Saturday, February 3, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Wax Play

I'm not sure how in all these years we've never blog just on wax play, well we're going to correct that today. 

Prior to today (Sexuary 2nd), I had ordered from Panhaven, 8 UV candles made for wax play.  I also ordered 2 black led lights that went into our ceiling fan (we normally only use 1 light bulb anyway, so the 2 black lights went unnoticed until I turned them on).  

So some things about wax play before we get into it: 

1) Wax play candles are NOT your Walmart candles!!!! This is important.  The was on normal candles melt as a much higher temperature and can and will cause burns if you use them.  

2) As with all things, I recommend you try this on yourself before you ever try it on someone else. 

3) Don't pre-light the candle! You only need a drop at a time and if you pre-light it you will have an unpredictable puddle that will splash.  Especially if you're trying at first, make sure you don't splash a huge puddle 

4) Height is everything.  The longer the wax drops the more it cools on the way down.  Don't get me wrong, it will still be warm, and will actually hit harder, but will be cooler.  If you drop from to low, it will be a lot hotter, and while it might not burn the skin, it will burn, and if you're just starting out, it could bring a quick end to a night. 

5) While I got UV wax this time, we've played with non-UV wax in the past and enjoyed it just as much. 

6) Cleanup is part of it.  Wax doesn't just fall off, you'll have to scrap it off, pick it off, or scrub it off.  We use a 3d printed plastic knife for the primary scrap, and I'll pulled off the dots with my fingernails, then we have a loofah in the bathtub just for these times. 

So I came into the den and asked Jackie, "Are you ready for some pain play, but not what you expect?" 

She looked at me for a second, and then agreed to it. She knows I would never harm her, but I would push her limits.  

I blindfolded her and walked her into the bedroom, then told her to get up on the end of the bed and lay sideways on the bed on her back.  There was a towel there for her to lay on.  The black lights were on, and I had a single candle (regular) lit (so I could light the other candles as needed).  

Before I got started I noticed Jackie's toenails were aglow with the black lights. Cute little toes there. 

I then got to work dropping wax onto Jackie.  I really wanted to make a mandala, and I started out ok, but in the long run, it didn't work out.  I did make several cute patterns, and over all it looked pretty cool.  

So I started dripping wax on her belly.  A splash of yellow, a circle of orange, some greens, and so on and so on.  

A couple of times the there was a bit more wax than a drop it would splash and Jackie would definitely feel those drops.  Dropping a bit faster prevents them pooling.  

I on the other hand got a UV show that was amazing as I watched drop after drop of wax make it's way to Jackie's skin. 

Of course once I was done, the real fun began.  I took our plastic knife and started scrapping the droplets off her skin.  I even went and grabbed the dustbuster we have and sucked all the loose dots and wax dust off her.  Eventually we had enough done so that she could make a dash to the shower without causing a huge mess.  I put a drain net in so that no big chunks of wax would go down the drain.  

I also vacuumed up the bed and the carpet where a few dots had escaped, then hopped in the shower and finished scrubbing Jackie off. 

For those that don't understand, pain and pleasure a very close cousins.  Pain can be very exciting and pleasurable when you allow it.  And if my fingers happened to help Jackie feel more pleasure while I was dropping some wax, well, let's just say, it's Sexuary!

Have fun, it's Sexuary.  Still plenty of time to pull something off that you've never done before, something outside of your box! DO IT!


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