Sunday, February 6, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Pain To Get Through - Day 4

Day 4 - 

 When we were in Jamaica, I loved that you quickly realized that you had nothing to worry about, that your sexiness was more than enough to be out there, in the nude and enjoying ourselves. I know you were a bit apprehensive, but you didn’t let that stop you and in the end you realized you are VERY sexy too….and the fetish night winner even 😋- 143

Please remember to send me a (or more) sexy pictures of you today….also that 1 day during the month you’ll let me know before we play that today will be an ass day (I’ll move thing around after that day and have an empty space to fill at the end).

 So one of the things about Sexuary is that 2/4 is the anniversary of Jackies mom passing.  Yes, it's been several years ago, but it's still one of those days I really do things to not take her mind off of it but to allow her to embrace it.  

 And like every other Sexuary, the best laid plans of mice and men fall through.  This happen to all happen on last Friday for us.  The plans I had that I knew Jackie would appreciate fell through at the last minute.  It happens and I went to a plan b. 

In this case, one of the best ways for Jackie to embrace a situation like this is through pain...real pain.

To go back a bit, in August Jackie had surgery and removed all her piercings for the surgery and didn't put any of her piercings back in and they all closed up, and she's been wanting them put back in.  This is something I learned for Sexuary a couple of years ago.  So instead of what was planned, I wound up putting in 8 piercings in Jackies head.  2 in each earlobe, on in the upper cartilage, and 2 in her right eye brow.  

For those that know, the eyebrows bleed like stuck pigs. Trying to close up the piercing is not fun, but I got them all in and done.  Her pain thresh hold was met and she was able to deal with the pain of the day.

We climbed into bed and had great sex (though I did catch her eye brow piercing once by accident). 

For those that haven't tried pain therapy, maybe this is something you'd benefit from.  It can come in many forms.  Flogging, needle play, piercings, and many more. Want to know more, ask.  Ask us, ask in Fetlife, but ask...there are plenty of experts in this area. 


PS - I HAVE gotten GREAT pictures from Jackie all week and have been really looking forward to them every day!!

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