Saturday, February 17, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Long Term DOM/sub Play - Prep and Day 1

 I've really had to think about how I write about this one, and apologize for the delays in getting this updated.  

Jackie is a natural sub, there is something about putting a title on it that scares Jackie.  In the past, even if we have a single day DOM/sub play, she would get into her head and by the time we would get there, she'd be in a melt down mode, and that was never the intent. But through the years she has spoken to others, we've discussed it and this year I felt things might be better.  So in November I asked her to consider two things, 1) that she becomes my sub for 1 week, and in return I would become her sub for 1 week. It took Jackie a couple of weeks to think about it, but she did agree to the first part, but asked that the second part be only 5 days.  

With that in mind I set out to come up with a set of rules to live by for the week. I took my time and compiled the following 2 page set of rules for the week: 

 Sexuary Rules for sub-Jackie Feb 11 – 17, 2024

1) Red is your code word for the week.  You are to use it ANYTIME you NEED to stop.  I do expect you to push your limits.  I know this is new, and will push your buttons at times, but you know your safety is the most important thing. A red doesn’t mean we’re finished for the night, we might recoup and then start again, but that will be my decision.

2) Every day you'll have an hour and fifteen minutes to prepare after work.  That will give you time to get ready and eat.  The exception is Tuesday where you will be given a task and told when to be ready (Road Captain Meeting), or if I say we’re going out to eat dinner. If we go to dinner, when we get back, I will give you marching orders. 

3 - What you will wear/Dressing up

A) I will pick out what you wear every day. You will have everything laid out before Sexuary starts, not only lacy underwear, teddies, sexy shirts, and even the sexy dresses I've gotten you, stockings, etc. The night before I will select it for you. I expect you to be dressed before you leave the bedroom.  If you need to be on camera or go into the office that day, you will put something over your top, or come ask me permission to put something else on. Even if you're on camera, I expect you to only have your top covered and keep your bottom half with what I select for you.

B) If/when we go out I will select what you wear.  I expect you to be sexy for me. If you are uncomfortable with what I've selected, ask permission to suggest a change.

C) I will be having you change your nipple rings, and potentially your other piercings often.  Please set them out so I can get to them easily.  Preferably by your sexy wear. 

D) I want you to put on make-up every day this week.  Makeup isn't my thing normally, but I want you to feel as sexy as possible.  Also, you will do something with your hair every day.  I might suggest the night before pigtails, or a ponytail, if not it will be up to you.

E) I want you to wear a collar all day every day.  You are to pick one of yours for your Dom (I know from here on out, when you wear it, you want to Dom that day).  You can wear any one of the others you like, and you can take them off for sleep, but not before, and you’ll put one of them on before you leave the bedroom in the morning.

F) You will not undress unless I tell you to, except when it’s time for bedtime (sleep), then you have permission to undress automatically.

G) If you go outside you may wear a robe but must remove it and put it on the chair by the back door when you come in (each and every time you come in).   In your office you may use a blanket to keep warm, but no extra clothes except as noted above.

4) Daily Routine

A) You will wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal on weekdays and come start my day every day with a 5-minute blowjob. We will set a timer, so don’t be late for work! On the weekend, I expect you'll come in when you wake up and start my day off with a 10-minute blowjob.  If you prefer I can move to the sofa most days, or if I’m not busy, you can ask me to stand up or ask me to move where you want me.  If not you’ll have to do it in my chair while I’m working.

B) On the weekend, after my blowjob I will give you marching orders. It might be for the day; it might just be for a couple of hours.  You might have instructions every few hours. It doesn't matter if anyone is here or not. On Weekdays you’ll head to work.

C) The night before I will send you a selfie picture someone else took.  You may use the tripod, or just take a selfie, but I expect something similar (your twist on it) by 1 PM every day.

D) On weekdays when you are done with your 1:15 after work, you will come to me to get your marching orders

7) If I come into your office during work hours, and it is at all possible (the only real excuse is you're on camera), I expect you to stand up and bend over, letting me see your sweet ass.  You can sit back down when I leave or tell you to sit.

8) When I’m masturbating you, fucking you, or in any way you have an orgasm, small or large, you are to thank me for it.  “Thank you, sir,” “Thank you for my orgasm,” or something similar.  I will not ask you to delay your orgasms but to thank me for everyone you have.

8) This is new to both of us, so every day when you send me your selfie, I want a note with the following about the day before:

a) anything you particularly liked,
b) anything you particularly didn't like,
c) if your boundaries were pushed, just how close were you to saying 'red',
d) anything that you think would make this better, if not for this time, then for in the future. 

I expect you to be honest and real.  We might adjust on the fly if something needs to be addressed. You will not be punished for anything you send me.

The above rules are to be followed to a T.  If you fail in any of the rules, you will be punished.  Punishments will grow with each violation.  Right now, I’m leaning towards swats with the cane, but I could change that depending on the day and how bad you’d been that day.

If we are not playing, but you have an itch, you may come to ask me to please scratch your itch, and this will be the only time you can even suggest something like, “Sir, I really could use some pain play, a good flogging and then fucked hard,” or something like, “Sir, I really could use some needle play to put me in a better mental place.”  This would make me happy and earn you an extra good girl!

If during the week, you wake up and I’m sound asleep, waking me up stroking my cock, or sucking my cock, will also be pleasing to me and is highly recommended. This would make me happy and earn you an extra good girl!  If it doesn’t happen at least once during the week, I might be a bit disappointed and might swat you on the last day for it. For that matter, any time during the day, you can ask to just stroke me, or suck me, or anything you think might be extra pleasing for me.

All rules apply even if people are over.  I wouldn’t expect anyone to be over to the house except those who have seen you naked, so being dressed like I dress you should be ok.  It doesn’t matter if Angela spends the night, but you will still have to follow my instructions, and that includes giving me a blowjob in the morning.  If that happens I will probably fuck you some before you can go out, and may even call you in for a fuck, but you’ll have time with her, or whomever is visiting. 

So, I really intend on pushing some of your limits, some mentally, some physically.  I’m trying to be restrictive without being overly restrictive and making sure you have some ‘you’ time.  Even on the weekend, I will make sure there is plenty of time for relaxation, smoking, and entertainment.  It won’t be 100% sex, just 99%. 😊 I need you to try to be in the moment with me, not overthink anything, and know I will ALWAYS take care of you, and be happy in knowing you are making me very happy by pleasing me. 

Honestly, I’m looking forward to this week, and I hope you will, for the week, take the mindset of, ‘How can I please him?” and take pride in doing the spectacular job I know you will.


With the rules set, I sent them to her.  It definitely took her a few days to digest, and I could tell after the first read she wasn't thrilled, but she didn't say no.  After a couple of days to digest everything, the only real issue was the caning, which I explained to her that 1) I wasn't 'trying' to cane her every day, but there had to be some punishment, 2) I reminded her of the options, and that I actually picked the one option she had done the best with in the past. After thinking about it a bit more, she was ok with it.  I'll be honest I wasn't 100% sure she wouldn't pull the plug before we got there, but to my delight she didn't

Sunday the 11th was Super Bowl Sunday and it started out a bit rough (Jackie getting into her head).  I got a text, "I'm having problems getting my hose on and I can't get my nipple rings in," I called her in and could see the frustration in her face. 

"Take a deep breath, I'm more than happy to help you get ready, and this is not anything to get upset about." After calming her down, and getting her nipple rings in, she came out and gave me my first 10 minute blowjob while kneeling in front of me in my chair.  She was beautiful and I even got a couple of pictures for my private collection.

I had gotten her a maids outfit, and some fishnet stockings for the first day to wear. My god she was fucking hot to look at.  The outfit was a 'typical' french maids outfit, her ass a bit exposed, and the fishnets just complimented both her ass and the outfit perfectly.  

Throughout the morning I would tell Jackie to bend over the couch or bed, and I would fuck her for 10 minutes at a time (I didn't want to wear her out the first morning), but I loved sinking into her.  

We did start to watch the Super Bowl, and I came up with a couple of 'bets' if you will, at the start of halftime, she would give me a blowjob 2x longer than the difference between the 2 scores, if it was a tie, I'd take 5 minutes as a consolation.  

After the Usher show, we went back into the bedroom and Jackie started after her work.  I on the other hand started playing with her and when the buzzer went off, and I let Jackie know.  She was soaked, and she moaned when I pulled my fingers out.  "Would you like me to continue fingering you?" I asked, and she came back with the perfect answer, "Would Master like his fingers back inside of me?" I immediately went back to work and she again swallowed my cock.  

Now I know blowjobs are not Jackie's favorite thing in the world, but over the last year, she's really pushed herself on the occasions she gives one to be better, sucking me into her throat more, using her tongue more, and just being more into it.  Today Jackie was 100% into her work.  She was enjoying me playing with her and I couldn't tell if she was enjoying more her perfect blowjob, my playing with her pussy, or just the overall situation, but she was there, present and before I knew it I gave her my unusual orgasm from a blowjob.  She had succeeded in being a perfect sub for the moment.  

We did play a couple more times that night after the game was over, but about 9 PM I told her she was done for the day and could relax.  

So while the day started out very shaky, Jackie got her bearings, and it wound up a great day.  


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