Thursday, February 14, 2013

Half Way There

So out of everything that has concerned me during the preparation for this month was that Jackie would get sick or worst yet a major yeast infection and kill the rest of the month.  I'm generally healthy as a horse and rarely get sick.  But in prevention Jackie and I have been on vitamins, Activa has been regular in both of our diets.  We both had flu shots.  All this in preparation for a Sexuary of Sexuaries.  The bar was set high and we wanted to make sure that yucky, itchy, blahs wouldn't hit us in the middle of the month.

So yesterday right after Jackie and I had been playing I started to feel bad.  Honestly I wasn't 100% earlier, and it could even explain some of my mental state yesterday morning.  But shortly after we played I got sick.  I'm talking 101F sick.  Now don't think that 90% of what I was worried about was if I didn't get to feeling better our streak would be blown.  Ok, at least when I was coherent enough to think.

I don't know what it was, but today I was better.  My temp broke in the middle of the night and while I've been weak I've been much better and ready to continue on.

So we had vanilla sex while the kids were out this evening.  You know what?  It was actually pretty exciting!  After all the extras we've been going through for the last 13 days it was actually pretty great that 14 was vanilla.

So we're 1/2 way there (remember we started 1/31 so a day ahead), and looking good.  We are 2x our own personal best (yes, we went from 7 straight days to 28 as a goal).  And I have to tell you, the 14 days, even with the ups and downs we've been through, has been a lot more fun the the 7 in a row, or the 15 days (every other day) last year.  I've enjoyed the exploring, the nightly pillow talk, the extra text I get on my phone telling me what fun Jackie had, or what she's anticipating, and honestly I think both of us have enjoyed the blog and sharing with everyone the ups and downs of this month.

Tomorrow if Valentines day.  We're off for a day of adventure and romance.  If you haven't started your Sexuary adventures then tomorrow is a great day for it.  Everyone is a bit more open on Valentines Day to romance, communication, and love.  Don't pass up this opportunity.


We have been going and going and going.  Working on this calender, its been crazy, so ups and some downs.  Some good, some not so good. The good news is we are half way there! We managed to fend off yeast infections, sickies, and everything else in between.  Until Tuesday, then it hit.  It hit Dane hard! Thank goodness we decided to play that morning or we would not have played.  Even if our day started off rough and we did not do anything that was on the list.  I say it ended up at pretty good day.  We actually had 4 hours of un-interupted time together.  The phone never rang, and with Dane's job that was a miracle in itself! 
Sure we resorted to "vanilla" as he said but you know what....its what we both needed! I enjoyed our very vanilla day. 
I know this month has been to work on the spice of life, but sometimes its good to take a step back and go back to what you know...I enjoyed it to the max...Spice or not I love Dane and wouldn't trade this month for anything! 14 days down...we are half way there baby!

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