Saturday, February 10, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Serious Flogging on the Cross

 So I built a St. Andrews Cross several years ago, and it's been in our bedroom since.  I've made it so Jackie is comfortable in the X and can put her chin in there, and have worked on the cuffs so that they are more comfortable for her.  Another words, anyone could use it, but it's made for Jackie to be on it. 

Purple Thor's Hammer
We don't use it all the time, but when we do, you can be assured there is some pain therapy coming her way.  Today was no different.  After strapping her to the cross and putting a spreader between her legs, I grabbed Thor, and started pounding on Jackie.  Now you feel these, but it's nothing like a cane, or paddle.  There is also a difference if you use the wide side or the ends.  I like thudding up and down Jackie using the wide side to get the blood flowing first.  From her shoulders down to just above her knees.  I'll even take a good couple of swings on her ass, not just thuds to make sure she's very present. 

After that, I pulled out one of the heavier floggers we have.  I have a dozen or so, some are like the ones shown, some longer, some shorter, some heavier, each has it's own purpose.  It's been a bit, so I used the heavier one.  It thuds but it's a bit like a board coming down on you with each thud.  It's heavy.  It doesn't sting but it can definitely take your breath away.  

I then move to 2 that are lighter, quicker, a bit more stingy without being welpy, and cutting.  With both hands I create patterns on Jackie's back  and will occasionally throw in a bit more umphf into a swing.  

When I check Jackie, she's very wet from the experience.  As I pull her over to the bed from the cross the spreader bar comes apart.  So lesson learned, check your equipment before you start.  All it needed was to have the end screwed in, and the other end was almost out too, so it was past due to be tightened up.  

So I pulled the spreader bar off and we continued for till we finished, with Jackie over the bed.  

This was nothing new for us, but it was something we learned because of Sexuary, and something we keep in our route annually, because we both enjoy it.  Every time is different, and every time we use different instruments and have slightly different results.  

By the way, don't think it's always Jackie on the cross.  Occasionally she'll put me on the cross too.  Nothing wrong with switching it up every now and then.  


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