Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Valentines Day - Day 14

Today is ½ way through Sexuary and that makes me a little sad.  It’s also the day you work late.  So you need to let me know when you’re going to lunch.  When it’s time, I expect you to be naked, bent over the edge of the bed, and ready for just a good hard fuck.  I’m hoping your employees will appreciate it the rest of the day! 😁   Seriously though, I love that we’re able to do this every year, and even though we’ve had our ups and downs, that we are in such a good place to have a middle of the day fuck! – 143

Ok, so again best laid plans of mice and men....Jackie wound up not having to work last and that meant I could plan other things.  So breakfast tacos, some gifts, flowers, dinner at a steak house, and then coming home.  While she smoked some I pushed back the dinner table and turned on some music and when she got back in we danced in the dining room.  

That morning my boss told me he and his wife didn't do valentines ....after hearing everything he's worried now his wife might be upset he didn't do anything.  Seriously guys, I do things all year long.  Flowers are almost always in the house, some little trinket is almost always on order for her to enjoy.  Admittedly some of them are as much for me as for her, but she gets to open up her gifts...rarely does more than a week or 10 days go with out me doing something for her. It's doesn't always have to be $100 thing, little things add up.  Wish is a favorite of mine...maybe a $2 pair of earrings i know she'd like or a piercing or a little sugar skull, or a tshirt.  They let he know I'm thinking of her always.  

I don't normally go as over board as I did this year, but I always let her know how much I appreciate her for valentines day.  

OH I did find her a solid chocolate dick on Amazon (click picture to take you there).  Seven ozs of chocolate in a 6.3" dick. I loved it. 

Hope your valentines day went well and you did something out of the ordinary for your significant other.  

 Oh don't worry when got home and had plenty of fun before bed. 


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