Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Superbowl Party - Day 13

I love that tonight is something that while I’ve loved it, you embraced it last time.  I love that you’ve embraced the pain/pleasure in the art of sex, and tonight we’ll practices that.  I hope you’ll squirm all day knowing I’m thinking about what I’ll be doing to you ALL day long. -143

So many times, even in every day play, what goes through my head and what I plan just aren't going to happen.  There are times I'm pretty sure Jackie would either orgasm r whimper in a corner in fear if she could read my mind and what all goes through my head of what I want to do....often tonight.  But then something happens or doesn't happen and I change my mind and go in another direction.  

I no longer remember what I had planned for this day but I changed plans.  One because Jackie needed a good bath.  To use the definition of a 'good bath' includes shaving when she's done.  So after we'd gotten back for the weekend out I sent her to a bath. Now the other thing is that like Pavlov, Jackie has me trained that even on a night I shouldn't expect sex, a bath is always a precursor for hot sex.  One because that means there is a nice smooth pussy for me to lick on and there is something about fresh shaved sex that I love.  So here I am, hard and ready when one of our kids calls and wants to come over. UGHH!! Even in their 20s they can still interrupt the best plans made. 

BUT today is also Superbowl Sunday, and Jackie and I have an annual bet...she picks the team she wants, at the end of each quarter, paid by the half (so during halftime and at the end of the game) we pay up the number of minutes our team is up.  So Jackie wanted the Bengals so I had LA.  Honestly neither of us cared, other than she was rooting for the underdogs. Well end of 1st qtr LA was up by 4, then by 3 at the half, so I got a 7 min blowjob after the halftime show.  She decided on a 4 min back rub for her 3rd quarter win (which I actually stopped the clock at 7 seconds and went on for about 10 minutes), and then I got another 3 minutes of blowjob for the win. 

Afterwards I FINALLY got to attack that smooth pussy and licked it till the wet spot on the bed was good and big.  Then we finished up and had a great rest of the evening.  

So a couple of things....plans change, doesn't mean your sex life isn't as important.  You just have to make it a priority and go with it. Just because what you planned doesn't work out doesn't mean things are just over, you can still have a great time.  Last, make fun bets with each other for wins now and then.  It's fun to know know whether or not you're going to give or receive, but you can win either way. 


PS - for those of you who caught it, there is no day 12...

I know we’re out camping today, which makes today a bit harder.  But sometime today I want to rock the trailer OR if we can find a quiet space in the woods maybe we can sneak away and bring a small blanket and fuck out there.  -143..... it never happened.  Jackie had a meeting and by the time she got back to camp mother nature brought everyone inside (in our case our trailer with friends), and ....well nothing happened all day. It happens, even when it's planned.

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