Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whipping, Spanking, Mild Pain, etc

I want to spank your ass till it's red while you lay across my lap.  Using the whips, my hand, etc, then when it's hot and red I want to fuck you good and hard doggie style and/or at the end of the bed.

It just didn't worked for us. Ok, I got to spank Jackies bottom with my hand, but there was no reaction.  No satisfaction.  No ...I don't know.  I was excited with the site of her red butt laying across my lap, but ...

Jackie didn't react to any of it except when I used the paddle for one stroke and she said that was beyond her limits.  I couldn't judge what was going on, I couldn't read her mind, I couldn't see a reaction.  So I stopped and went to plan B.  It was safe and easy.

Jackie later told me it was totally different in the height of passion to be spanked then it was today.  She enjoys her rear spanked when we're going at it, but this was different.

This Sexuary has been a month of ups and downs.  We've done things we've never tried, and this was one of them.  We learn not all of our passions lay together, and that's ok.  And there maybe times (like this month has been) that we give to the other the gift of trying something out.  Opening ourselves up to new experiences so that our partner can have theirs.  It's part of being in a relationship. I would say though that this will probably go along the way of the foot fetish, not to be broken out very often if ever again.


There is a fine line between pain and pleasure.  We have really been working on some new things to liven up our sex lives.  We have tried new things, pushing our hard limits.  Today was one of those.  I already knew this was a hard limit for me.  I had told him up front.  

So I bent over his lap and let him spank me.  It was not exciting for me, it just did not do anything. I had no reaction, no grunts, no squirm, looking back I am not sure I knew what I was supposed to do.  This was so out of my box, but I had no clue.  What is the correct response??This is twice now that we have done something so out of my box that I don't know what I should do or how to do it....Dane always thinks I am heading into my dark place, my place where I went to during the years of abuse I suffered at the hand of a babysitter, and an ex that was very verbally abusive. I have only gone there once the whole month and that was our couples weekend, but I didn't stay long.(which is a HUGE improvement) 

I also told him that is was not the same thing as it is when we are in the heat of passion. That is a HUGE turn on for me, so it really this was a huge surprise that I did not enjoy it.  I told him that I really had not gone to my dark place at all.  So I highly doubt I will be laying over him and letting him spank me but there will be sometimes that I ask for him to while we are in the heat of the moment.  

WE are almost half way through our month, we have pushed limits, and moved in directions I did not know was possible.  We are growing closer and our communication between the two of us seems to be better. We still have our struggles but all in all so far so good.


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