Friday, February 22, 2013

Early Morning Sex

So this was a change to our schedule.  Due to Jackie having to leave at 7 am we decided that a real early morning would be better than what was  scheduled.  That and during the height of the yeast infection, we did hand jobs.

So about 4:45 AM I woke up, at attention and ready to go.  Now mind you I'm a morning person and Jackie is not.  She's always told me I could wake her up, she'll just go back to sleep when we're done.  But I know she's not a morning person so I don't take advantage of it to often.  But I do love starting the day with a romp in the hay.  I mean how can a day be bad when you've started out with sex?  Seriously my energy will never be at it's highest level then when I wake up, and medically testosterone is at it's peak in the morning, so everything is optimal.

These early morning sessions are not going to be our normal marathons, but they are satisfying, especially on days where we know one of us isn't going to be around or going to be worn out later in the day.  Isn't a quickie better than nothing?  It is in my books.

So on this 23rd day of our Sexuary we got one in.  Dang, only 5 more days left!


I cant believe we are on day 23! I just has absolutely flown by! I mean really only a few more days and we are finished!! EEEEK.  I am being honest here I think we might go through some withdrawals! Today we changed it up again from what it was, and I was going to be gone for a solid 24 hours plus some.  So I told Dane he could just wake me up.  He said it was 4;45, I am pretty sure it was 4;30 because when I saw the clock after we were finished it was only 4;50.  I swear when I tell him he can wake  me up he is like a kid waiting for Santa, he doesn't sleep much and is up super early...And when I say don't worry I will go back to sleep, I do! It was an early morning quickie, he loves it.  I deal with it.  Its not my favorite but sometimes you do what do  what you don't normally do. So we did LOL I hope our kids appreciated his good mood ;)



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