changed, the den and bedroom had been cleaned and vacuumed, and the day before I had gotten her some Reese Peanut Butter Cups, because those are her favorite.  Remember romance doesn't start in the bed, it starts that morning and builds all day. While I didn't get the romantic dinner I wanted made, I did take her to dinner, and then we made our way to the bedroom where I paid a lot of attention to her before ever starting anything sexual. I do mean A LOT!

We kissed, a lot! I caressed her entire body.  I kissed her neck, her lips, and then after I felt like she was in a good place, I kissed my way down to her other lips and spent plenty of time making sure she was in a great place mentally and physically before  I crawled between her legs.  

My reward?  I had forgotten just how wet she could get when I do my job right.  I could tell immediately that she was soaked and it didn't take her long for the rolling orgasms to start hitting her.  The bed afterwards confirmed my thoughts as the wet spot she left was huge and well deserved.  I think most guys take that as confirmation we did something right, I know I do when I see a spot like that on the bed when we're done.

Even as knowledgeable on sex, kinks and so many sexual things, we get into ruts of doing the same old thing and true romance falls to the wayside sometimes.  We have fun, but the relationship does better when we have some romance in there too.  

So that's how we kicked off Sexuary 2024, romantically, and a great kick off it was. 

So you might have drooled over the picture at the top of the page, this month we are going to try some serious Dom/sub weeks.  Both of us will be Dom and both of us will be sub over the month.  It will push both of us to our limits on both sides of the D/s weeks.  

For those that don't know I'm a Dom primarily, but am a switch, and to the right person, can and do submit.  Jackie is primarily a sub, but knows how at times I just need to be taken down a notch and be a sub, and she does a great job of it, but that's normally a night, not a week.  But we've both been doing our homework and I'm excited for both weeks.  

In the meantime, like I said, IT'S SEXUARY!!! It's time to do something with your partner you normally wouldn't.  Try something new!  Be more receptive to an idea that has been tickling you or your partners mind.  Do something this Sexuary you have never done with your partner!!! That's what Sexuary is all about, so do it!