Saturday, February 10, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Electric Play

 Now electric play isn't new to us either, but over the years I've picked up several TENS units and some additional attachments that we'd never used.  So before Jackie came in I prepared the room pulling out the violet wand and several TENS units with attachments.  

I had a Wartenberg wheel, with a electric component to it (you attach an electric pad to the body for the circuit).  

I also had a set of nipple claps that create a circuit.  I tried them on myself, and at a 3 out of 20, they were pretty intense.  So wasn't going to be cranking those up. For reference, it's always best to try things on yourself before ever trying them on someone else.  You should know what they are going to feel, and know what to expect before they are in a sub space and something brings them out. 

I also set up the violet wand and had everything ready.  I brought Jackie into the room blind folded and put her on our chaise lounge, which is covered in a white fur we got for Sexuary 2024.  

I started with the Wartenberg wheel, and got the blood flowing several places, her thighs, her breast, her belly, and her sides all had the sting of the wheel and the buzz of electricity running through it. 

I then started with the violet wand with the U attachment.  this I ran around her breast, over her belly and so forth.  When I switched to the comb, I put on the nipple clamps and started with some low voltage.  I then started with the comb and varied the voltage on the nipples.  At 3 I noted she had gotten a bit intense so after a bit there I turned off the TENS unit. 

Now here is where a mental game comes in.  I continued with the violet wand and then turned the nipple clamps back on at a 1.  Jackie jumped and tears started streaming.  I asked her if she was "red" and she nodded yes.  I quickly removed everything.  In her mind she heard me click up to 3, and down the three, but up and downs don't sound different, so she thought she was at least at 6, and then when I turned it back on had gone up again.  Mentally we were at least at a 7 or better.  Let me tell you the mind is more powerful than anything we could do, even it it's not reality, if your brain is there, it's as good as happening. So that ended our session. 

On a side note, I admonished Jackie for not calling "red" herself.  The trust in these situations is the Top will protect the bottom, and in this case I did, but part of that is the trust the bottom will also let the Top know when they are in a bad place.  I get Jackie explained she was trying to work through it, but I could tell she wasn't going to, so I called it.  

If you're the Top and you don't protect your bottom, that's abuse.  Now mind you there are different tolerances for everyone, and what Jackie enjoys would be abuse to someone else, and others might have been just fine with the nipple shock.  That's why communication, and knowing your bottom is so important.  Remembering the number 1 job of any Top/Dom is the safety of the bottom/sub.  There is nothing more important!

So tonight, wasn't necessarily a win, but next time we break out Jackie will know that the clicking isn't always as relevant as she did this time. And she'll be receptive because I took care of her. 


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