Friday, February 22, 2013


 Ok, not sure how this will be 'erotic' or leading to sex, so I'm going to take your lead here.  I'm ok giving and receiving manicure and pedicures

So a regular treat for Jackie is to go and have her nails done and her feet done.  I'm assuming she likes the hands on attention to her hands and feet.  I enjoy being able to give her this luxury when ever we can.  So like the notes to our stated, I wasn't sure how this would turn sexual at all, but it would make Jackie happy and I'm game.

So we had gotten a pedicure kit and Jackie had some finger nail stuff (I know technical terms from a guy with no clue).  So Jackie did my pedicure and then I did hers.  Then she wanted some  stickers put on her fingernails so I did that to finish up.

Sexual?  I'm not sure you could call it sexual, but I could see where it would be a form of foreplay especially in this Sexuary where we're trying different things.  It's hands on the other persons body.  It's caressing.  It's rubbing.  So yeah, I could see some of it.  Not something that is going to make me hot, heavy and ready to shoot a load, but I like any time I can get my hands on Jackie.  So I can see where someone would call it a Fetish and get excited about it.


Wow what lady doesn't love a mani/pedi day...I was a bit nervous since I do go on a regular mani/pedi at least once a month, sometime 2 times a month if its been a stressful month.  It really does relax me, I really love it when they can work on my feet and hand at the same time. So Dane and I went shopping, we went looking for a pedi kit.  While I wasn't sure it was a sexual thing, I just knew it was humbling to wash someone feet, to show love by washing, drying and rubbing on them.  I started first with his feet, so he would have an idea on what to do.  We filled a tub, and added our stuff to it and took turns with each other. 

While it wasn't a super horny, wet kind of activity but it did help, we still had a great rest of the evening together.  Lots of hands on and lots of touching and who doesn't like that!

This month has been going great!We are having lots of fun!


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