Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Hedonism II Jamaica

Sexuary might be over with for 2021, but we are always looking for ways to improve our sex life. Several years ago we decided to go to Hedo II in Negril Jamaica, and family issues and then covid-19 delayed that by years, but we finally made it in September of this year.  

 While we learned several things, like make sure your flights get to MBJ by 1 pm, and not to fly out before 1 pm as there is a 2 hour drive from Montego Bay to Negril, and  to make sure we get the "Club Mobay" VIP service both ways, pack less, take more sun screen, if you like quiet at night, then staying on the 'optional' side works, if you're a 24 hour partier then stay on the nude side. 

But back to Hedo II.  They are an all inclusive resort, where 95% of the place is either clothing optional or no clothing allowed.(about 50% of the place is no clothing allowed).  So for nudist like Jackie and I it's a great start. We literally laid on the beaches and by the pools for 5 - 7 hours a day.  The water is crystal clear in the ocean there.  We took sailboats out and 40' deep water is so clear you see the bottom.  The pools are closed a couple of times a day to clean them out from all the activities. 

Activities in the pool?  Yes, you will see anything happening in the pools. While they have games and activities some times, you will also see blowjobs, guys eating out women, sex, sharing, more sex, and oh, there's sex in the pool. 

There are also cabanas, and 2 play rooms throughout the resort that you could see anything you might expect.  Jackie and I enjoyed both playrooms over the 9 days and several of the cabanas where we had sex as people came by and some would watch, some would just keep walking, but all could see. 

Bottom line is that if you're in the lifestyle, you want to learn about the lifestyle, you want to try swapping without it being by your hometown, or if you're just a nudist Hedo II is a great place to visit.  The staff was great, the food was good, the unlimited, heavy pour drinks kept flowing, the on premise dispensary (Hedo Weedo) will keep your 420 fans happy, the nightly entertainment was hot as hell, and in this very non-judgemental environment it doesn't matter your body style, sex or age.  The only caveat I will put is this is NOT a great place for single guys.  You will not be picking up women and couples are already busy with other couples, so I would never go as a single guy.  Single women, you rule and will have a blast. 

Want to push your boundries, Hedo II is a great way to do it. If you're a nudist, I'd be making plans!  We went for 7 days, and extended to 9.  When we go back in 2023 we are going for 14 days. Don't cut yourself short when going all that way, you won't regret the extra time there! We met lots of great people in our stay there, and hope to see some of them soon.  Go have fun!!!