Saturday, February 19, 2022

Sexuary 15 - Hot Tub - Day 15

 I have no doubt I’ve done more things sexually (different things) than 99.9% of the men I know.  I know that because of you I get more sex that the same 99.9%.  That time you spend with me means so much to me.  The fact you continue to make sure “WE” are good, even when sometimes it’s not really your thing, means everything to me.  The fact I feel more and more connected to you after every time we have sex, play a scene, or I see you squirm in orgasm, makes that even more worth it to me.  – 143

How is it that you can be IN water and yet be dry?  Several times we've played in pools and or hot tubs and Jackie gets very dry and makes it hard (no pun intended) to enter or enjoy sex.  How is that?  

But that was my task to over come.  My solution? PINK Silicon lubricant. This stuff is amazing and we use it every day.  

So once we hopped in the pool We got the bubbles going and then I let Jackie know this was where we were playing this day.  

The weightlessness in the water helps her some.  I was able to lubricate myself and slide underneath her and we played that way for a bit.  Then we tried several other positions ending up with Jackie leaning over the edge of the hot tub doggie style.  

I had also brought a bullet out for Jackie to use on her clit while we played.  These $10 toys are great to have around and are water proof too.  The one I brought out was only about 1 1/2" long with a fresh AA battery in it and did the job.  These are great to keep in the car, her purse, and sly places you might want to surprise her clit with some vibrations.  We have at least a half dozen of them. 

So the little hot tub I purchased 18 months ago finally made it to sexuary, we played outside (yes, neighbors could have just watched us through the fence if they wanted) and of course they could hear us too.  It's not like we were trying to be quiet.  There is an extra thrill in that exhibitionism that makes the sex that much more exciting.  

So sex in the hot tub, exhibitionism, toys, over all a great experience and something we'll do again!


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