Thursday, February 7, 2013

Podophilia (Feet)

Start with the wonderful feet.  Suck on them, maybe slide my cock through your toes and definitely between your feet…with oils maybe to help it slide, massage them..just all things feet.  Might be interesting if you can think of things with my feet, though i'm not sure how that would work (other than maybe sucking toes and massaging).  Start with stocking??? If so will they have a hole i can tear?  

Just incase you're keeping up with the calendar and noticed it changed some it's because of doctor appointments and work, so we moved feet to today.  All the days will be done, we just have to adjust for life

So feet is one of those new fetishes that we've delved into just a bit.  I've rubbed Jackies in a manner of foreplay, I've sucked on her toes.  She's rubbed my cock while I'm busy between her legs with one of her feet.  It's been interesting.  It's never been orgasmic, but it's been a bit exciting.  So we put it on the calendar to explore it a bit more.  What are the things other people do with feet that we could?

Jackie doesn't normally wear any hose so we purchased a pair at Walmart for her.  The first thing I have to say is there have got to be hose that feel better on skin than those!  Jackie said she's never had any, but those were a bit rough on the skin.  Don't they make them in silk and other materials that a woman would want to wear?  Okay I wouldn't expect them to cost $5 for 2 pair, but really!  I'll have to put that on the need to find out more about list unless one of our readers want to enlighten me. 

I did enjoy rubbing her legs some, and before hand I rubbed some oils on her feet which I enjoyed.

I slide myself between her feet in various manners, and rubbed her feet in the stockings.  I did eventually take a pair of scissors and cut the toes out and suck on them.  I put oils on them and  slide between her toes and feet in various angles and foot configurations.

The mechanics of it felt ok, but Jackie just didn't seem to be getting anything out of it, so I didn't stay terribly long there.  She had receives some new non-piercing nipple rings and we moved to there and eventually finished up.

Jackie felt bad that I was disappointed in the foot thing.  Yes, I was a bit disappointed because I've spoken to people to have true foot fetishes and to them it's like "OMG it just doesn't get any better than that", and I wanted to experience some of that.  And while it's by no means my biggest thing, I can definitely appreciate a foot.  But the thing I pointed out to Jackie last night is that we have several things on our list we've never tried, and I don't have a clue if we're going to like it or not.  That's part of the reason we're doing this.  On top of that if everyone in the world like the feet play it wouldn't be called a fetish.  Many of the things we have scheduled are really fetishes that either they do something for you or they don't.  This one didn't for Jackie and that's okay.  Really, it's okay!

What I am seeing though is that Jackie has found a new attraction to her nipples.  We ordered some new nipple clamps that came in yesterday and she immediately went and put them on, and also wore them last night.  She love the different sensation she got when I paid them attention.  It seems this whole last week she's had a new found appreciation for her nipples.  I'm good with that. :)  And really isn't that part of what we set out to do this month?  Find new things we like and don't like?

We're 1/4 of the way through Sexuary and still running strong.  Podophilia wasn't a hit out of the park, but it was still time I spent with Jackie and that's always a good time.


Foot day,...I was a bit worried about it.  I know we had had some success before.  I am not sure why tonight, I just was not there. I don't know if it was the hose( I never wear them).  I don't know if it was the what if's, or the unfamiliarity of it all. I have heard all the stories and how many people love feet.  I have played some with Dane with my toes and my feet, but really it was by accident.  He has had some times that my feet and my toes turn me on. I don't know why last night it was just not there.  I know we tried several positions with my feet but when one foot just doesnt bend as it should its hard. I could go on and on however I will not. I hope we can try again because who knows what would happen.  

However so far this month, we have tried a lot of things. One thing I have discovered are nipple clips.  I am enjoying them so much I am almost positive that I will be getting my nipples pierced in March. I would get them done now but I don't want to be sore for the rest of this month. I had begun to think I had lost all feelings in my boobs and nipples but this is beginning to really turn me on.

So the challenge this month is to do something with your partner...anything...well Dane and I have a calendar of stuff to do, and we might bomb one thing but that is NOT going to stop us from going on to the next.  Somethings we will have to retry because how many times in life do you try something one time and fail miserably so you have to try again! That is what this about...Learning new things, trying new things, and finding out what you and your partner like or don't like....try try and keep on trying..that what we are doing...


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