Saturday, December 28, 2013

101 Kinky Ideas

I was working on a project and when I did I came across this website, 101 Ultra Kinky Ideas.  Ok, in my realm of kinky it's really pretty mild, but I wanted to share it with you because of it mildness of kink.  Some of you want to have a bad side, but you either don't know how to get started, afraid to get started or just don't want to go to deep.  This site has 101 relatively 'mild' kinky things you and your partner can do.  OK, some of them are a bit more kinky than others, but some of them even the most novice of kinksters can handle.

Sexuray is only a bit more than a month away.  Because of family health issues it definitely will not be a month of hot steamy monkey sex for Jackie and I.  We've not figured out exactly what we'll be doing, but it will be something.  Are you looking forward to Sexuary?  Are you planning on doing SOMETHING for Sexuary?

For those new to this blog it was started from a Sexuary challenge posted on to make some difference in your sex life during the month of February, affectionately known as "Sexuary".  If you have monthly sex, then a second or third time that month might be your Sexuary.  If you're a 3 time a weeker, then maybe it's going out of your way to bring in some new excitement to the bedroom.  Maybe your partner has had some desires and you've always been to hesitant to try them, maybe Sexuary is your time to overcome your anxiety and give it a try.

So give it a try, go through that list.  If I counted right Jackie and I have done 60 of the things on the list, so we still have 41 more to go. Always more joy to come in the bedroom...or where ever else you might want to try it.