Saturday, February 17, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - DOM/sub Part 2


Please read Long Term DOM/sub Play - Prep and Day 1 first

Monday morning Jackie came out and started the day with my 5 minutes, kneeling in front of me. I have to admit, I could live my life starting every day with a 5 minute blowjob.  

Of course work got into the way, but during the day I would go into her office and rub her ass.  Now I have to say, Jackie doesn't wear hose very often, and I don't really ever suggest anything for her to wear, other then when I purchase stuff for her.  And over the years, I've purchased dozens of pairs of fishnet stockings and other hose, that for the most part sit in her dresser.  But her ass looks fantastic in those hose and stockings!!! And I truly enjoyed just rubbing her ass in them. 

After work, and her free time, I blindfolded Jackie and put her up on the St Andrew's Cross, with her back to the cross.  I ran the wartenberg wheel, over her chest, and then I went and started with the UV Candles from PanHaven.  I started dropping the hot wax over her chest, belly and legs.

Normally I use wax on Jackie on the bed, and wasn't thinking about it actually being different this way.  The wax will drip more, it's definitely less predictable as to where it's going, but she actually enjoyed it more. 

After the pain, I bent her over the bed and once we were finished, we jumped into the shower together. 

We ended the night up in the hot tub. 

Now one of the things we've done this week, is we've showered together every night.  Between the playing together, lubricants, and just over all hygiene, and while hygiene is always utmost important, if you ever do something like this, I recommend you add this to your routine.  One showers can be fun together, two, they keep you fresh.  We've taken up to 3 showers together in a day this week. 

Day 3 started out with Jackie sneaking out of bed before me, and waking me up with my cock in her mouth.  What a way to start the day!!! 

I have to admit, the outfit I picked for Jackie wasn't my favorite for the week.  It was to large, and while I liked the patterns on her skin, it wasn't at all form fitting, and just not as flattering on her as the others I'd picked. She still looked hot, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't pick that outfit again. 

Again, throughout the day either I would go into her office and rub on her ass, or if she came out of the office I would take advantage and rub on her. I had her come in after lunch and put in a set of Ben Wa balls into her.  I'd see these that were on a TV show that were rubber and chained together, and easier to get out than our normal Ben Wa balls. I got them from Wish (Kegal Ball Kit from Wish)

I again put Jackie on the cross and flogged her severely.  One of the things I liked was the blue light in the room, showed where the flogger would strike on her skin. After 20 or so minutes I bent her over the bed and put a small butt plug into her ass and then fucked her with the Ben Wa balls still in her.  I eventually pulled them out and finished after several "Thank you, Sir" came from her mouth and she was well satisfied.  I rolled her onto the bed and finished up, both of us very satisfied.

Since I mentioned it, I had added the "Thank you sir" into the rules for the week.  OK, Jackie's vagina is very active.  It will squeeze you out, it will squirt all over you, and you can tell how Jackie is doing during sex by her reactions.  With all that said, I wanted to hear the words, "Thank you, Sir" after every orgasm this week.  Now Jackie at times, has dripped those words, making it sexy as hell, but just overall, I have appreciated hearing these words.  I've always been conscious about making sure Jackie always has hers first and more often than me, hearing those words have been very endearing to me. 

Afterwards, we laid in bed for a bit, then I had Jackie go start the shower for us. 

The next day was Valentine's Day. I had picked out a set of red lingerie.  When I originally set it out, I had put another set of cloths by accident with it (honestly I didn't realize I had done it,) and the night before when Jackie was looking at them I told her to wear the lingerie, and not the other set, and she did put it on at first, but later she came out in the other set.  She really liked it, and I didn't say anything at the time, but that was definitely grounds for a punishment later. 

On her desk was a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries, and on Monday I had picked up 2 dozen roses for her, that were in a vase behind her desk. I had run out for work, and wasn't around for my morning blowjob. Jackie rectified that after I got home and she got a break. 

At lunchtime I took Jackie out for a steak lunch.  There was no underwear on, and her dress was semi revealing without being over revealing.  

Right after Jackie's free time I pulled her into the bedroom and got her all excited.  I then went for her ass.  This is something that Jackie has gotten more and more accepting on, and since some of her medical issues have been taken care of, she doesn't have as much after issues with.  I love it, and don't push for it very often, but tonight I asserted my dominance with sliding into her ass.  Jackie went crazy (in a good way) and I got to hear, "Thank you sir," over and over again as she reached orgasm after orgasm. What a great Valentine's gift, blowjob, pussy, and ass all in the same day.

We rested a bit, and I sent Jackie to start the shower.  

Afterwards, I had her put her dress back on, and off we went to Hump Day Comedy at Rozco's Comedy Club.  They took stories from the audience and read them about bad dates.  Jackie put in a card saying, "When you've been married as long as we have, you have to do things to keep your relationship fresh, so we blog about our sex life on (and yes, it's a real website).  They read out card, and asked who the card belonged to, from the front row we raised our hand.  The comic was blown away it was us.  "How old are you?" he asked, and when we told them our ages (almost 60 and 50), "You robbed the craddle I see," we all laughed as I nodded yes.  "So do you have a sex swing?" Of course we do.  He asked about a couple of other things and then I really shocked him when I mentioned I was co-owner of Texas Kink Fest.  Later, another comedian looked over after us after making the comment, "She was in handcuffs, Dane, you know about those don't you?" 

At the end of the show, the first comedian came back out and asked if we also were swingers, when we said yes, he asked if we'd ever had a bad experience.  We let him know we definitely had, and explained to him why (See Swingers Club / Couple Swap).

We got home late and went straight to bed. 

So a couple of takes, first I really love Jackie when she takes the time to get sexy for me. Second, I love hearing "Thank you, Sir" after orgasms.  Even with dominance, humor is important. 


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