Friday, February 8, 2013

Oils and Massages

Normally I would post our calendars explanation here, but because of crazy scheduling we had to move the Dom/sub to next week and come up with another one that wouldn't take all day and wouldn't wake up the kids.  So Jackie came up with rubbing oils on me and giving me a mini massage.

I actually remembered on Tuesday evening why I had scheduled Dom/sub on Wednesday.  !@#$%  Because of doctors appointments we slid it to Thursday.  I knew better, I was scheduled for working all day on Thursday.  So Jackie assured me we'd try it, we'd just move it around.  Then Thursday I'm looking at the schedule and going, "ahhh..I'm not sure we can".  Jackie with a clearer mind than I asked if we could give up oral day for it and the problem was solved.  After the 'flexible' day I had during the Superbowl I was good with loosing next Tuesday.  Honestly Superbowl was exactly what Oral Day was suppose to be anyway, so I was really good with it.

So at 10:45 we finally make it up to our bedroom.  It's been a day of life really trying to interfere with our Sexuary plans! But we did finally make it up to the bedroom.

I laid down and Jackie figured out which of the scented oils she'd use on me.  I've had lots of massages but never with oils.

First thing I notice was that it had a warming effect.  I asked her if the oils were like KY warming jelly or if all of them heated like that.  She thought most would bring the blood to the surface and create a heating sensation.  Pretty cool!

I shut my eyes and let her hand rubbed all over me.  She teased certain areas as she passed by.  She rubbed from top to bottom and straddled my legs as she rubbed my chest. All exciting, all desirable, and very hot.  Want to know what I find the hottest? Just the fact her hands are on my body.  I love that intimate touch.  It doesn't have to be Sexuary for me to like that.  I love anytime Jackie caresses me.  The oils are just a bonus.  The fact that is was day 8 of a 28 day experiment was just a bonus.  Any day she wants to rub her hands on my chest and whispers she loves me is a great day.

Of course she finished off with attention to a special area and it was great.  At midnight we snuggled up and went to sleep.  Who could want any more than that?


Man what a day.  We were supposed to do one thing, but life just gets in the way.  I struggled all day with a headache and was a bit worried that extra stimulation would really set me into a deep pit.  I needed something to relax me and help us with our 8th day.  So I thought about it all day.  I looked at our calender off and on all day trying to figure out what we could move around to still get what we had missed back on.  

I decided tonight that I would touch him. I got out our massage oils and decided on a scent that I could sleep with all night. Its really hard to figure out since I have allergries out the wazoo. I chose one and begane rubbing his chest just back and forth, He asked me if it was a warming type oil, I told him no just the blood coming up to the skin as I massaged.  I worked myself up and down his body, watching his stress level of the day slowly work out of his body.  I could also feel my headache melt away, I don't care if was the essential oils or what but I did have a least a few minutes of relief.  

I ended the night rubbing and massaging him in that special place finishing together.  It wasn't an over the top but its what we both needed to end a stressful day. It certainly made for a peaceful night of sleep :)


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