Thursday, February 21, 2013

Forced Servitude (Day 2)

Jackie Dom - So this is the day 2 of the servitude.  Same 4 hours 7:45 - 11:45 and the opposite person will be Dom.  Anything can be asked/demanded, you can't say no without repercussions (spankings, insertations, others???) 

So today is the 3/4ths the way there day.  Twenty-one of twenty-eight days done after today.  That's a lot of days of planning and being intimate with Jackie.  The planning has been half the success of this.  I wonder how many times we just try to 'let things happen' instead of planning something.  When you plan, you make the intimacy a priority.  When you're making that a priority, you're telling your partner that they are a priority. This month of Sexuary, Jackie and I have moved each other to the top of the priority list.  It's been fun.  It's been interesting, but most of all it's brought us closer together.

So on to the day.

It was to be a day of servitude.  Jackie really just wanted to play with one of her new toys on me.  She wasn't really into the servitude/Mistress stuff, but I was going to do what ever she wanted.  It was fun, it was hot and we had a great time.

Afterwards she waxed me and then we went about our daily stuff.  But in the mean time we spent a couple of purposeful hours together.  Today was planned for the fetish, but what we had was a great time.  And what we did would be considered very fetishy for many I'm sure.  For us it's enjoying ourselves in the bedroom.

The whole Dom/sub thing just isn't Jackies thing.  She likes the tie up and have fun, but that's the extent and that's ok, cause I still get more than most guys could ever hope for.  I get understanding that I'm who I am and it's ok.  She gets the same from me in return. Have you created that safe space in your bedroom for your partner?

One week left...*sigh*...Will be interesting to see how this winds up.  We have some of the most 'out of the box' stuff planned for this coming week after tomorrow. Should be very interesting.


Well we just hit the 3 week mark, and have one week to go! This month has just flown by, I can tell you that the last 2 sexuaries were like pulling teeth.  Which tells me we didn't plan enough...we just tried to do exactly what we normally did, and this time we planned for months...And it worked...this really has been a great month. We have talked more, understood more, relaxed more, and tried new things.  That IS what this month is about.

Today was Forced Servitude, something that is a hard limit for me.  Both receiving and giving.  I don't mind being tied up or being spanked in the heat of the moment.  I just don't like the forced thing, "You will do this, and if not there will be punishment" I don't like that.  I like having a bit of control like when I tell him "Be ready for me when I get home from work with your ass up in the air" and I will spank him,  But that's not the lady in leather snapping the whip. I am just not that type of person, think part of it is it takes me to a dark place.  I have been in abusive relationships and that's what it reminds me of. 

So we talked about this the night before, here is what I wanted: I wanted to use my new toy, so he will need to get himself ready, that I wanted to to get him from behind with my new strap-on. We tried, the strap-on was not what I had hoped, although we will use it again because you need to keep trying to get it correct. That being said I still got him good, I got to spank him and got to run my nails up and down him to send him over the top.

It was a lot of fun! I had a great day with him. And with his job like it is I enjoyed having a bit of uninterrupted time with him!


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