Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - A New Plan


Sometimes when you do such a great job, when you go back you're like "what the hell are we going to do to beat last year?" Well that's where Jackie and I have been over the last couple of the months while we're trying to decide what to do for Sexuary 2021.  To remind you Sexuary 2020 was a 'paincentric' month at Jackies suggestion.  We went all out to provide "pain for pleasure" in many different ways.  To say it was a successful Sexuary for us would be an understatement.  It was fantastic and we learned a lot about how pain and pleasure could be 2 sides of the very same coin.  Jackie pushed her limits and found sexual pleasures she never knew existed.  So where do you go from there? How do you beat a month that was almost 100% 'perfect' sexually?  Well we finally decided we were going to revisit, review and add some randomness to Sexuary 2021.  

So the each of us came up with 10 or more things we really wanted where Jackie was the recipient, and 4 or more for Jackie to do to me (Dane).  In all there were 36 items on my list for Jackie, and I passed on 10 things to Jackie, plus what ever she added to the list for me. We printed off those list and cut them into strips.  I filled a mason jar and Jackie put her pulls in a margarita glass (for anyone who knows Jackie, you know that's very appropriate 😁.)  The night before we'll pull 1 and that's the next days adventure.  We both added a couple of new things to each list, but left a list of 'favorites'..  Now it's up to the gods of randomness to decide what fun we have during this Sexuary.

I've added a few of the adventures on the roulette wheel above, and have linked it so you can try it. I'll update that wheel weekly with additional things we've done if you'd like to just spin the wheel and try something new.  I believe everything above you'll find in our blog on how to do.  

So as a reminder, Sexuary was started for us by our friend Christine and over the last 10 years we've grown so much sexually which has also brought us closer in our relationship.  Our communication skills have expanded, our knowledge of ourselves and each other has grown, and overall we are much closer because of Sexuary. We came across Sexuary in a low point in our relationship, and while it's not the only reason we are where we are today, it is a major factor. 

So for the new people, what is Sexuary?  Sexuary is where during the month of February you do something that's outside of your normal sexual box.  For some that would be to have a date and maybe make out with your partner.  For some it's to try that thing you've talked about but never dared, maybe you don't know how to do for Sexuary you research, and follow through.  We've done everything from sex every 3 days....took us 2 attempts to have sex every other day....then we went and did 28 days of sex...and now we do some hybrid ...we don't have intercourse every day, but we do something sexual everyday.  You can NOT judge yourself by anyone else, you have to look at your sex life and decide what is Sexuary for you and your partner.  

So there you go...Sexuary 2021 kicks off in just a few still have time to do something, even if it's just hit that wheel above and try something new.