Thursday, February 3, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Day 1 Flogging and...

 Sexuary 2022 is once again here and I've been busy trying to figure out our extremely busy schedule with making 2022 happen.  It wasn't an easy task but Sexuary is pretty important to us and our learning new things and pushing out limits just a bit more.  

This year I started out the day before by offering Jackie an hour long massage which she took advantage of.  We have a massage table and she got a nice relaxing moment before Sexuary officially started. 

The day started with an email from me to Jackie - 

I wanted to let you know how much I love that even though sometimes you are hesitant, or not really into some of the things we do, that you power through and generally have a great time…that you’re adventurous enough to keep me excited.  I’ve had to work Sexuary around a lot of events, so some days aren’t as exciting as others, but I know in the end, they all add up to a great month.   – 143

Please remember to send me a (or more) sexy pictures of you today….also that 1 day during the month you’ll let me know before we play that today will be an ass day (I’ll move thing around after that day and have an empty space to fill at the end).

During the day Jackie did indeed send me a couple of great pictures.  This is something I've been encouraging for a long time.  I LOVE her pictures, but she's still a bit bashful about it, but I got a couple of great pictures to drool over during the day. 

Then that night I put Jackie on the St. Andrews cross and strapped her in.  Then started with my fingernails to warm up her skin.  Then i started with the floggers  and really got the skin nice and warm.  

I then broke out the new crop.  Now this is a nice crop from Tractor Supply.  Cost less, flexes more, and a better sting than anything I've ever found at a sex shop.  The stings were perfect on her breast and side.  She could feel the wider strike and the 'whip' of the more flexible crop had that nice sting to it.  

Back to the floggers a bit more then I made Jackie cum a couple of times while in the cross.  I had even remembered to put a towel under the cross to catch the squirting orgasms.  

I then broke out the dragon tail and laid about 5 or 6 nice snaps across Jackie's back.  The red marks were beautiful.  

I finished with a bit more flogging then leaned her back and started fucking her hard while still on the cross.  We did move the adventure to the bed to finish up, but Jackie was continuously on the edge of orgasm after orgasm.  I didn't put a towel on the edge of the bed and the poor carpet paid for that. Was more than a little damp by the time we climbed into bed to finish up.  

We did finish up and Sexuary day 1 was in the books.   Day 1 we started off with an email, pictures and couple of new toys. It was a great start to Sexuary for us.

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