Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Picture Day - Day 19

A picture is worth a 1,000 words …and yours are worth 1,000,000 to me.  I  love your pictures. I love that you let me take pictures of you.  But the ones I love the most are the ones you send to me…..ok they are my favorite, but I still love ALL of them!!! I love seeing you dressed hot, half dressed, naked, or whatever..I love your pictures. – 143

So the last couple of years I've really been pushing Jackie to see herself the way I see her, as a sex goddess, who is beautiful and extremely hot to look at.  I LOVE her pictures when I can get them from her, but the pictures I take of her, the ones from my eyes, having her dress up sexy or otherwise in a setting or situation are the ones that I can show her how hot she really is.  

So at the advice of a friend a couple of years ago we started taking pictures.  We spend a day of her changing and putting on different things.  Some of the pictures come naturally. Some I stage.  This year I purchased a bunch of mirrors to add to many of the pictures we took.  We also had a friend join in the pictures and she took some of Jackie and myself too.  

The ladies put on their makeup and did their hair and got dressed.  The day was absolutely perfect, so we moved some of the props into the backyard, along with the ones already there and started taking pictures. I even took pictures of them getting ready, and more candid pictures throughout the day.  

Four hundred and twenty-one pictures latter the ladies decided they'd had enough. 

I downloaded the pictures and put them in my sharepoint library and then did a slideshow to look through them.  Many are close to the one before, but there's always that one that is better than the rest in the group.  Some of them are absolutely classic beauty in print.  These women are gorgeous and I was able to capture that many times through out the day. Some of the ones together are so great too.  

Why is this day always so important for us?  You have to KNOW your partner finds you sexy to really be sexy for them.  I can show Jackie what I see in her doing this.  She has no doubt I find her sexy and beautiful when she looks through the pictures I took throughout the day.  

Does your partner know you find them sexy?  How can you show them? This is just one way for us, but it's a very effective way.  You don't have to take 400+ pictures to do about ask them to dress sexy for you and take 20 pictures on the bed with just a side light on? Ask them to move like if you were between their legs and make faces to show how good it would feel. With today's phone you can get much better pictures than we could with top notch cameras 20 years ago, and you know right away if you got the shot you want. Take more pictures if you need, but then show them how you see them in their sexy glory.  


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