Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sexuary 2019 - Kickoff and a Challenge

 So Sexuary 2019 is about to begin on Friday.  I don’t know it it’s 6 or 7 years of us celebrating Sexuary, but it’s been a few.  A couple of them have been flops.  Most of them have been not only fun, but enlightening.  We’ve found new things that we enjoy sexually.  We allow each other to explore and not be judgmental.  It’s definitely opened our eyes to other things out there that we never would of found if Sexuary didn’t exist. 

So what was Sexuary about?  It was about doing something different.  For some it’s about having sex this month.  For others it’s exploring strange new ideas.  We started with every other day for a month with a different ‘kink’ every time.  Then came the great 28 days of sex, with 28 different kinks.  Some of those we still practice, some we’ve written off, but we at least tried them.

So our challenge to you is in Sexuary, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! Make time for a real date and sex afterwards if that’s something you don’t do generally.  Buy a new toy and wear it out.  Read through our blog and find a list of ideas that cost nothing or VERY little.  Cornstarch for silky smooth caressing.  A pair of dice for a game of what to do and for how long.  Some ice.  Getting it on in the living room instead of the bedroom.  Or you can go extravagant and plan a weekend away, hit a burlesque show and fuck like bunnies all weekend. Whatever it is you don’t do, try it!

For us, we’ve got our days lined up.  Nineteen of twenty-eight days are scheduled with fun and adventures.  It’s not the most we’ve scheduled it’s not the least…but we’ve added more rope play (this is a new this last year for us).  Ropes and suspension are now part of our repertoire. 

So go….NOW, go and figure out what you’re going to do this Sexuary.  Surprise your significant other and just make plans that will freak them out because they don’t know who this person they are talking to is…but they love it anyway and are going to take advantage of it. J ….What are you doing still reading this blog? Go…..and have a GREAT Sexuary 2019!!!