Sunday, February 6, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Rope - Day 6


It’s true you know…. I really do still dream about things to do with you. - 143

Please remember to send me a (or more) sexy pictures of you today….also that 1 day during the month you’ll let me know before we play that today will be an ass day (I’ll move thing around after that day and have an empty space to fill at the end). 

Rope is something Jackie and I have played with for several years now.  It provides us with lots of things we need.  There is trust, there is a peace that comes from the submission of being roped. There is power in watching the model submit and knowing you are in charge of their safety and pleasure.  That they've submitted to it and trust yo to provide them what they need. 

We've been trained by some of the best in Austin over the years.  Austin Rope Slingers   is a great group if you happen to be in Central Texas.  There are groups all around, and we recommend you find one if you're looking to learn roping.  There are lots of ways things could go wrong if you don't know what you're doing.  

So tonight I decided to take a new position that Jackie had seen and keep going.  A basic torso harness but with her arms tied in like a Futomoto and to her side. Normally a FUTO would be for your legs, but the tie worked great for her arms and then I tied the wrapped arms to her torso harness so she couldn't move them.  

I then placed Jackie on the bed and Futo/d her 2 legs.  Once they were all tied up, I then ran a rope around the frame of the bed and pulled her legs apart, stretching her to her limit and left her there for a minute to just be in the moment.  

Then I made it sexual.  I attacked her with my tongue first then things went from there.  She couldn't move and was at my mercy.  The huge wet spot when we were finished proved I was right in my decision to use rope tonight.  Afterwards I let her just lay in the ropes till she was ready to be untied.  Her comment, "I'd forgotten how peaceful rope can be."...and we both know it can very well be.

We took pictures of the rope marks for memory and day 6 was in the book. 


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