Friday, February 15, 2013

Corset and Plugs

Since I anticipate being in Ausitn the night before then we can bring your corsette and for me a butt plug for public wearing.  I would think maybe a trip to Lucy in Disguise….some public making out.  Thinking you wont be wearing any underwear and I can at least finger you in a public area and if the opportunity exist public sex. As for me, I would want you to rub on m ass and remind me there is a butt plug in my ass (i bet you'll see my cock get hard when you do) and remembering my ass is probably sore from the week before tease and treat me.

Originally this was for this coming Sunday, but because of other obligations we moved it to Valentines Day. We always take the day to get away anyway, we both put work aside as much as possible and focus on each other.

Today was about 2 different things.  In Jackies case it was to flaunt a bit of what she has, and in my case it's about doing something sexual right in front of everyone, without them even knowing about it. Both have their sexual charge.

So picture Jackie in her corset and a very low cut dress.  I thought it was very sweet her belt matched the corset and really looked hot! I on the other hand had a butt plug firmly planted in my rear, that only Jackie and I knew was there and off we went.

Oh wait, phone rings and I had to go to work for a few minutes. So butt plug firmly planted in my ass, my cheeks holding on tight, I went in, fixed the problem and we headed on to Austin.Of course the whole time I'm wondering what they would think if they knew I had a butt plug firmly planted in my rear.

So we go by the Megaplexx and Jackie finds a great toy for both of us.  A 2 sided, vibrator with a strap and a remote control.  She's in heaven.

Next I take her to get her pampering at the nail shop, where they proceed to comment on her 'attire' and the hickies (on her boobs).  "Your husband a lucky man", don't I know it!!!  The poor guy who works there was red faced. Did I mention Jackie was HOT?

We then went to a nice lunch.  It was hot knowing that Jackie was showing off some of her great assets and I was hiding the fact I was playing sexually with my rear.  HOT! HOT! HOT!

Ok, so afterwards we did something we use to do more often, and we both love.  I don't know what it is about checking into a cheap hotel for a great 1 or 1 1/2 hour hot sex session.  I don't know if it's the sneaking off to do it.  I don't know if it reminds us of when we were dating and we'd sneak off during the day for a quickie. I don't know what it is, but it's hot for both of us.

We then headed back to an event back home we were obliged to attend.  It didn't matter, we had spent the day together and had explored some exhibitionism, some public toy play and last but not least great hotel sex. Oh and a package of toys we ordered came in.  what a great Valentines Day!


PS - Of course she got chocolates and roses too! Geez, what do you take me for?

Yeah Valentines day! If you haven't noticed our calender has totally changed lately.  Its our crazy lives that we have to move stuff around, but that is what its all about. 

We decided today would be corset and butt play.  I have several corsets, one because we are avid Renaissance faire people and another one I got on clearance this summer and had been waiting for the perfect time to wear it.  Today was the day! Its a nice Patton leather one adjustable, and over all pretty darn comfortable and easily removed ;) So take one shiny leather corset, low cut dress, and a town that is used to the "weird" I fit right in. First off was a new set of nails and a pedi.  The ladies were teasing me so much about my girls showing and a hickey showing too.  The lone gent in the place was really red over some of the comments and the fact that my girls were screaming to be looked at.  It made me laugh too! We went to lunch at a great restaurant then off to a cheap hotel for fast hot hotel sex. We have not gotten to do that as often as we used to.  WE had a great time, its was even more exciting to make a mess in the room and then head off wondering if the maids noticed we left so quickly.  

Our day ended with "life" taking up the rest of the evening but when I got home there were a dozen red roses, chocolates and teddy bear waiting for me...We had a great day and cant wait to see what the end of our month brings.. 


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