Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Public Spaces

So this will be sex in one of the vehicles.  We talked about XXXSX as a last resort (safe space), but I would really like to keep an eye out for some place a bit riskier. A 90% safe place that would add some real excitement that we really could be caught (even though I don't want to be).  Do we take out the seats of the van and put the blow up mattress in it?

Ok, I have to start out by saying that if allowed I would just walk around naked all the time.  Around the house, around town, to go shopping, etc, etc, etc.  I love being naked and have NO and I mean NO hang ups about being naked around other people.  In high school I was always the kid who jumped into the lake and skinny dipped while everyone else was drinking.  Never bothered me.  I'm overweight, I'm not anything great to look at, but I don't care, I LOVE being naked.

So with that said we added this to the list.  Now ultimately I'd like to have sex in a display window at the mall, but realize that's not going to happen.  So the next best thing is to go out and have sex outside of the house (no, not in a motel room).  I almost fainted when I saw Jackie hadn't scratched it off her Sexuary fetish list.  It's just now she's comfortable walking around the house naked when no one else is home.

So we have a spot we knew would be safe.  Ok, there was a very small chance someone would show up, but not really.  But we could be outdoors and have some great sex. Originally I figured Jackie would want to go in the cover of night, but it was her idea to go during the day...YIPPEEEE! I'm all in!  So I packed the tarp and a blanket and off we went.

Now I have to say I was a bit taken back when the buzzard was flying around at first checking us out.  No we're not dead, go away! Geez.  But we spent 45 minutes or so out there naked and having fun.  Next time I have to remember a pillow or two and a towel to wipe down before we get back dressed.  At least I'm hoping there will be a next time.

Several of the 'good things in life' all rolled into one great package today enjoying sex outdoors.


Sex in public spaces...while I know I am really not that type of person, I know Dane is.  He loves being naked, and would all day long if he could. He would live a nudist lifestyle if given the chance.  I on the other hand want a little on, its take almost 6 years to get to where I will even walk around the house naked if there is no one home.  Even now I still there someone going to come knock on door? Our old house we had plenty of "Hiding" places to go if someone knocked, but in the new place not so much. 

So getting back to public spaces.  We talked and talked about the where we wanted to go.  We compromised and found a place.  A place we knew there prolly would not be anyone there but there was a small/slight chance someone might drive in.  So I get home from work today and Dane has all of the stuff packed in the little car.  I kinda freaked out since I had thought we were taking the van and were going to be in it.  I got myself collected and off we went.  We got to our spot and he laid out a tarp and a blanket.  That's it nothing else...I was like maybe you should have brought another blanket or something to cover us in? He being how he is really did not think it was that big of deal.  So we undressed and layed down.  Things got hot and heavy and orgasm were made.  He asked me about the Buzzard, I told him nope didn't see it...All in all it was nice, the weather was perfect! Temperature was in upper 70's, sun was totally out, a small breeze...I really could have laid there longer but we had to get back into the real world, and I was a bit concerned that "my girls" who don't usually see sunlight would get burned....

So all in all it was a great day, we did something out of the norm, and while I am not wanting to do that all the time, I would do it again.  IF I knew for certain we wouldn't be disturbed. 

WE are almost 3 quarters of the way through...I cant believe it! Wow what a month.  We have some great things on the calender for the rest of the month.  


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