Thursday, February 24, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Jackie Tops 3rd Time - Day 23

Lol…I do mean that in sooooo many ways.  Seriously I’m sad that tonight is the last night till who knows when.  I’d really like this to be a monthly or at least every 6 weeks.  Spanking, anal play, cbt, whatever it is, it’s sexy as hell when you take control on occasion.  -143

Jackie hit a homer last Wednesday with her night, and she knocked it out of the ball park tonight.

She started by having me wear a butt plug from lunch till time to clean out.  I like having a butt plug in, an have done so for up to 8 hours now that I've found one that fits well and stays in.  

I then cleaned out while Jackie was out, and had finished right before she got home, so I was on the bed, my ass up in the air ready for her to do with me what she wanted. 

She stared with some fingers stretching me out, then a couple of toys.  When she went to fist me it just wasn't going to go.  

One of the things we've found out about the ass, is it just needs times to stretch, and when it hasn't been stretched in a while it takes even longer.  It's been forever since Jackies fist made it's way in my ass, and today it took extra time to stretch me out.  I have a large pyramid shape dildo she wound up using on me to continue to stretch me, in and out.  

Finally I moved just a bit and Jackie was able to slide the dildo hand into my ass.  It took just a bit, but then it just slid right in.  Then she pulled it out and I said one more time and without knowing she slide her fist right in.  My ass has been loosened enough and we took the time that her fist just slid right in.  

As she was in there, she kept her fist on my prostate and before long I had a full body orgasm.  Not just a bit of cum that shot out of my cock, but my body tense and released in a total and complete orgasm.  When Jackie pulled out I just laid there in complete content.  Eventually I moved up in the bed and Jackie put the covers over me and I just laid there in the moment. 

There is no orgasm like when Jackie can fist me.  I don't know why but there's not.  

Keys to anal fisting? LUBE!!! There is never enough lube, so don't skimp here. Take your time.  The rectum WILL stretch, but it doesn't like to be just ripped open.  It wasn't to be played with, slowly and continuously played with till it's finally ready to allow whatever in you want.  Though I have found I do have some limits...not much but some.  While there is going to be a point you'll have to get past...for me it's that last 1/4", but if you can take a deep breath and make it past there, there is glory on the other side.  It will push you to your limits, but wow... just wow. 


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