Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lingerie, Dance, Tease

So day 2 of our Sexuary journey starts.  The calendar posted on the back of our bathroom wall reads - Lingerie, Dance, Tease.  YEAH!

Look, over the years my wife has had her ups and downs on how she feels about herself.  She's a BBW and I'm great with that, but she's not always so great.  But there are times she can get into a groove and she's jusr freaking HOT! All day she can have me running around like a little puppy ready to hump her at any given moment.  Those are the days she feels sexy and teases me.

It might be a picture sent to my phone of her in her lacy panties and bra (her matching purple ones on day 2 were devine).  It might be the text she sends saying, 'remember the time I did .....?  well who knows what could happen tonight'.  It might be she just comes in and flashes me then sits down like it's nothing.  It could be that my zipper gets unzipped and for 60 seconds I'll get a blow job and then with a smile I'll get "more where that cums from later."  or just as good coming out of the bath laying on the bed and giving me 60 seconds to get her all wet before she pushes me away and tells me I'll have to wait to finish..that was just the appetizer.  Every time she makes physical contact, text me, or walks into the room now becomes a game.  She wants to know she still has what it takes to make me hard.  She does!

So I put this day on the calendar.  First because I LOVE the tease, and second because Jackie looks HOT when she dresses up sexy for me.

She started the morning off as we were getting dressed in her closet.  That's not normal for her, so I knew she was up to something.  Don't worry, her closet is a small office, so plenty of room.  And honestly I was a bit disappointed when she came out all dressed ready to go.  Really, where's the dress up?  And then she did it, at the door as we're ready to walk out she lifts up her shirt and says, "oh I've got something special on" and flashes me her purple, lacy bra and panties set, and then walks out the door.

Ahhhh...wait a minite..I'm suppose to get to feel those up and ...and ...and ....the tease was on!

I got text through out the day, and a couple of pictures with various poses of her in her bra and panties as she went to take a bath.  Another pictures just so I knew she still was wearing her lacy stuff after the bath.  DAMN she was HOT. I had a perpetual hard on that was ready to be played with and she made me wait ALL DAY LONG! It wasn't till after 9 she finally sat in my lap and said it was time to go upstairs.  Do you know how wet my jeans got throughout the day from all of her teasing?

                                                  Picture Jackie sent me from her bath

Ok, I know everyone knows guys are visual oriented.  We like to see things.  A picture of a leg in the bathtub is good for a few strokes, trust me on this.  Ok, I have a slight fetish for the foot too, so I get a double whammy with this picture.

So when the covers get pulled up and I get free reign, I'm thinking about all the teasing that's been going on.  Her text and flashing me.  I'm thinking about the half a dozen pictures on my phone that only I get to sneak glances at.  I'm thinking of her shaveness that I was able to do yesterday and ....whew...where's a cigarette?

I'm betting most women have a set of bra and panties, or a baby doll or something that makes them feel sexy that has been sitting in the bottom of their drawn forever.  Hell I don't ever remember seeing this purple set Jackie had on yesterday, and we've been together almost 10 years.  And I'm not naive enough to think that she feels sexy all the time, as I stated before I know she doesn't.  But I see her as my sexy lady.  It doesn't matter what mood she's in, it only takes a wink, a caress, a flash, a whisper in my ear, a provocative text to my phone and she's got me hooked!  Guys think their wives are sexy regardless of your mood.  Regardless of how much laundry has to be done, and regardless of our finances.  Jackie is my one constant that will keep me going when nothing else seems to be going right, and I know it's not always easy for her.  It's not natural for her to feel sexy all the time.  She doesn't feel 'worthy' of my doting and panting, and being like a teenager ready for sex, but she does it for me.  And I think (and I'm sure she'll tell you later) then when she allows it to happen, it makes her feel good too.  For at least a moment she does feel sexy, and worthy and all those things  I KNOW she is.

So day 2 is crossed off the calendar and we're on to day 3.  Oh day 3...that's should be an interesting one.


Day 2...Lingerie, Dance, Tease,  man this really made me super nervous..I am not sure why but it did.  I know he loves me just the way I am but I still have my self doubts...I often wonder why in the world he loves my body when there are days I HATE my body! I sucked it up and went into my closet to find something..I have a slew of bras and panties...I have pushem' up bra's..I have lacy bras...stripped bras you name it I have them.  I personally like the pushem' up bra because my girls are big and this bra puts them where they should be not where mother nature has them hanging..He hates those bras! Hates for today I went with a lacy purple bra and matching boy shorts(which fit a bit like wide thong on a BBW) and quickly get dressed in a non sexy outerwear...Partly becuase all my lower cut front shirts would show the bra all the time.  And while Im ok with it when we go out of town for some reason, I am not ok with it in town where we live...I stepped out into the bedroom where he was dressing and I could see  little dissapointment but its my day to tease, I can make this last all day...I decided to lift my shirt and show the bra and just pull on side of pants down to see they matched as I walked out the door.

After lunch, I really wanted another bath...I love love love I decided to take a few pictures to send to Dane while he was working....WE have a full length mirror in our bedroom so I played around taking pictures....I sent him 3 with texts teasing about what might happened.  He tells me I am making him hot and wet...he asks me if he has told me I was hot...I told him "Ummm I well I'm not can tell me case I missed it" So he did...several times...I would text back things of what I have done before to him...An awesome blow job...a night of great hotel sex even if we were at home. I knew our kids would be leaving for the weekend so we could have some uninterupted time.

I get into my bath, and see all those bubbles, I decided to take a picture of my view and send to him.  There is something sensual and sexy when it comes to bubbles...I love a good bubble bath..its usually where I shave my pussy for Dane, its our "Pavlov Dog theory" (I take a nice hot bath, shave my pussy and he gets a great night of sex) I think we have only have had a few times where we haven't.  The picture above is the one I sent him.

I continued to text him little teases through out the rest of afternoon and evening...It was almost 9 when I decided to "get things rollin' " I went to the bathroom and came out with no clothes on.  I did a twirl for him...then went and just sat on his lap...its still hard to "be sexy" it really goes moment by moment for me.  We kissed and decided to move up to our room.  Once there I played with him hairless chest, and worked my way down to give him a blow job.  I moved around after a bit and he asked if I wanted him to eat me or what...I told him he needed to check out his shaving...if he did a good job...he went down and ate me out, while I did a hand job on him.  I know this was just a "normal" night of sex but I did enjoy the teasing of him.  Its a nice to know that after the many years we have been together I can still turn him on with a text, a kiss, or a wink.

What have you done for your partner? Have you reminded them that you find them sexy? Have you done something to let them know you feel sexy for them? Its amazing how a sexy bra and matching panties can make you feel even when your in your mom jeans or sweat pants...try it you might like it...


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